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  1. We had originally booked this cruise for our 25th Anniversary but then changed to the Symphony going to the caribbean for a couple of reasons - I don't like cold weather and looked like we were going to start in cooler weather, and we live in NH so it was going to be a long journey to and from as well as a lot of days. We actually wanted to be on the ship during our Anniversary which is Oct 1 so the Symphony seems like a better fit. We leave next thurs to go to Miami for a couple days then the cruise leaves on Sat. I'm interested to see the pictures from your cruise!
  2. I just drink either a bloody mary during the day (although i'm sure there is sugar in the mix) so I limit these - then for happy hour and at night I have a slightly dirty martini, or with a lemon twist. I always ask for Tito's vodka.
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