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  1. Here is a glimmer of hope for anyone who might be trying to Lift and Shift to a different duration itinerary in 2021. Yesterday my travel agent was on the phone with a nice Celebrity supervisor that was willing to make the exception, so I got the Lift and Shift from the 10-day 9/25/2020 ABC to a 9-night ABC in 2021. There are no 10-night itineraries in that timeframe next year. Yes, I lose a night and Key West, but comparing the price I had for the 10-day with the current pricing to rebook the same stateroom category on the 9-night ($1,675 higher) made it a no-brainer to do it. When she was shut down the first time she called Celebrity earlier this week I started looking at my rebooking options in 2021 on one of the 9-night ABC itineraries. I would have had to downgrade from my S2 aft sky suite all the way down to an SV or 1A verandah and loose 2 of the 4 perks to stay below the price I had the original 10-night locked in at. Others on the 9/25 roll call did not have such good luck with this 10-day to 9-day exception to the Lift and Shift rules. This will probably cost Celebrity some customers. This really reinforced the value I have always placed on using an experienced travel agent who works for herself rather than booking direct or using a big on-line travel agency.
  2. Last cruise I overheard a fellow passenger asking for a deck of playing cards at guest services. I wonder what else they could procure?
  3. Good topic. I often notice when checking availability on different itineraries on S-class ships that all of the S2s will be gone except on deck 12.
  4. What are you going to do if nothing changes before final payment is due? Is your deposit refundable?
  5. If you decide to do any site seeing make sure the sites are open for business. For example Vizcaya Museum and Gardens announced today they are closing until further notice. If you have never been to the pier at Lauderdale-by-the-Sea that would be a cute little neighborhood to check out. On Fort Lauderdale Beach there is Casablanca which is a wonderful lunch spot with a view. Time to make some lemonade gentlemen!
  6. You are off to a great start. You have chosen a great cruise line, a beautiful ship, and an awesome itinerary. We did it in 2018 and are repeating it this year. Love these long reports, so I am intrigued by the 60-day prelude and what it might bring. You have a great writing style. More please.
  7. I cast another vote for the botanical gardens. Horticulture is a great love of mine and I found this place truly beautiful. With the mountain in the background I captured some fantastic memories.
  8. LOL!!! Love it! Needed a good laugh to get this started for sure. I am not going to judge until I sail on one, but will take your thoughts under consideration. Thank you chemmo!
  9. Good morning! I am trying to uncorona here. I was wondering if the 4th and 5th Edge Class vessels have been named? Sorry if it has been asked already or announced already, but I have not heard. I did a search on Cruise Critic and other sources. The Apex promotional pamphlet came in the snail mail yesterday and made me think it must be a four letter name, so Celebrity can continue the tradition of breaking up the name into two two-letter words and stacking them on top of each other like building blocks. I guess Beyond will need to have extra blocks. If no names has been selected yet, what suggestions would fit the four-letter name mold? I'll start. Nova and Juno? Kinda boring, but that is all I have after only one cup of coffee.
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