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  1. I am on Magic ....Nov 14th well hope to be...LOL I just holding off making excursions if to know if it will really happen instead of tie up more money!
  2. Bummer here I got my email... we was to be on Jan 9th for my daughter's college graduation gift. I don't know to just change it to another ship or not...if there will even be cruising by then. Anyone hear if you can take future credit for just 2 and refund one ...cause she will not be able to go any other month.
  3. I am not knowing what to do .. we had Jan 9th and was going to be my daughter's college graduation gift. I don't know if cruising is going to be even happening to move it to something else or just plan a different vacation for her. If you can take 2 of the 3 for future cruise credit and not her she will not be able to go later if you can get that part refunded?
  4. Well my Jan cruise was canceled due to can't complete the ship in time. Now I really thought this was going to be gone first. I don't know what to do for that one if it is safe to book anything. They will give you 125% future credit (RCI) but I don't when to even think. I think it won't go until a vaccine is out.
  5. Agree don't look good earlier today was showing up and now it don't for Miami also ....so thinking I may be lucky to get our Nov 14th cruise the way it keeps going.
  6. My thought if I have to wear a mask anywhere on the cruise I sure hope they allow you to cancel without penalty because I will not go. I have to wear them at work and don't want to do that on vacation!!!
  7. Anyone ever do this excursion with Carnival? I didn't know how in Belize the zipline is concerning safety and if it is one if you have to pull yourself back in if you get stopped. What it was like? Thank you
  8. So has anyone been to Eden Rock lately? We are going in Novemeber and has been years since we've been here. Is it still a great place to see the Tarpon ect?
  9. sorry....wasn't thinking about it is in the rate I thought it as a additional charge not room rate...makes sense was the first time I am ever going to do it with the refundable charge that you do at the end. I just like the old days that all was refundable and could transfer with out charges. Now I don't tend to book ahead of time like I use to only if it is for a special occasion and certain ship and room I want.
  10. so then it most likely would be the new charge of $166 at that time cost for refundable charge.
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