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  1. So been seeing posts about the 6 ships sailing in November.....I’m not convinced!!


    let me explain. November 1st is only just over 3 weeks away. How are Carnival going to get enough staff back to fully tender to the guests. By my reckoning, that’s over 6,000 staff. Ok, so they get them back, tested and on board. I know they have to be medically fit to be on board but most of these people have been gone for 6 months. A lot can happen in that time but let’s say all goes well there too. They are on board, healthy and ready to go.....but I’m sure they need to renew their certifications. Many will have expired. Safety, food hygiene etc! Probably only a day or so in a classroom when there are a few at a time but 6,000 in one go...hmmm. But to me the main problem is getting these people on flights in time and those people being allowed into the US without a period of quarantine. 

    im not saying it can’t happen but thinking it through, I think it’s unlikely all 6 ships will sail.....hope I’m wrong and time will tell.

  2. 3 minutes ago, cruisin from vegas said:

    Just spoke to one of my closest friends who is a Carnival CC (30 years), I am also a past Carnival crew member; she said they were directed late yesterday no more bookings for August or September due to over capacity.  She said the last two weeks have been the highest number of bookings she has ever seen.  She says that’s all she knows, but anything can happen.  They can book October forward only.  She and I have a 60th birthday booking for October 2nd... but who knows 

    I sure hope you are correct. I only just booked last night after being cancelled next month. 

  3. Just tried doing a booking for August and September.....nothing is available. Let’s you start the process but at the page “where are you, vifp#”, comes back saying no availability. Tried October and all is good. Thinking there is bad news to come!

  4. 10 minutes ago, sanmarcosman said:

    I agree but it gets worse on Vista class with the Havana patio cabins. When you're on the patio you can hear the people on either side of you breathing! And the looky-loos walking past and gaping is annoying.




    wooh....that cabin is off the list too.


    At the end of the day, everyone has their own preference. On our vacation, I feel there are plenty of times to socialize. Our cabin is not one of these and is a retreat I usually enjoy immensely 

  5. Just back off the Dream and tried something new. For the 1st time in 20 cruises, we booked and extended aft balcony after a friend has suggested his family really enjoyed the extra space. Well the space is awesome but there is no PRIVACY! We love to spend time on the balcony and often have breakfast out there. Unfortunately when we got on the ship, we explored the balcony and found that both set of neighbors we already out there and having a chat across our balcony. Are you kidding me? Nope, if any of the neighbors from our deck were out there during the cruise, they would start a conversation. Point of this post is to warn others used to any other balcony, beware there are low walls at the end of the balcony and you may become a spectator to your neighbors conversations!

  6. So just got off the Miracle yesterday after an adjusted 8 day cruise. Just wondered how Carnival managed to get the ship back to Tampa early and what sort of notice did they give to the guests on the cruise before us? We were lucky to get an extra day and from what I saw, most passengers managed to get to Tampa early but just couldn’t help feeling a little sorry for the guests on the ship who were cut short. My heart also went out to all those people booked on Horizon who were kept waiting so long only to be disappointed at the last moment from Miami.

  7. 1 hour ago, Saint Greg said:


    I don’t think we (me and the people in this thread that came with me) waited in many lines. Shore excursion  there was 3-5 people in front of me. All the times I was a guest services I had to wait for 1 person once. They had the comedy lines but they were stupid and unnecessary. Come back in 20 mins and get a seat with no line. There was never a line for ATD with the new system. Short pizza line. Short burger line. 


    I guess i’d have to ask what you waited in line for? 


    I didn’t notice the theater seating problem. That final lip synch battle has been standing room only on Dream and I didn’t see that here. I could only see half of the place but I could see up to 4 seats together on both levels.


    if the comedy club were biggger and had a bar., I’d have no problem with Vista. Wouldn’t mind a few more seats at the alchemy.


    most of the other stuff you posted is the same on every other ships. You never want to be under the galley.  They all have tables 2 inches apart. That’s why you gotta scope out the dining room for a table you want and request it. All ships get windy. It’s never windy in the inside room though.

    The lines outside the theatre for the early show was ridiculous. Just did not see the point in a smaller theatre and then on some of the shows, they took seats away for parts of the show too. Lines for the deli and Mongolian wok were probably 30+ mins. Not for me!


    That was the 1st time ever we have asked for a table for 2 and not had a separate table. Magic, Breeze and all others I have been on have separate tables where you are not sat next to another couple 2” away. Hardly a “table by ourselves” but we went with it.


    In all, I just did not like the deck layout of the Vista and so will not be looking to book the Horizon either. From what I can tell, the Panorama is the same as well. Think I will stick with the Dream class or Spirit class for now. Just my opinion as was pretty disappointed with my 1st experience of Vista class.

  8. Ok...just made it back off the same cruise. Here are my observations:


    1. Do not book anything under the galley. You will never sleep! We actually moved to deck 9. My fault as I had upgrade fairy call and had to make an instant decision.

    2. Why make a ship bigger and make the theatre smaller? A) So they can put more PAY restaurants on board.

    3. Performers in the shows couldn’t sing for c**p. By far the worst I’ve ever heard.

    4. Don’t book at the very front of the ship either. Far too windy on the balcony.

    5. If you ask for a dining table just for 2, you will no doubt get it but the table next you your “by ourselves” table will be 2 inches away. That is honestly no joke.

    6. The casino is also a lot smaller on this design of class.

    7. Lines everywhere for everything! 

    8. Matt did a great job as cruise director and enjoyed listening to Polaris Trio with electronic violins.

    9. No future cruise talk and so no ‘insider” talk about future plans.

    10. Think I will not be cruising this class of ship again. Heard many people say the same thing.

  9. If you are thinking of booking an interior on a guaranteed cabin, we very cautious. Some cabins are only over and under beds and no couple wants that do they? Not sure about sea view but I’ve only done it once and did it with a balcony....actually got a great cabin on deck 10 so was happy about that. Just be wary of the pitfalls

  10. We are booked on the Vista on Feb 24th. Now on other cruises we have had email offers but never taken one. Either family traveling with us or not wanting to go from a cove to a standard balcony.


    Well today, at about 2pm, I get a call from Miami on my cell. Now I know very few people in Miami so was about to reject the call. Then I thought that the sailing is only a few weeks away, maybe it’s the mystical fairy? Ha ha! Low and behold....it was!!! 


    So so here is the deal I was offered. Booked a cove balcony and was offered a Family Harbor Suite for $596 more. Went on line after and priced it. Was $1600 more than we paid. I did try offering $496 but was told there was no room for negotiation on it. As it’s our 1st time on the Vista and schools are not on holiday, I took the deal and now have a very happy wife! 


    Just wanted to let people know, you can still get a call so be ready! Not sure if they give you time to think about it as I took the deal straight away. Just knew I would get kudos from the boss!

  11. We love them and would choose every time. Last cruise on the Breeze was not so great though. We were right towards the front and they had an issue with the sewage tank. The smell was unbearable and we had to be moved to a cove mid ship. I don’t think they got it sorted until back in Galveston as we started to smell it again later in the week. Would still not put me off though!

  12. anyone else think it’s a little strange the timings on the ship? Just got off the Valor and noticed that LGBT meet and greet is in the Alchamy bar at 10pm but an hour later there is a singles meet and greet. Now as I don’t belong to either group, it didn’t effect me but was a little surprised that the meetings were so close together. What if the 1st group had not finished and the 2nd group may get a little confused! :'):'):')

  13. So I remember in previous posts that guests have emailed the casino manager to ask about perks before they sail. Usually the wife and I get a "Drinks on us" card during the sailing but I would like to see if I can get one upon boarding. How do I find the email address of the casino manager on the Magic?

  14. Today I actually got the survay from Carnival and named names. I hope they address it.


    I am under the impression that these folks rely on the tips to make a wage. After seeing the lines at GS on the day gratuitys are posted on previous cruises of people taking this money off their account, I was not able to let myself think others would have suffered for the sake of one individual. Guess I did what I thought was right under the circumstances. I do however think that Carnival and other cruise lines should pay their staff a decent wage and have gratuitys built into the price. In the scheme of things, it really is not that much more money when all said and done.

  15. Just back from a 7 day on the Breeze.


    Unfortunately on the 1st night at dinner we found out our waiter was a "dud" and didnt really care. We waited over an hour for our Entree and then not only was it cold, they brought my wife the wrong dish! After 12 Carnival cruises, this was a huge shock as we have always had top notch wait staff.


    Needless to say we made a complaint and that filtered through to the Maitre d'. The next evening we got much better service but the head waiters attitude kinda stunk. However one of the assistant Maitre d's made sure he didnt slack on service and stayed in our section for the rest of the cruise (we were not the only table to complain).


    My dilemma was when it came to the gratuity. In all honesty I really wanted to cancel the gratuity altogether but gave it a lot of thought. Our cabin steward and the rest of the wait staff did a great job. The assistant Maitre d did an outstanding job! So for poor service and a bad attitude it cost me a "handsome" gratuity to the assistant Maitre d and I left the standard gratuity alone. As far as I am aware, you cannot single out one individual and cancel his payment? I certainly didnt want to affect anyone else who gave the service we are led to expect on board. I am sure in future if this were to happen, we would request to be moved but on this occasion, we didnt. Would you have come to the same conclusion or taken a different approach?

  16. I would suggest at least considering a cove balcony. I have tried suites, regular balconies and cove balcony's. My preference is definitely a cove. Its less expensive and a much better experience being mid ship near the water and no, I have not gotten splashed in slightly rougher seas.

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