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  1. Wow! That was a nail-biter. I am glad you made your flight and I can't wait to read what happens next. Hope you have a restful evening and a fantastic cruise.
  2. @Jim_IainHow was that blue cheese soufflé that you ordered last night?
  3. Another Move Up question...Sorry to jump on OP's thread. But I'll just drop it here and see if anybody can chime in. If my Move Up bid is accepted do I understand correctly that I will only receive Captain's Club points equivalent to what would be earned on my originally booked stateroom category?
  4. Congrats to everyone on all of those negative tests. I will be watching for a pic of those frozen mojitos from the Sunset Bar. Bon voyage.
  5. Me too. May I ask what email did you send it to?
  6. Same here. I took the quiz on 8/13. Just checked both the desktop site and the app. No 2 points (yet.) Last month when the points were posted did it not happen over the course of a couple days? I seem to remember reading this and mine came along a day or two after many other people's did. My notes show I had 5 points posted on 8/13 and 23 points posted on 8/14. (I was playing catch up with all webinars and quizzes I had never done.)
  7. Thank you so much for your insight. This is is one of the things that has me really confused about this choice. I have been following this sailing for a while and when I go to the Celebrity website and do a dummy booking and choose verandah the choices that come up include one which doesn't have a name. It is just a black box with the price. So I click on it and the choices are the ones I mentioned above (sometimes) or like this morning their was only one choice (7206.) I proceed to the "confirm your choice" screen with the total price and the deposit amount on the right and on the left it says "undefined 7206." So it seems as if some of these cabins are in limbo whether they are changing to Sunset Suites at some point, but still priced as Sunset Verandahs or who knows what. I am not familiar with which M-class staterooms are being recategorized as Sunset Suites or when. Is it only the corner FVs? Anyway, I freaked out after TA put 8170 on hold and then realized from the valuable info provided above by @mahdnc(Thank you mahdnc!) that I would prefer 7208 with the deeper verandah and more centered on the back of the ship. When I checked dummy booking again all the ones on deck 7 were gone, so I presumed at that point Celebrity had recategorized. But now they are all back to SV pricing and she has 7208 on hold. Price with Elevate is down $1,456 from pre-20% off sale. Thanks again to all who are responding.
  8. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it. Looks like a great day on St Kitts. Cheers!
  9. No, with the sliding glass door shut there was nothing heard from above. When the sliding glass door was open the movie could most definitely be heard. Sadly this will forever keep me from booking any of the staterooms on deck 11 on an M-class ship. So this is why I am asking about the potential noise on the aft verandahs on decks 7 and 8.
  10. Any particular apps that you would recommend for someone going on a cruise?
  11. Following your great thread so far. Great ship. Great itinerary. Welcome back to cruising. Bon voyage!🚢☀️
  12. Wow, that is great and quite a difference on the depth of the family verandah (FV) staterooms. I wonder if the "inner" staterooms are also three feet deeper than those above them?
  13. Thank you. It is really hard to tell if the verandahs on deck 7 and deck 8 are much different in depth.
  14. I have tried to study the photos of the aft of the Constellation on line, but I can't determine if the deck 7 aft verandahs are deeper and larger than deck 8 ones. Also looked at what I could find in the archived threads on this topic, but hoping for some new and/or additional insight. The last time we were on an M-class we were in an aft A1 on deck 11 and the movie playing on the deck above was a bit annoying. Will this still be heard on deck 7 or 8? My available choices are 7203, 7206, 7208, 8170, or 8185. I was also considering choosing a "Sweet 16" stateroom 6030 with the extended verandah, but it would only be $240 cheaper. I should probably stick with the aft since I love the aft. This is a Greek islands cruise. TIA
  15. Does anyone know when Captain Kate will be back on board Edge? I know in normal pre-COVID times the captains used to be on 3 months and off 3 months, but I am hoping she might come back sooner, so I can book Edge before the end of the year before passenger capacities potentially increase.
  16. Same for Edge 12/5/2021 sailing. I wish info would get revised a bit more timely since these sailings are within the next three months. Oh well. A cruise to anywhere is better than staying home.
  17. And? Classy and discerning might be more accurate adjectives. Please don't take offense. I haven't. At the time I was mid-forties and he was mid-fifties. The new friends we ended up bonding with ranged in age from thirtysomething to sixtysomething. We aren't ones that necessarily only run with our own age group.
  18. Ha ha. I am having fond and reminiscent Crystal flashbacks over here tonight as well. I now realize they may have turned into what reads like a bit of a sales pitch. I was really looking forward to that 14-day MIA-SJU-MIA for my milestone birthday last year. We ended up in the Keys instead. Yes, Louis Armstrong playing in the background is just one of many wonderful memories on board. We still have our Crystal kimonos in the closet. I snapped a great photo of my other half draped in his while relaxing on our verandah. I forgot to mention a few other items that come to mind. How about the mushroom soup in the bread bowl at Prego, the other specialty restaurant? And tea in Palm Court with the crew in all of their elaborate costumes. And the gala brunch with the ice sculptures, carved watermelons, lobsters sculpted out of bread loaves and breadsticks, and the miles and miles (OK, I am exaggerating) of banquet tables of desserts. The cruise was literally like a 10-day long cocktail party.
  19. I'll chime in here with another vote for Crystal Cruises. Ken the cruiser about summed it up. I will add a few other comments. For my partner and I the ship turned out to be the destination on our first and only sailing on Crystal Serenity in November 2017. After all of the Celebrity cruises we have taken together he still brings up the Crystal cruise and how excellent it was in so many ways. Several of our Caribbean ports were changed after Hurricane Irma devastated the original ones. Crystal kept us informed of the changes as they occurred during the two months prior to embarkation. We still had wonderful port days, but it was the balanced, sweet spot between total relaxation on the sea days and lively, elegant sociability every evening that won us over. The ship is just large enough to have that feeling of spaciousness with a low enough passenger count that allowed us to recognize/mingle with fellow passengers/new friends repeatedly. We found the passengers on board were very friendly and social. We loved the piano entertainment in the Crystal Cove and Avenue Saloon. The theater featured performers as equally talented as those on Celebrity. The supper club is another entertainment option (not sure if currently in operation.) Palm Court was yet another evening venue that offered ballroom dancing at the same time every evening. Crystal had ambassador hosts on board that are hired to dance with solo cruisers. Ship sponsored excursions included a Crystal representative which is a nice, little extra touch that could possibly offer one a feeling of comfort while ashore in a foreign land. Ours included a blackjack dealer and an ambassador host. Crystal does not cordon off areas of their ships or designate certain areas for certain classes of passengers. Our regular verandah stateroom was a tad larger than a Celebrity verandah, concierge, aqua stateroom, but with the full promenade one deck below, the spacious pool deck a few decks up, and the walking track above that we found ourselves enjoying the sunshine, salty air, and gentle breezes rather than spending time in our stateroom. It was our little jewel box of a stateroom regardless of how "on trend" the tone of the wood trimmings were. Was the huge, freshly updated bathroom with the double sinks and bathtub already mentioned? Even for its age the ship has been impeccably maintained and regularly updated. Crystal Serenity is a true classic that exudes refined elegance. Unfortunately there will not be any animated theater on your dinner plate or silent disco, but we did not seem to miss these things. On Crystal most everything is "Always Included" and there is never a need to flash your sea pass/room key at the bartender because everyone on board is on the same drinking plan. Has no one mentioned Nobu? Our first visit to this specialty restaurant on board (now renamed Umi Uma) was included and our second visit was $30pp if I recall correctly. How much will an evening at Nobu set you back on land? 🙂 We had a B2B booked on Crystal Serenity last year that was unfortunately cancelled. Our deposit was eventually refunded in full. Take a read of the first-timer thread over on the Crystal boards for a gazillion more reasons to give the line a try. Please don't get me wrong or flame me. We do love Celebrity Cruises. Our first cruise together was on Celebrity Constellation in Aqua. He was hooked. 😄 My first Celebrity sailing was Summit (prior to Celebrity ripping the original specialty dining venue out of the heart of the ship. A couple of our upcoming sailings will be on Celebrity ships. The Western Med was amazing on an S-class ship. The suite experience on board Celebrity is wonderful and cherished when the going rate is appropriate for us. Will there be a Celebrity Retreat experience in our future in particular? Based on the current pricing model probably not. And NO Crystal is not 2x-3X more money than Celebrity if you choose wisely. I tend to agree with those that state they like to consider several cruise lines and keep the range of possibilities as open as possible. I have a long list of lines that keep popping up on my radar besides the two C's including Azamara, Oceania, Paul Gauguin, SeaDream, Silversea, Star Clippers, and Windstar. Now there is a wide range of types of choices and experiences. Life is all about choices and experiences. Happy sailing...on whatever line OP decides on.
  20. Ha ha. They are disembarking in droves. A few too many late-night partiers getting a slow start this morning? Enjoy your day fellas.
  21. Vitamin water is included in the Premium Beverage Package according to Celebrity's website. The waters are at the bottom of the package comparison sheet way down below the alcohol brands.
  22. Jim, What an awesome set of photos coming out of Port Everglades. You finally made it! Someday is here. I am salivating over here in my armchair. Enjoy! Paul
  23. Well that speaks volumes. What a wonderful way to remember your anniversary. I am so happy for you and your wife. I have really enjoyed all of the updates and photos you have provided. Thanks again.
  24. Terry, We have always congregated around the crowded Martini Bar as we wait to order drinks and/or wait for other passengers to vacate their barstools when they leave for dinner. We also enjoy taking our drinks to the other seating areas in the Martini Bar. I am looking forward to taking this opportunity to broaden our horizons and explore the other venues in more depth. World Class Bar has some interesting choices on the menu. Also, Passport Bar, Sunset Bar, Ensemble Lounge, and The Retreat Lounge (if booked in a suite) offer plenty of locations and space for us to spread out. I have received many wonderful drink recommendations on the board recently. Maybe we will follow the coffeehouse talent around the ship. Celebrity has some wonderful talent on board their ships. Can you tell us who the coffeehouse/acoustic talent is currently on board Equinox?
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