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  1. I’ve had no problem getting Coke Zero at bars onboard, though usually it’s in cans
  2. Just off EXP, had an unusual thing happen, we prebooked but didn’t receive our code in the cabin, so went to the desk to get one, we paid for 2 devices total so connected both phones we had. I then wanted to use my iPad, so entered the code on that, it worked, and didn’t boot either of the phones, the entire cruise, it was as if we had 3 devices.
  3. When I rung I was told to wait for an email back, or until it is 7 days before. final balance was paid in July, I can’t ring TC though however as they don’t exist.
  4. im 8 days away from my TC booked holiday and I have yet to have ANY communication from RCI besides the original email asking for payment proof (which was sent in Monday night).
  5. my Thomas Cook booking is being transferred to be a RCI managed booking, as are all of them
  6. Images on this site for the windjammer seem to show a decent sized bar, not sure of its location
  7. If you’ve got the internet package, WhatsApp will work, just don’t use your regular cell plan to make calls/send messages
  8. I don’t think you are getting it at all, oasis passengers cannot use space occupied by the cruise on your ship prior to your cruise, so once those arrive back, spaces will empty from those and free up for you, logically, and by estimation, the cars arriving to park for your cruise should be approx the same as the cruise prior, give or take a few. if you’re worried, arrive as early as possible, clinch an available space, and wait in the terminal until boarding.
  9. Ive never had it honored, always had to see the cabin steward even when prerequested
  10. While yes, they probably could, it would not make a difference. It’s sort of like saying that shopping on Amazon website is different to shopping on their app. Amazon don’t care which way you do it, it’s all the same thing.
  11. But essentially, they are the same product. When the ship receives the information you’ve submitted they won’t know the difference whether you did it via the app or the webite
  12. App & online check in are the exact same thing, just the method of presenting your set sail pass is different
  13. I meant sad that they would drive an additional 2 hours just to go to a casino that they can smoke out, like just seems really silly.
  14. Bit sad, but okay. In Europe, they are obliged to follow the rules of the embarkation country. uk cruises therefore have to follow the smoking ban the smoking ban doesn’t follow through to other EU member states however so Barcelona cruises don’t for example. This is the same reason sales tax and gratuities are fully incorporated into the price as “duty free” does not apply if you do not leave the EU. Non-EU pax can claim the VAT back when leaving the EU
  15. Well... I’m purchasing something called Surf+Stream so if I can’t stream videos on it, I’m not just going to be unhappy with the performance, I’ll be pursuing money back.
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