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  1. Actually it looks like both the Bliss and the Sun are sailing Glacier Bay in 2020. This year on August 1 on the Bliss we were able to go all the way in Glacier Bay to the end at Margerie Glacier; there were small icebergs but no worries about the Titanic. On the Bliss three National Park rangers joined the ship and described what we were seeing; their talk was on the loudspeakers and on TV plus lectures in the theater and special children's programs too. I don't know if Sun being a smaller ship is able to offer that. But whatever ship I sail next, I can't wait to return to Alaska. And this is from a "city girl" who didn't know she would love wilderness.
  2. Use caution when comparing prices. The Bliss studio comes with a free at sea perk like a $50 shore excursion credit each port while the Sun inside sailaway rate does not come with any perks. So ultimately you'll be spending just about the same amount. For me, the Bliss wins hands down. I totally agree with the previous poster re all the benefits. I was in a studio cabin on the Bliss last month (July) and absolutely loved it. Has a virtual reality window with a live view outside just as if you are in a balcony cabin. Plus the solo lounge is such a wonderful space and far away from everyone else on the ship. As for avoiding the crowds onboard I had no problem. On the day we cruised Glacier Bay I went out to the waterfront area because it was sunny and warm with temps in the 60s. Believe it or not, I was one of the few people out there; sat on a sofa and saw wildlife galore. A waiter came around with a tray of hot chocolate. Whenever I went to the Observation Lounge I had multiple seats to select from. It helps to be solo since random single seats available always. In the Observation Lounge I felt I was in heaven hanging out at the top of the world. It was my first cruise to Alaska but certainly won't be my last. I want to go back next summer. In fact, your posting got me looking at possibilities. I like those 10 and 11 day sailings on the Sun; price seems reasonable and in line with a 7 day on the Bliss.. And they go in early September which could provide better weather than the very last cruise of the season which is the one you mention. But I feel you can't go wrong with an Alaska cruise, whatever you choose.
  3. My answer is yes, Norwegian is currently offering such lectures on transatlantics. On the fall 2018 Breakaway TA crossing from Copenhagen, the ship had the talks in the theater about 11 am as I recall, and it was always a full house. The guest lecturer gave background on each of the various European ports we visited and also had several talks while out on the Atlantic, historical stories as well as facts and figures. I'm expecting Norwegian to offer similar on the Getaway crossing this October since it was such a popular activity.
  4. Loving your lighthearted approach to cruising. Every moment is enjoyable. I'm on the Bliss this July for my very first trip to Alaska, and your tips are most helpful.
  5. This is a tough puzzle about the Escape, my favorite ship (so far). It makes some sense that she will do the TA from Miami to Rome on April 18 (after adding on a couple more 7-day Caribbean cruises - - April 4 and 11). However, the Epic is sailing out of Miami on April 18 for her TA to Barcelona, and then going on to Rome. Seems it would be a tough sell of that many cabins on two mega ships on similar routes on similar dates. So based on what we know now about the Escape being scheduled to depart on May 3 for a cruise of the Rivieras FROM Rome to Southampton, maybe the reverse will also happen. This would mean the TA departing Miami on April 4 (last scheduled Caribbean date now) and going to Southampton. Then another cruise from Southampton of the Rivieras TO Rome. In this scenario, drydock would be in the Fall after the Baltics. Well it's fun to guess what the planners at NCL will decide, but they'll have to decide soon since not much more than a year away.
  6. Thanks. I've heard that this year, the Year of the Pig in the Chinese zodiac calendar, is joyous and lucky. Now I believe it.
  7. I'm so excited and I just can't hide it . . . .Long ago booked an inside guarantee cabin on a Jewel southeast Asia cruise. Made an upgrade bid of $260 pp (low end of good) for a balcony and notified today my offer was successful. Nice cabin almost midship (category shows as sold out on website). Still over a month before sailing (ship departs April 5) but glad to have all my ducks in order since I'll be leaving home to enjoy time in Singapore pre-cruise. Now I can party like a crazy rich Asian knowing I'm getting my own balcony cabin solo.
  8. Escape built 2015. Time for drydock??
  9. Yes, that's what I was hoping for. I have a Norwegian credit card and can use my points for a $200 OBC so if I buy a $250 Cruise Next certificate with another $100 OBC back, then I only spend $50 to get $250 for future. What with having the drink package and the specialty dining plus being at Platinum level, there's not a lot of things left to use OBC. Cruise Next seems to be my solution since I know I'll want to sail with Norwegian again.
  10. Thanks, Robin. That's what I plan to do too. Glad to know can really happen. An incredible bargain.
  11. Is it possible to use onboard credits to purchase a Cruise Next certificate?
  12. No transatlantic listed for the Getaway in spring 2019, only a year away. I'm booked on the fall 2019 T.A. from Copenhagen to New Orleans. Am guessing that I may be on a "brand new" ship as Getaway has that earlier long absence from cruising.
  13. But the Breakaway has a nice transatlantic going from NYC to Southampton, this spring April 15 to 27. Then starts Baltics cruises on May 11, so I presume those unscheduled two weeks are for a dry dock (which after this winter Breakaway surely needs). Note: I recall that the Getaway had a similar dry dock last year. Interesting conjecture that maybe starting in 2019, NCL will make major changes to the two ships, resulting in the longer dry dock time in the Bahamas and then sailing empty to Europe. Well, it's fun to imagine.
  14. Just curious. Where will the Getaway be? In 2019 she completes her winter Western Caribbean runs from Miami on April 21. There is no transatlantic scheduled, but then she reappears on June 7 in Copenhagen to begin summer Baltic cruises. That's a month and a half and includes all of May with nothing shown and no repositioning cruise. Really too long for a dry dock. What's happening?
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