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  1. Enjoying your review so far! We'll be on this same cruise in December, first time on a vista class ship, and we can't wait to see if we love her! 🙂
  2. 😊 My DH definitely wants to know if they have filet and/or lobster on one of the formal nights, and if so, which formal night. I believe from looking at some funtimes that I downloaded that the formal nights are Day 2 (Monday/First Sea Day) and Day 4 (Grand Cayman Day). We also like it when they do "international" night (which, tbh I am not sure they still do, it's been about 5 years since we sailed Carnival). I love trying foods that I wouldn't normally get to try at local restaurants, and international night used to be great for this 🙂 This ship has so many places to try that we haven't had before and I am a bit OCD with pre-planning! Thanks again!
  3. Erik101, you ROCK! I just want to make sure I don't schedule a specialty restaurant on a night that the DH would like to eat in the MDR 😉 Trying to make sure we all get what we want! lol! Thanks so much!
  4. We're sailing Dec 8th... maybe if you get a chance on your cruise you can send me some pics 😉 Have a great time!
  5. Thanks for looking also Bases5!! I appreciate you! I can find a lot on the 8 day cruise but not much on the 6 day, it's frustrating! lol! Thanks again!!
  6. Getting into planning our dinner reservations for our 6 day Western Horizon cruise!! Anyone have pics of the MDR menus for this itinerary? or links to threads that do? I have searched but just can't seem to find anything 😞 Thanks in advance!!
  7. Thank you SO much! With the changes they are making it is so hard to find accurate and up to date information! Appreciate you!
  8. Does anyone know if you have to pay the full price to upgrade or is it discounted? I saw a previous thread from a few months ago that had conflicting answers.
  9. My DH and I were on the Epic last year, and I too was worried after reading negative review after negative review, but we had a GREAT time on the Epic... probably one of our favorite cruises ever! Don't let the naysayers drag you down.. this is your cruise and it's whatever you make of it. We found the service at the bars, especially the lobby bar, to be quite fast even during the busy times in the evenings. With a capacity as large as that of the Epic there are bound to be times you have to wait but we never waited 30 minutes for anything, at most I would say maybe 10 minutes at peak times. Have a fantastic time on your upcoming cruise!
  10. Thank you so much!! I will put these on my list to research 🙂 The empanadas sound yummy!
  11. Thanks! I looked the up on TA and wow does their food look amazing!!!
  12. Husband and I will be in Roatan in December.... looking for a great place to have a reasonably priced meal. We love great food and trying new things... Would like to try some conch, wahoo, or lionfish. We're not locked into any specific location on the island. Any suggestions??
  13. Thank you for your response! I have been wondering about the other things to do there... Maybe I need to consider an off island excursion. Thanks again!
  14. Thanks for your response! I recently saw a review that showed pictures and they do have clamshells also!:)
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