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  1. This is a prime example of when to have a NCL credit card. OP can sign up for card and 20000 points are included. You have almost 2 years to charge either the $10000 or just pay for the cruise where you get triple points. Then use the 30000 points to upgrade to a balcony from an ocean view. What great value you would get from saving $3000 to upgrade to a balcony. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. I’m not a musical guy at all but the group I was with wanted to see it on the bliss in October and I was blown away. So much that I saw it again on the breakaway last week and it was equally as good. I will say it helps if you are familiar with Henry the 8th’s story. I had watched the Tudors on showtime so it’s easier to understand each wife’s story. It’s not on broadway yet here but I think it’s been playing in London. NCL is so far ahead of the other lines on entertainment, it’s not even close.
  3. I was just on it in October but I can guarantee you that there will be hardly any kids on the 21 day ocean to ocean cruise. There was never that big of a line on ours for it as most adults were getting stuck halfway thru and had to crawl out a trap door. I wouldn’t worry a bit on noise. You will hear more noise from the guys moving the deck chairs around. Have a great time on that one.
  4. I just saw from the agency that I use that indeed the 30% does start tomorrow but to get back to the prices from a week ago, this has to be combined with the past guest 20% off offer just to get back to even. I just got off the breakaway and during the future cruise presentation, the cruise next manager said the powers to be have over estimated the demand for Alaska so expect big discounts at some point for that market.
  5. I get it everytime as I stream football or baseball from my home cable. Sometimes it buffers a little but 90% of the time it works just great. If you are a sports nut, you can’t count on the ships tv package to get anything but boring soccer 24/7.
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