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  1. Terry, We have always congregated around the crowded Martini Bar as we wait to order drinks and/or wait for other passengers to vacate their barstools when they leave for dinner. We also enjoy taking our drinks to the other seating areas in the Martini Bar. I am looking forward to taking this opportunity to broaden our horizons and explore the other venues in more depth. World Class Bar has some interesting choices on the menu. Also, Passport Bar, Sunset Bar, Ensemble Lounge, and The Retreat Lounge (if booked in a suite) offer plenty of locations and space for us to spread out. I have received many wonderful drink recommendations on the board recently. Maybe we will follow the coffeehouse talent around the ship. Celebrity has some wonderful talent on board their ships. Can you tell us who the coffeehouse/acoustic talent is currently on board Equinox?
  2. Thanks Terry. I appreciate that. Glad to know there is a good willingness on board to mask up and socially distance. And probably not much sense in anyone getting too excited over those numbers. We each have our own comfort level. Health and safety measures aside you are all still on a VACATION on a beautiful vessel sailing around a beautiful part of the world stopping at some lovely islands. So jealous I am not on board...yet. 🙂
  3. Awesome!! Can anyone report if negative testing was required to get off the ship in Bonaire today? Did the testing take place on board the ship?
  4. I love this paragraph. These are the cakes I saw posted recently on social media. I did not want to let the cat out of the bag, but I had a feeling you would be familiar with them. So I held out for your description and you came through. Your story about the cakes and the crew was wonderful. Thank you for sharing anecdotes like this. You and the others that have live blogged continue to wet the appetites of those of us who have not yet returned to cruising. This gets us through our withdrawals and gives us confidence in the health and safety protocols Celebrity Cruises has in place.
  5. Does anyone know if there are any good amarones on board?
  6. That scent sounds interesting to say the least. Looking forward to being equally relaxed by lavender and invigorated by peppermint. I hope you are negative and released from quarantine ASAP.
  7. Terry is in a Sky Suite. He posted the photo of the Bigelow. But Bulgari was in suites on Silhouette several years ago. Loved it.
  8. C.O. Bigelow products! Now I remember reading (probably here on Cruise Critic) that these were on board. Is this brand in all categories of staterooms or just suites? What scent are they please? I tried to zoom in, but I could not make it out. He he he.
  9. Bon voyage gentlemen. I am looking forward to following along. Congrats on your successful move up bid to a Royal Suite. That will be quite a nice way to celebrate your Zenith level. Did you see the Zenith cakes posted on social media recently? I think they might have been on board Celebrity Edge.
  10. I was looking at the menus this evening trying to decide on what I might have for dinner if on board Equinox. Nothing was jumping out at me, so good to know the black bass is a good choice. Can’t go wrong with Cotes du Rhône either. Another question for you Terry. Is the shampoo and body wash still in the small bottles or have they mounted the gigantic bottles to the shower wall. Thanks.
  11. @abbydancerThanks for clarifying. I don't want to miss out on the candy cart. @terrydtxIf you happen to be in The Retreat Lounge would you mind asking if they have Chopin vodka on hand please?
  12. Terry the wine visual aids will come in handy. Easier to read than the fine print on my phone especially if I stumble into Luminae after the martini bar. 😳
  13. Ashlie was on our last Equinox cruise a few years ago and she was a fantastic performer. Okay, fine. I will leave my scissors at home next cruise. LOL
  14. Sorry to read about the disappointment with the Moroccan chicken. I was looking forward to trying that one. Rack of lamb will be a fine substitute. Thanks again again Terry for taking us along. And thanks in advance Jim for taking the baton. I recall an amazing candy cart in Luminae on Silhouette several years ago. Does Equinox have this on board?
  15. When we were in the corner aft S1 sky suite on Sillie a few years back, our outer door was unlocked, ajar, and sometimes propped open with a door stop. It was a non-issue for us. This is a very quiet part of the ship.
  16. @terrydtxYay! Welcome aboard! I love the full-sized white furniture on the sky suite veranda. You would do a wonderful live thread. Can you be persuaded?
  17. @Host AnneLoooking forward to following you on this voyage. Summit was my first Celebrity experience.
  18. What is the book a future cruise on board incentive currently? It used to be you would get OBC to use while on board your current cruise. Also what if I book an Azamara cruise while on board? Same incentives? Sorry if already mentioned. Please refer me to correct post. Sorry we will not be hearing about that awesome excursion you wanted to go on in Dominica. Your live thread is da bomb!💥
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