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  1. Like Sunlover12, we just got off of Marina 5 days ago, after our first Oceania cruise. In almost every way, we loved it. And as for the specialty restaurants, we ranked them Red Ginger, Jacques and then Polo, although they were all outstanding. We didn't do Toscano because we cancelled our reservation there when we were able to finagle a second time at Red Ginger. Our travelling companions, who called themselves non-cruisers previously, have come around and want to book another cruise with Oceania soon. A great experience for all of us.
  2. AnnieBelle, we will be getting off of Oceania Marina at the same time, and are also booked on that 10:40 flight. Originally, the flight was scheduled for an 11:05 departure, making it a little better. But all we can do is get off the ship as fast as possible, then hope for the best. A little stress will make it easier for me to go back to work the next day.😀
  3. My wife and I are booked to go on our first Oceania cruise next year, so I have been following many of the threads here. One question comes to mind: is the fractious level of discourse so often present on this board a harbinger of the atmosphere onboard an Oceania cruise?
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