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  1. Has anyone done the Paddling / Glacier Trek tour? It looks to be pretty long - about 3 hours in the canoe and an hour or two on the glacier. Our 14 year old son REALLY wants to see an ice cave, and it looks like thats about the only excursion where there's a chance of that. Still 5 hours between bathrooms doesn't seem ideal to this 48 year old man... As an alternative, has anyone done any of the helicopter tours? Any chance we would see ice caves if we land on the glacier? Happy to book outside of the cruise line if there is another tour company someone might recommend. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. No, we had 3 standard rollaboards. Plenty of space overhead for carry ons. There is also a luggage rack at the end of the car. We saw the checked luggage counter and asked if we needed to check our bags, but they said no. buy tickets in advance. They’re more expensive if you buy them at the station.
  3. I’m on the Virgin/Brightline train traveling from Miami back to Fort Lauderdale after a cruise to catch our flight home. It was only $11 per person and we thought we would give it a try since we had time to kill. Right now this train goes from Miami to Fort Lauderdale and West Palm - but they are building a boarding area in the new South terminal at MCO that will connect South Florida to Orlando. The seats are leather, 2x2. Each seat has USB power, lots of legroom. An attendant sold drinks for $2 each and snacks for $3. But the “first class” passengers had that stuff included. Boarding lounge had a food hall, security, comfy seating - basically what you would expect from a Virgin brand. All for around $30. For reference, the Uber between the two cities for our family was going to be around $50 for an UberX or $75 for an Uber Comfort. uber from the port to the train station was $8 plus tip. We will get another Uber in Lauderdale to get to the hotel.
  4. 3 people plus luggage in the family so figure we would need an Uber XL or something just in case. Hate to have an Uber driver show up in a Yugo or something and not have room for all of the luggage. Guess that was what got me thinking about alternatives.
  5. I’m doing the same thing in a few weeks. Thinking of maybe trying the Brightline train with an Uber on both ends. Let me know what you find out, and I’ll do the same.
  6. We are flying into FLL and staying in downtown Miami before our cruise. Then, after the cruise, spending a night on the beach in Fort Lauderdale before flying home. Wondering if if anyone had tried the Brightline train to get between the cities? An Uber nonstop would be $80-$90 for our family each way. The train is $33 but would need an Uber on both ends to get where we need to be (although we could use Miami Metromover to get from the station to our hotel) interested in your experiences and suggestions.
  7. Apologies if this has been mentioned already. I was under the impression that Alaska itineraries for 2021 would be out this week (see image). I know the week isn’t over but I’m tired of checking their website every hour. Any insider hints when they might open it up?
  8. I’m sure that this has been asked several times, so please forgive me for asking again. I wanted some current information. What is everyone doing for transportation between Fort Lauderdale hotels and the port of Miami? We are flying Southwest into FLL and spending the night there, and trying to decide between Uber or Lyft to the Port of Miami the next morning, or a business that specializes in that kind of transportation? Same question at the conclusion of the cruise in the other direction? thank you in advance!
  9. We booked a lunch in Chops for the at Sea day. On the off chance that this is complimentary for suite guests, do you think the concierge will be able to refund what we paid? I know someone earlier in the thread mentioned that, so I just want to clarify so I know what to ask for.
  10. I wonder how they got those photos. Webcam? We visited Disney’s Castaway Cay after a hurricane a few years back - granted nowhere near as powerful as Dorian. They had it cleaned up quickly but many of the trees were damaged and most of the vegetation was browned by the salt water. Hopefully Royal will be able to support those employees who live on Abaco.
  11. I thought in the past we had tipped the staff at specialty restaurants separately?
  12. If we don’t have plans to eat in the MDR during the cruise, is there a way to cancel their gratuity but still provide a gratuity to room attendants etc? Dont want to stiff anyone, but also don’t want to leave a gratuity for a service we didn’t partake in.
  13. When we sailed Indy last year we were able to buy a refreshment package/WiFi combo that was a pretty good deal. we don’t drink alcohol but we liked the coffees and sparkling waters. Sailing Navigator in a few months though and I don’t see that combo. They show WiFi combos with the deluxe package and with the soda package but not the refreshment package. So so what’s up? Think they’ll add it closer to sailing?
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