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  1. The US Dept of State has issued a level 4 travel advisory (Do Not Travel) for Honduras. The cruise port in Roatan is still closed. Doubt you'll be sailing there in December. Why not do some snorkeling in Florida instead. We're open for business (but not for cruising).
  2. I searched for your roll call but doesn't come up in the August listings, only Aug 2021 in future.
  3. Seems that the Pearl is scheduled for its next drydock refurb in February 2022. Whether NCL will have money to put into new interior decor is another question. But I've previously sailed on three of the four Jewel class ships (not on the Jade) and I've thoroughly enjoyed the comforts of all.
  4. I'm booked on the Pearl to the Maritimes in August 2022. Only 704 days before sailing. Hopefully, covid will be a distant bad dream by then.
  5. Hwy 30-A offers some of the best beach getaways in all of Florida. Faraway from the maddening crowds. Beautiful area. Relax and enjoy.
  6. Yep, I discovered ice hockey in Florida and the Lightning is my team. So much fun to watch. Go Bolts!! I love them just as much as I love Norwegian cruises, and it's been hard missing them both. Thanks for your good wishes on the Stanley Cup; the team is ready and wouldn't it be great to hoist hockey's trophy over the warm waters of Tampa Bay. As for the pre-game show it's difficult to compete with the Golden Knights in Vegas; they feature showgirls and drummers and swords and such. But Tampa Bay has stormy weather in the pre-game show with lots of thunder and lightning to make t
  7. Fortunately, just before the world shut down I'd taken a trip to Las Vegas; saw the Cher show, cheered the Golden Knights, and feasted on fine food -- pigs ear pad thai, anyone? Safer back at home in Florida but with restlessness stirring, I decided to put my St Petersburg house up for sale. It sold in a day, and I've been busy packing up and then unpacking in my new abode a couple of hours south on the Gulf coast in Naples. New location for me with miles of beaches to explore for now. But hopefully 2021 will find me back on a Norwegian ship (s).
  8. Lots of excellent entertainers on Norwegian ships, but without question the best ever was Jared Freiburg on the Getaway playing Jerry Lee Lewis in Million Dollar Quartet. Encore! Encore! And for extra fun, sometimes Jared would show up to give us more in Howl At The Moon.
  9. Yes, that would be best of the best, but we're talking about going on a cruise here; in fact, a cruise that is expected to be the one and only time in Alaska, although posters have told them: You'll be back.
  10. Personally, I would forget about the Haven on Encore or Bliss, and instead use that FCC to book the luxurious Norwegian Jewel in either a club balcony suite or a regular suite on one of the ship's Cruisetours that includes Denali. Why not have all the best of Alaska.
  11. My choice is the Joy, no question. It offers BOTH the outside Waterfront for drinking and dining along with the inside Observation Lounge offering panoramic views (along with cocktails and snacks). Make your own spa by getting a deck chair near a hot tub in the adults only section, Spice H20, and lounge outdoors in the warm sun on the Caribbean Sea -- in January -- isn't it cold and icy in DC? At night step outside to go dancing at Spice. I love all the NCL ships (I'm a cheerleader for Norwegian) but think Joy and Bliss are the two best in the tropics. You've got me dreaming of the good times
  12. IMO La Cucina has good pizza and you can eat out on the waterfront. Lots of restaurants on the Joy and lots of delicious menu selections. If you tell them it's your birthday you'll get cake and the happy birthday song wherever you are dining. I really hope NCL ships will be sailing again in January. The joys of cruising are so missed.
  13. Hey, Maplemoose. I want to give a shout out to Halifax on the itinerary as well. I love hanging out at your amazing library. And going to the Art Gallery to pay my respect to Maud Lewis. And the waterfront boardwalk is a delightful walk. Maybe in 2021 our ships will pass in the night with us onboard.
  14. I had the Canadian Maritimes cruise booked departing Quebec Sept 25. I've done this itinerary before and absolutely love it, especially after spending summer in hot humid Florida where I live. For me, particularly the coast of Maine is paradise and what a joy to cruise there. However, a couple weeks ago I cancelled this much anticipated cruise. I finally woke up and realized that I should not be on a cruise ship until there is a covid vaccine. It made no sense to make final payment for a cruise that I did not belong on in 2020, no matter what NCL does or doesn't decide with sailing.
  15. You mean I'm expected to pay for ham salad? I'm waiting for the surf & turf to be served.
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