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  1. We booked a lunch in Chops for the at Sea day. On the off chance that this is complimentary for suite guests, do you think the concierge will be able to refund what we paid? I know someone earlier in the thread mentioned that, so I just want to clarify so I know what to ask for.
  2. I wonder how they got those photos. Webcam? We visited Disney’s Castaway Cay after a hurricane a few years back - granted nowhere near as powerful as Dorian. They had it cleaned up quickly but many of the trees were damaged and most of the vegetation was browned by the salt water. Hopefully Royal will be able to support those employees who live on Abaco.
  3. I thought in the past we had tipped the staff at specialty restaurants separately?
  4. If we don’t have plans to eat in the MDR during the cruise, is there a way to cancel their gratuity but still provide a gratuity to room attendants etc? Dont want to stiff anyone, but also don’t want to leave a gratuity for a service we didn’t partake in.
  5. When we sailed Indy last year we were able to buy a refreshment package/WiFi combo that was a pretty good deal. we don’t drink alcohol but we liked the coffees and sparkling waters. Sailing Navigator in a few months though and I don’t see that combo. They show WiFi combos with the deluxe package and with the soda package but not the refreshment package. So so what’s up? Think they’ll add it closer to sailing?
  6. Neat! Does anyone have a map of CoCo Cay that you can point out where specifically this is once we get off the ship?
  7. We are. We’ve only been intermittently lucky at finding cruises when interline rates apply though. We don’t pull the kiddo from school to travel so consequently we only travel when school is out and everyone else is traveling too. 😞
  8. Probably a dumb question. Relatively new to RCCL. On Disney, Castaway Club members were given the first crack at itineraries before the general public. Is that the same with Crown and Anchor on RCCL? Do they have the opportunity to make bookings before they become available to the general public? And if so, how do you find out when bookings open? we are interested in a popular itinerary and want to get it on the books as early as possible.
  9. Thank you. We are looking forward to our cruise, even though it will be relatively short.
  10. Wonder why RCCL waits so long to book summer 2021? NCL and HAL are already booking 2021 Alaska cruises?
  11. Planning a 20th anniversary Alaska cruise with the wife. Our son will be 15 by then. So big man child...with teenage smells and what not. So what’s your vote? Share a Grand Suite? Or get a balcony suite for the wife and I and an inside cabin across the hall for the young man? I assume the two cabins would be more expensive, so that’s a consideration too. Open to ideas. (Leaving him at home isn’t a workable idea)
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