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  1. She is buff yet graceful, beautiful in her strength of appearance. It’s like Celebrity sent her to the gym for a couple of months with a personal trainer in order to tone up in all the right places. As the oldest of two new sisters in town, she has certainly established herself as the most talked about X cruise ship. You know that. Enjoy Edge in her entirety and do not dwell too much on specific characteristics or activities. Yes, her appearance is different and her soul comes across, perhaps in a more modern and eclectic presentation. We cruised on Edge with the fifth sailing and
  2. Young lady, you will have a good time at the Martini Bar. How 'bout a alcohol free passion fruit martini, a virgin mojito, or a sidecar mocktail. More where those come from. Enjoy.
  3. Variations on the Martini theme are many, as you know. There is one that is quite popular and actually looks like a mudslide in a martini glass. Very popular at the MB. So, you'll fit right in.
  4. Very much enjoyed your demeanor within this post. I am sure that it speaks to the mien of many others who have concern and/or confusion about Celebrity's drink packages. My wife and I get the Premium package, not because we will get our money's worth from it but because it is much more convenient in all things drinkable. I have never been a fan of how X markets their alcohol/drink packages. Almost as if it is intended to be a covert operation where no one knows everything. Better ways to do it, no doubt. Being fairly new, per you, to drinking alcohol "Always Included" should work j
  5. Iamcruzin says, "All this extra expense is to discourage those people from sailing." The non-vaccinated of course. To the above quote, I would pose this question. If the extra expense is inconsequential and serves no purpose in deterring the un-vaccinated from sailing, are there ulterior motives from same to try and circumvent their required protocols and requirements? I see no positivity in gladly accepting them at face value without backlash once onboard the ship. It is not an enviable position for passengers or crew who must deal with the possibility of non-compliance.
  6. Your post makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Try again, with a little more thought and effort. I'd like to know where you are coming from.
  7. Really!!!!!!!ipee. No complainin', just explainin'. This thread, you just didn't get it. We all miss the point sometimes. Point is, can we recover?
  8. Lot's of work went into this review. Nicely done. I have to say, in your first post #1 the family photo showed me young versions of the late John Thompson, former Georgetown men's basketball coach and the lovely Alicia Keys. Is it just me?
  9. I would remind everyone that the OP, GeorgiaPeach51, is a savvy cruiser. When she posts she has something to say and she says it well. There is no bitching and moaning here, only a report to future Edge (X) cruisers that sometimes things just don't go smoothly. Forget the blame game and understand that perhaps the OP followed flawed instructions rather than make a scene and inconvenience others, even at her own expense. Personally, I think she refused to take her frustration and perhaps confusion out on anyone. Feel fortunate that she gave her version of the embarkation process and how some f
  10. Does how we dress reflect who we are? Is our attire an indication of how we feel about ourselves, much less, others? I think that how we dress is an attitude. My attitude is to wear clothes that fit the guidelines of where I am patronizing. Any deviation to that would be upscale rather than to trend downward. Environment, occasion, dress code (if any) determines my attire. I seek no attention or recognition for what I wear, but I am certainly cognizant of a slovenly appearance and where it does not belong. Dressing nicely and appropriately makes me feel good. Whereas I
  11. My posts on this thread are pertinent to this thread only and in response to this OP only. Generalize all you want to, young lady. In this case, his concerns and subsequent resolution are with Celebrity, not CC. From those interactions he must choose what to do. In other words....well, you know.
  12. Actually, I did give advice. The last sentence of my post #28. The reasons for that advice, everything else in that post. The best suggestions are not always what you want to hear. And, enlightenment does not always come from your friends.
  13. cruisestitch, you posted this referencing my post #10. I appreciate the confidence in my ability to provide sufficient retort. However, it appears that I do not have to since so many other folks have rendered assistance. But, I would pose this question. Why should I or anyone else feel responsible to help someone circumvent the specific order of things. I do not feel obligated. Poster #18 references a previous post as harsh. It is not harsh at all, it's reality within a logical statement. Celebrity is not obligated to CYA, nor is anyone else when you have made your own choices. We
  14. Why can't folks just abide by requests, assignments etc. when asked to do so? Wanna get on board early and get all comfy cozy, more whining....such a shame. We are trying to get back to some semblance of order, including the cruise lines. I believe that will take a concerted effort by all and a lot of consideration by everyone for everyone. Unfortunately, inconveniences will have to be endured. For every unsolicited retort from inconsiderate passengers more unnecessary work is required. Do what you are asked to do. That is the easy way. Asking about changing ones bo
  15. Port Everglades is five (5) miles from FLL airport. I would have no concerns whatsoever.
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