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  1. In a nutshell, that is what everyone is saying. I prefer gullible to dumb. None of us are dumb but at times we all can be gullible. Of course, I did not write the post, did I?
  2. T - Both you and Miaminice make excellent points. Certainly, what Miaminice suggests would seem a less expensive more logical endeavor, at least in the short term. But, I wonder about the long term. Although under the umbrella of RCI. I believe if Pullmanters intentions are to make an impression with a larger segment of the cruising population, then offering more upscale on less framework is a good start in a new direction.
  3. In June, 2020, when Pullmantur shareholders decided that reorganization was necessary, workers hired by RCI began dismantling two of Pullmanturs ships. The third, at the time, was transporting crew members to ports for the journey home. With X owning a 49% stake in Pullmantur and a Spanish investment firm owning 51%, you wonder if this reorganization will involve a change in percentage of ownership. The monetary arrangements agreed upon in the re-org could well determine which two Celebrity M class ships will be transferred or sold. With the popularity of M class ships still viable, I would gu
  4. Why would you use a ships name to reference port or starboard? I guarantee you, no matter the name of the ship or the cruise line, port and starboard are the same. Too many variables at various ports on any itinerary to know which side will face the dock. I've got to think that you asked this question in jest. Certainly not with serious intent. I will say this, if the ship is going backwards from north northwest to south southeast it's a whole different ballgame.
  5. I am not an unhappy customer, or camper, but I will play one on this forum thread, to ensure my post is not removed and I am not bothered, bashed or bullied. Especially at this Thanksgiving season, I will be thankfully unhappy. - I am thankfully unhappy because, over the years, not once has Celebrity sent me a turkey for the holidays. I have, however, met many turkeys when cruising. Hardly a consolation, and..... -Being Captain's Club Elite, not once has X or any fellow passenger treated me as an elitist, and..... - Never has a ships captain saluted me in pa
  6. Perhaps I should clarify my topic thread opening statement. "US" includes me and you and Celebrity too. Some give and take, here and there is healthy and necessary, although to some not always equitable. And to that I would ask, if it's good for you and me, is it okay if it is not necessarily good for Celebrity? I have cruises booked on other lines as well as X. including one booked two days ago. Comments on this Celebrity thread would certainly be pertinent on any other cruise line forum.
  7. But as intelligent people, surely you realize that stock prices and shareholders are an extremely important part of the business equation, as are executive salaries. Take those away, hard to survive.
  8. It seems the further away from our social norms this virus takes us, the more impatient and ornery and unreasonable many folks become. As a cruising coterie, how fortunate we are if the only thing we have to worry and complain about – as Covid-19 rages on - is our cruising status and the recognition that we think should go along with it. Now, with Celebrity unveiling its new marketing strategy, more feathers have been ruffled, more feelings hurt and more lines drawn in the sand. All in the name of “what’s in it for me”. Where do you think that will get us? You see, it’s not about
  9. Without making more of this than should be, if current plans, schedules and ship repositioning continue to evolve as intended, when Infinity arrives in South America for sailings in 2022 she will indeed have a revolutionized look and feel.
  10. Information and advertising on the X site regarding Infinity, strongly suggests a new wardrobe and a more luxurious presentation.
  11. And when Infinity begins her sailings from South America in 2022, it will be the revolutionized version of her former self.
  12. When Infinity takes over 2022 cruises from South America, she will indeed be a revolutionized version of her former self.
  13. It seems ships are being jockeyed for different positions. Infinity will now be doing the 2/13/22 Antarctica cruise. We booked passage yesterday.
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