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  1. So just got off the Miracle yesterday after an adjusted 8 day cruise. Just wondered how Carnival managed to get the ship back to Tampa early and what sort of notice did they give to the guests on the cruise before us? We were lucky to get an extra day and from what I saw, most passengers managed to get to Tampa early but just couldn’t help feeling a little sorry for the guests on the ship who were cut short. My heart also went out to all those people booked on Horizon who were kept waiting so long only to be disappointed at the last moment from Miami.
  2. De-embarkation is right up there for me. On Texas cruises, we drive. So we don’t check luggage on the last night and are off the boat and heading home probably before some passengers are awake. Half way to Dallas before the last passengers are off.
  3. The lines outside the theatre for the early show was ridiculous. Just did not see the point in a smaller theatre and then on some of the shows, they took seats away for parts of the show too. Lines for the deli and Mongolian wok were probably 30+ mins. Not for me! That was the 1st time ever we have asked for a table for 2 and not had a separate table. Magic, Breeze and all others I have been on have separate tables where you are not sat next to another couple 2” away. Hardly a “table by ourselves” but we went with it. In all, I just did not like the deck layout of the Vista and so will not be looking to book the Horizon either. From what I can tell, the Panorama is the same as well. Think I will stick with the Dream class or Spirit class for now. Just my opinion as was pretty disappointed with my 1st experience of Vista class.
  4. Ok...just made it back off the same cruise. Here are my observations: 1. Do not book anything under the galley. You will never sleep! We actually moved to deck 9. My fault as I had upgrade fairy call and had to make an instant decision. 2. Why make a ship bigger and make the theatre smaller? A) So they can put more PAY restaurants on board. 3. Performers in the shows couldn’t sing for c**p. By far the worst I’ve ever heard. 4. Don’t book at the very front of the ship either. Far too windy on the balcony. 5. If you ask for a dining table just for 2, you will no doubt get it but the table next you your “by ourselves” table will be 2 inches away. That is honestly no joke. 6. The casino is also a lot smaller on this design of class. 7. Lines everywhere for everything! 8. Matt did a great job as cruise director and enjoyed listening to Polaris Trio with electronic violins. 9. No future cruise talk and so no ‘insider” talk about future plans. 10. Think I will not be cruising this class of ship again. Heard many people say the same thing.
  5. I would stay on 7. You will feel more motion on 10 and I believe those cabins are more at the front of the ship
  6. If you are thinking of booking an interior on a guaranteed cabin, we very cautious. Some cabins are only over and under beds and no couple wants that do they? Not sure about sea view but I’ve only done it once and did it with a balcony....actually got a great cabin on deck 10 so was happy about that. Just be wary of the pitfalls
  7. We are booked on the Vista on Feb 24th. Now on other cruises we have had email offers but never taken one. Either family traveling with us or not wanting to go from a cove to a standard balcony. Well today, at about 2pm, I get a call from Miami on my cell. Now I know very few people in Miami so was about to reject the call. Then I thought that the sailing is only a few weeks away, maybe it’s the mystical fairy? Ha ha! Low and behold....it was!!! So so here is the deal I was offered. Booked a cove balcony and was offered a Family Harbor Suite for $596 more. Went on line after and priced it. Was $1600 more than we paid. I did try offering $496 but was told there was no room for negotiation on it. As it’s our 1st time on the Vista and schools are not on holiday, I took the deal and now have a very happy wife! Just wanted to let people know, you can still get a call so be ready! Not sure if they give you time to think about it as I took the deal straight away. Just knew I would get kudos from the boss!
  8. We love them and would choose every time. Last cruise on the Breeze was not so great though. We were right towards the front and they had an issue with the sewage tank. The smell was unbearable and we had to be moved to a cove mid ship. I don’t think they got it sorted until back in Galveston as we started to smell it again later in the week. Would still not put me off though!
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