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  1. Thanks for the live updates. We are all very excited for you! Enjoy!!
  2. I just did a double-take thinking PAUL was back on another cruise again. Nice to see one of his Live from threads pop up again during this long pause.
  3. Most if not all of Crystal’s Caribbean sailings are far below this pricing. I would definitely book Crystal again.
  4. A few of my 2017 Prego memories.... (Including an extra side order of lasagna...YUM!...guilty as charged.)
  5. One of these was the Baccarat. The other I forget. Both deliciously crafted by a wonderful bartender in The Avenue every evening.
  6. I was not aware. Photo is from my 2017 Serenity cruise. The soup was fabulous also. Hoping that still exists....
  7. I am curious about something else that has not yet been brought up here regarding this announcement. I understand the home port of Nassau can sometimes experience high surf and waves making conditions for docking less than desirable. I took a short cruise in November 2016 on Celebrity Infinity. The morning after we departed Port Everglades the ship ended up making a u-turn away from Nassau because of the rough seas. A crew member told me this happens frequently. We spent the day at sea and made an unplanned docking at Freeport the next day missing our other scheduled stop at Coco Cay.
  8. Thanks crickette. I was shocked to learn that the refund finally came through after nearly six months since my request. From the looks of the spreadsheet many people are still waiting, but many refunds were received in far shorter time than myself. This was on a Discover card.
  9. Oh gee thanks for helping to lead the blind. LOL!! I am happy to see some people are getting their refunds finally.
  10. 1/29/2021 Update: I am pleased to report that my $400.00 deposit was fully refunded back to my credit card. I never pursued the idea of getting involved in a dispute through my cc. Travel agent advised against the idea thinking it would muck things up worse. BTW I did not see my details on the OP's spreadsheet.
  11. Scheduled sail date 10/29/2020 Crystal cancelled on 7/30/2020 prior to final payment Refund requested 8/3/2020 No refund as of 10/9/2020 Crystal supposedly won't deduct admin fees from original $400 deposit (special $100 deposit per person per segment.) I am not waiting on a huge refund, but I feel entitled to it just the same. TA noted refund takes up to 90 days and notify her if not received by then.
  12. As others have stated it does seem unlikely that Celebrity and the other cruise lines will be fully up and running in January 2021. That is just a few short months away. The trend in worldwide daily new coronavirus cases is not a downward one. The process of restarting cruising will be very gradual. The Miami Herald article that was shared mentions upgrading air conditioning systems on board among other things. I can only imagine what air conditioning upgrades might entail and the logistics involved. I am just as eager as others to get back on a ship, but not planning to until a year fro
  13. I had two cruises cancelled this year, so I am not booking any others before my October 2021 cruise. And yes if we are cruising by then I will wear a mask when and where I am asked to.
  14. Here is a glimmer of hope for anyone who might be trying to Lift and Shift to a different duration itinerary in 2021. Yesterday my travel agent was on the phone with a nice Celebrity supervisor that was willing to make the exception, so I got the Lift and Shift from the 10-day 9/25/2020 ABC to a 9-night ABC in 2021. There are no 10-night itineraries in that timeframe next year. Yes, I lose a night and Key West, but comparing the price I had for the 10-day with the current pricing to rebook the same stateroom category on the 9-night ($1,675 higher) made it a no-brainer to do it. When she wa
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