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  1. That's a Norwegian Cruise Line ship anchored off their private island - Great Stirrup Cay. It's just next door to Coco Cay (aka Little Stirrup Cay). Here's a shot of the Norwegian Sun anchored on April 27 - this was taken from the Mariner docked at Coco Cay.
  2. This is what is showing for our May 25 Symphony sailing.
  3. To me that is much more reasonable. But someone must be buying at these inflated prices.
  4. They must not be since this morning the price is $1,099. Still ridiculous in my opinion but everyone has their own cost-value threshold on things like this.
  5. You are correct the waterpark was most definitely not open on our visit in April - I thought I had said that but realized now I did not. And after I posted I saw that Mariner is swapping dates and we'll be the only ship there on May 26. There are hardly and Coco Cay excursions available for our sailing - I'm guessing more will open but we are running out of time for people to plan...
  6. Had a stop at Coco Cay on the Mariner on April 26 - the weekend prior to the official opening. We were originally supposed to be the only ship there but Enchantment ended up swapping days in Nassau and pulled in right after we did. I'm guessing they were wanting to test capacity with two ships docked on the same day. We ended up finding spots by the pool and stayed there most of the day. It was fairly empty at first - we were off the ship by 8:30 - but by early afternoon there were no chairs to be found at the pool. Same at Harbor Beach but when we walked around there seemed to be plenty of spots around the outer beach areas. We had a 3-day on Symphony booked over Memorial Day and just received notice yesterday that they are adding a stop at Coco Cay on Sunday and switching our day in Nassau to Monday. No sea day anymore. From what I can tell we will be there with Mariner so depending on booking there could be upwards of 10,000 passengers on the island this day. Will be interesting to see how crowded it feels - I'm sure now that all the areas are open it may seem less so this time. But I can only imagine the wait for those slides. I checked out prices for cabanas and things and no thanks - $600 for a pool cabana? With chairs and bottled water? I'm perfectly happy snagging a regular chair and just flagging down a waiter when I need a drink. I'm sure people will pay it though. Here are some pictures from our visit in April.
  7. I’m happy to see being sober did not interfere with your Quest performance. [emoji12] Congrats! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Where do we stand on the sober/drunk scale now?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. What’s the most recent ETA on completion of the pier? Will be there in November on Mariner. Love today’s outfit! [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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