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  1. The next big solos excursion is MSC Divina out of Canavaral on October 17, 2021. There was (is?) a great deal upgrade to balcony at the same rate as an inside. At this point I know of about 40 solo travelers on this cruise. 7 day, followed by a four day. Destinations are nothing exciting, two days at their private Island, and Cozumel on the first week, nassau and private island in the four day. . being back on the seas is what is important.
  2. Is that the forward of the observation deck? i loved the SUN in Alaska.
  3. Now that I am on my computer, and not my phone, I cannot find the original post. But here goes anyway: NCL and solos. On the large ships, they have the studio cabins and a lounge, if the group fits in the lounge, evening gatherings are in the lounge. The acoustics in those lounges are not created for large groups, so it can be loud and uncomfortable. However that is where the planning and sign ups happen. On the smaller ships there is a hosted meet up in one of the bars / lounges. From there, it depends upon who your host is, some are great, some not so much. The least I have had them do is to make group dinner reservations for the group of solos. So if what you fear the most is eating alone, they've got that covered. Then they may make group reservations for the evening shows, usually forward port seating. On the larger ships: group laser tag, or group excursion on the go carts. They will help us get space for group games on sea days. Overall, i have had a positive experience with being a solo traveler on NCL, each time I travel it seems that I learn there is more they can and will do for us. In my experience unless a "hosted singles group". is also on board, this is solo traveling, NOT singles / hook up. traveling. All of that being said, I am a small ship kind of person, so when I ventured to MSC, I chose the Armonia. One of their smallest and oldest ships, though she has been enlarged. I found a hosted solo travelers group the first night I believe it was between the two show times, but maybe before the early show. The other solo passengers on the Armonia during my two cruises were mostly young. like in their twenties, early thirties; my being twice their age and disabled, could not really keep up with the activities they were planning, however, i found that the staff, knowing i was traveling solo would always stop and talk with me, introduce me to each other, and to other solo travelers they had met during the week. My table was all solo travelers, so that worked well the first week. The second week I had "fantastica". which included "free style". or "anytime". dining at a smaller restaurant. I was introduced to a solo traveling french woman, and we took several meals together. I hadn't spoken that much French in 45 years. It was both great and challenging. The staff still made a point of stopping and speaking with me when I was out and about. There were also several gatherings it seemed: Cruise Critic, the best hosting I've ever experienced, Voyagers' Club. (returning sailors), and a Black Card gathering. That's three of the seven days on board!! If there were more, I didn't go. I enjoyed the shows, mostly musical as there were so many different languages spoken on board. My only complaint about the Armonia was there seemed to be a dirth of public lavatories, especially handicapped lavatories.
  4. Yes, Bliss has the go cart track and the laser tag. The laser tag was fun, The go carts, most people wanted to do it, but they didn't particularly enjoy the experience, and didn't want to do it again. It's a great "come on" but in fact not the best use of all of that space, in my observation. I did studios on Bliss and on Epic, I also did a balcony on the Epic. The bed in the studio on the Epic is larger than on the Bliss, and makes the room just a bit too tight for me. The Bliss also had virtual windows which was quite cool. Epic had changing color lighting which was simply annoying imho. I was back to back on the Epic, which is how i was able to switch to a balcony. It was lovely. The employee who took me to my new room said if it was her stateroom she would never leave it. I was pretty sick that cruise (asthma) so didn't leave it very much in fact. The smoke that permeates the Epic made it a ship I will probably not cruise again, though it had a fantastic crew. People really like the bar in the solo lounge on the Epic. On the Bliss, a waiter came and took orders, so it was one, or two drinks each during solo meeting. While on the Epic, the bar was open for two hours, and you could keep ordering as you pleased. Like the rest of the ship; the Epic Lounge was kind of dark. Neither lounge had good sound absorbing qualities, it go too loud to hear the person next to you all too often.
  5. I am sure the solo balcony rooms are lovely. I really like Royal Caribbean as a cruise line, and to their credit; they have a few solo rooms, but they don't really know how to deal with solo travelers if you show up at a dining room for a meal other than dinner, they are very confused. They expect you to eat elsewhere if you are alone. I found this very off putting. I would sail with a "solo group" on RC again, or with friends and / or family, but strictly solo, it was a bit tough. Though as alone time it was wonderful (I had a double balcony to my self).
  6. you have that right. The solo lounge on the Bliss was lovely, i was less impressed with the one on the epic, and if i can afford to, i always prefer a balcony.
  7. my solo experience on Carnival was not so great. I'm thinking I will give them another chance, but MSC, and NCL do a much better job of including solo cruisers.
  8. wow, that is an older Norwegian Card! You certainly have cruised often, top level in many cruise lines. I'm sure you work hard to be able to do those cruises. I have only been on a few of those lines.
  9. I too will be on my first MSC cruise in a few days. I am nervous as reviews seem evenly split between splendid and horrible. We shall see what the sea holds for this trip. Good luck, I'm sure you will have a fantastic time.
  10. Except it isn't true, i've been on b2b sailings and both have the same color tag.
  11. I did this cruise and had an excellent time. Many of the ports were changed, but there was a great group on the ship, and we had a very good time.
  12. I went on the Anthem OTS two years ago. It is a beautiful ship. I never met up with other LGBTQ folk, that I knew of, nor any other solo travelers. . . though they must have been there as there are a few solo cabins on the Anthem. Enjoy!!
  13. Headed off on the MSC Armonia on January 13, would be happy to know if there will be any kindred spirits on this sailing. I don't know much about MSC, so I am finding out on my own.
  14. I have sailed on the Bliss (Panama Canal Full transit). and on the Gem (many many times to the Caribbean). The Gem is smaller, does not have as many activities. (no laser tag, no go carts, no huge water slides, no solo cabins. It does have a solo meet up each night, and what happens is more a function of the "solo host" than anything else. On both ships they will set up dinner reservations, sometimes show reservations. The Gem does not have the full length broadway shows, It has musical reviews, and smaller acts: comedian, tribute bands, singers. sometimes a hypnotist, often an aerial show. That being said, it depends what you are looking for. More parties on the Bliss I would guess, but that also depends upon who is on board. I really like the spinnaker lounge on the gem, it isn't as "busy" as the observation lounge on the Bliss, not as big either, and no food served there. The Gem is generally my favorite ship, however the grandeur of the Bliss is amazing. and the decor is far more tasteful.
  15. I will be going on one of these cruises soon but haven’t yet booked. The price for January jumped $100 between the time the agent sent me the quote in the middle of the night and when I called at 9 am. So watching prices right now.
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