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  1. Good for you....brag more....spend more in the casino.....why ask? just leave what you know you should! I hate post like these self boosting with more money than......
  2. I just called EMed and they said we could use each test for my wife and I, as long as we each have an Navica account. This is for the Abbott Lab BinaxNow Test kits - 2 kits for $69.
  3. Sailed her in July and think I only saw 7 card. Only one table.
  4. Okay - sorry, respect that and we know what Carnival does. We adjust and have a great time and move on.....Holland American, Disney, and NCL spoil us a bit more....RCL is going more of the other route lately.....
  5. Yeah im afraid as the agent we had in July had a hard tome with my basic shot card. It took others to convince her we had both shots. I fear the third would confuse some. But I’d like to get it.
  6. For those previously vaccinated, has anyone received a Covid booster shot within 14 days of their sailing. Is this permissible? we sail Oct 30th and get back to our home in the 19th. I’d like to consider getting the booster do not want to affect our current cruise.
  7. Who ever said this "Those who feel their cruise will be ruined". Certainly not I. Just expectations or how you measure service. And that of others cruise lines. I know what I get in Carnival, I would at least like them to listen - evening means evening service.
  8. I don't see what Diamond has to do with it as you pay the same price. I simply adopted their rule and wanted late service. after we showered an left for early dinner. Well that never happened. They did what they wanted. Since then we went on Disney and had service all day and into the evening. So, chose what line you want as this is the norm for Carnival going forward.
  9. We had it in August and sucked......not what you'd want in our opinion. At least we know as we'll ask for the Cowboy Steak Oct 30th when we sail again (by the way they were out of stock on the Cowboy Ribeye on the Aug cruise - so expect the unexpected). Just saying it is what is was and poor service hoping it is better this time around. Looking forward to R&R!
  10. Look forward to our Horizon Cruiseass well 10/30/21 and will do the seafood market grill!
  11. Thank you - that's the kind of information we needed to know!
  12. We're all good everyone! Thank you. We'll take taxis and watch the clock as the norm. Have a great weekend!
  13. Okay, that's what we wanted to know, so we can grab a cab and go to a beach in Aruba and Curacao. Not worry about mask rules as they are what they are and in our our country as well, besides, we wear them too! Thank you!
  14. Hello all and looking for your help. We cruised on the Horizon July 24th and on the Disney Fantasy Sept 4th cruise. With both, we selected the ship's excursions. We'd like to check with you that cruised this 3rdQ this year as what to expect if we wanted to take a cab to the beach in Aruba and Curacao on our own. We plan the Carnival Cruise line pool in Amber Cover and likely staying on ship for La Romana. In the past, pre Covid, we all knew the way to do this stuff - just as we wanted. Please no opinion's, just facts, maybe we missed something as we continue to age - LMAO. Looking forward to hearing from you all and please enjoy your future cruises as well. Covid and protocols has been something none of us ever expected to live through - but there appears to be alight at the end of the tunnel. The rules continue to change and want to be sure we are straight on. Thank you all!
  15. More like who pes tested last week and again on tuesday for the final on Thursday - and holding back lies?
  16. Sorry if this is posted somewhere else, but we will sail late October and would like to book direct with this site. Has anyone used RIU Palace Antillas Website recently since Covid restrictions are in place with carnival? Was it worthwhile and good or pros/cons? Just don't want to waste/lose $260 dollars. Thank you.
  17. We got an email about 45 days out that Bonnaire was replaced with Curacao for our OCt cruise......we planned the hoping this would happen!!!
  18. DR Aruba and Cuaco - mask on the island seemed to the same here, some do as they please other wear them, that's what we saw in July 2021.
  19. We typically book by ourselves direct anymore; however we have used travel agents....in today's world you have some much time to research for the best deal....if you use a TA they usually give you OBC and Gifts on top.....just saying.....but in the end, some of the carnival pricing and casino deals are not available to them, so be sure to check all you deals and log in with you account data which we sure you do.sing a TA
  20. So excited for you....see sailed her on July 24th - 8 day SC and we will again Oct 30th 8 Day SC (same trip) What would you do at the ports? We love Aruba and Curacao. We always do beach trip trips as I can't snorkel in my old age, but there is plenty to do! We are thinking of the Aruba all inclusive resort next trip for $130 as it is all day long and night in aruba. We did the Island last trip and to me it was over crowded and more of a kid place - but nonetheless we had a great time and everything was good - hard to find a chair if you're late! Curacao we go to the distillery, quick island tour, then to the beach break. Love the beach area by the aquarium. Next time we are just cab over there and paying for a chair. We want more water time. LaRomama DR - would not get off the ship and do not go out by yourself. That's all I'll say. People on the ship told us they were stalked and feared about their safety and scampered back. Amber Cove DR we would not stray far due to Covid and there is a nice pool area by the dock. We must have the bike peddlers as it is to far to walk for me. Good spot for the day. What would you do on the ship (we have a standard balcony, with Cheers included)? We do the pool decks during the day....just R&R We did not care the the Musical Broadway stuff - need to weed out their talent....The hidden gems are Jeffrey Munks and Eden Parker....Jeffrey plays the piano and mixed with his own music and rock too...again, many of his own songs...you can hear him when you eat in the Steak House as it is connected to the Piano Bar. Jeffrey also has a show as the Cosmic Piano....Eden plays the sign along Piano Bar.....you can not miss them and be early as the room with be at capacity Punchliner club was a big hit too - saw many shows Casino - lots of smoke but they changed the rules and are trying to cut down on it... And there are plenty of other activities to do for fun.... What do you think of this CD? I posted about this guy.....we did not like him one bit and he was full of himself in our opinion. They call him DOney, we called him a Jack Ass....to each to their own....there were cruises I've been on where I remember the good cruise directors, but we chose to ignore this dude and moved on to have our own fun....no worries you'll hardly ever see him on the deck. Have fun you will not be dissapointed with a great cruise and fun times - we thought the food was great and the back buffet area is less crowned and better selection in our opinion.
  21. I can't stand second hand smoke.....you walk through the casino and your clothes stink for the day or evening....terrible habit.....I wish they'd ban it completely indoors.....
  22. Yeah, we get it....we always enjoy cruising despite some stupid stuff every now and then....plus the penny pinching, but we get it and understand that's what you get with them..... We'll sail them again with the Good Lord willing.....Oct 30th, trick or trick here we come, I think I'll dress as a slab of Oscar Mayer Bacon......my wife can be a pair of poached eggs.....
  23. So nice to see Carnivals' ships going back into the green on the CDC Ship color Status webpage using their protocols, yes the cruise industry got it right, not the government of FL. Great news Horizon - you're green - try to stay that way, we know there will be some one offs' but keep it up for the rest of us coming aboard! Nicely done!
  24. Bring back our daily bacon.....we promise we won't eat it everyday, but we want it the day we crave it..... cheap scrooges.....but of Bacon BS....... We sailed in July and got cheap Platinum gift luggage tags and guess we will get the same this October when we sail again..... Funny how the Disney Fantasy crew service your room all day long and up to 8pm in the evening...... I get it, the low cost cruise provider, but I spend plenty on their excursions, room gifts, phoots, specialty dinners, etc, just as most of you.... On a positive note, it is nice to see the Horizon Green on the CDC Ship Status
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