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  1. The current promotion of buy one airfare and second guest goes free also gives solo cruisers a break. Was surprised since I thought that perk would not apply to me sailing alone. But I got a nice discount fare of $499 roundtrip London. Solos can see what airfare would be for their cruise by doing a mock booking and entering airport of choice. However, need to call to do actual booking if wish to do the two-day deviations allowed pre and post cruise. I think the airfare perk is a great deal and this is a good time to take advantage.
  2. Prima will provide a spectacular journey, and I'll be onboard 854 days from now, God willing. Booked a studio on the 14-day R/T London to Ireland, Iceland, and the Norwegian Fjords in Sept 2023. Love the itinerary, and the dates allow me to escape Florida's oppressive heat and humidity during the peak hurricane month.
  3. Good point. I don't know the fine print of FCCs. Best to check all payment details thoroughly with your PCC or travel agent.
  4. If you really want this particular cruise, I suggest booking it and selecting your cabin now. If price drops later you can call and adjust to the current price while keeping your original cabin. You can obtain price adjustments as often as necessary, up until final payment. If price remains higher than you wish to pay, you can cancel the cruise and get your deposit back at any time before final payment.
  5. On an Epic Christmas cruise in the Caribbean a few years back I was assigned to a "cove" balcony (didn't know called that) but like you, I was disappointed to think that would be my cabin. However, once on the ship I grew to love my "special" balcony. Yes, you can see the ocean just fine and yet it provides a cozy very private space. Those walls are a great windbreaker which you will probably really appreciate on a T/A in April, and those walls will allow you to spend more time outside than would be the case on a regular balcony. As for the rocking & rolling in a forward cabin, it helps yo
  6. I hope to continue sailing on Norwegian ships. Even if booked in an inside cabin NCL offers amazing outdoor spaces to enjoy being at sea, like the Waterfront on all the Breakaways or the Great Outdoors on Jewel class. I wonder what Leonardo will entice us with.
  7. I've been lucky too in past with obtaining balconies thru the upgrade program. That's been on the smaller ships where I've originally booked an inside cabin. If booked in a studio, not eligible to participate in the upgrade lottery. Been lucky too in booking cruises last minute, but who knows what the future holds with that. Would much prefer to simply plan my cruises in advance booking a small balcony cabin designed for solos, thus avoiding the dreaded pay double for one. Come on Leonardo, do right by all the single cruisers who love sailing on Norwegian, and provide us with some balcony cab
  8. I'm sure those other lines are nice enough, but I've become accustomed to Norwegian's freestyle cruising, with the freedom to do what I want when I want. And I want to be on a Norwegian ship. My solid platinum plus status shows that I love sailing with Norwegian. Hopefully the new Leonardo ships will be best in the fleet.
  9. I've sailed multiple times in Norwegian's solo studio cabins and find them to be comfortable and plenty roomy for me. BUT they are all interior cabins. The pandemic has made me realize the importance of outside access, of sitting on a private balcony and breathing fresh air. Since a brochure from Fincantieri about their new builds states 90% of cabins will have a balcony, perhaps there is hope that on Leonardo 1 some of those balconies will be designed for solos.
  10. I'm anxious for hints about accommodations. My desire is some small balcony cabins about 100 sqft or so offered to solos.
  11. The US Dept of State has issued a level 4 travel advisory (Do Not Travel) for Honduras. The cruise port in Roatan is still closed. Doubt you'll be sailing there in December. Why not do some snorkeling in Florida instead. We're open for business (but not for cruising).
  12. I searched for your roll call but doesn't come up in the August listings, only Aug 2021 in future.
  13. Seems that the Pearl is scheduled for its next drydock refurb in February 2022. Whether NCL will have money to put into new interior decor is another question. But I've previously sailed on three of the four Jewel class ships (not on the Jade) and I've thoroughly enjoyed the comforts of all.
  14. I'm booked on the Pearl to the Maritimes in August 2022. Only 704 days before sailing. Hopefully, covid will be a distant bad dream by then.
  15. Hwy 30-A offers some of the best beach getaways in all of Florida. Faraway from the maddening crowds. Beautiful area. Relax and enjoy.
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