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  1. Oh, I still throughly enjoyed the voyage and ship. With enough cocktails in me, makes any room look like The Ritz! I'm far too cheap to stray from my inside cabins. You have the right mentality. I'd rather cruise 3 times a year in a closet than once in a balcony.
  2. My one time on the Escape from NY to Bermuda in 2018 ish was in a standard inside on deck 5. As my handle states, I usually cruise solo as I was on this cruise. This was a teeny tiny closet of a room for just me. I can't imagine 2 or more in it. After 20ish cruises, it was the smallest room I've ever had.
  3. As a lifelong New Englander, I vote October. The foliage will be in some state of change, crisp mornings and evenings, limited danger of tropical remnants coming up this way. Lobster is also tastier when it comes from cooler sea temperatures. Hard shell is always sweeter than a molting lobster. September has pool weather possibilities, October that's a no go on swimming even for this hearty soul. Though the sea temperatures will still be very chilly. High 50s low 60s probably. I'll swim in the sea if it hits 65. Much lower it hurts. Hopefully my rambling helped.
  4. I receive 4 weeks paid vacation, 10 floating days PTO, 11 holidays per year, plus my birthday off. More time than I can generally even use so it builds up in my vacation bank. My balance is currently nearly 9 weeks PTO After 11 years with my firm. I usually take 2 10 day cruises plus a trip to Asia or Europe for a week. I'm very brand loyal. Once I find a brand that pleases me, I'd rather trust in them and worry about bigger fish in life. I only fly BA for example regardless of price. I know how they work, they know me, easy peasy. Celebrity got me to at least try out
  5. I'm a Gen X'er who is Platinum Plus with NCL. Realizing about a year ago I was growing tired of NCL, I decided that I'm finally in a financial position to look at a more premium cruise line. So, I booked a Celebrity Edge voyage, a voyage on the Scarlet Lady, and MSC Yacht Club to try to find my new preferred line. I suspect lots of my generation are in a similar position, having student loans gone, a house with equity, and a career with 10 years of seniority. It's only natural to start to explore. Celebrity would be negligent not to try to capitalize on that reality.
  6. DaCruiseBug, thank you kindly for your in-depth comparison between your experiences on both NCL and Celebrity. As a man barely clinging on to his 30s I don't consider myself a traditionalist. I'm very excited to try out The Edge especially after the thoughts you've shared. I'm in a panoramic ocean view as I figured it should be light and airy and at the time, a considerably lower price to an IV cabin. I reckon I'd seldom open the balcony window anyhow. I'm very easy to please generally. A gin martini, not too dry before dinner and a drambuie on the rocks after usually does the tr
  7. Hey Hi Douglas, Oh ye of little faith. Actually, a more sound decision. As a CPA, I'm naturally more risk averse, turning over a new leaf perhaps. LOL I hope your voyage is everything you thought it could be! I intend to compose a most likely substandard review of my voyage. I'm happy to share my thoughts and observations with you. Stay well, Philippe
  8. I see we share mealtime priorities. Hahahaha. Let's just hope it goes as intended. I can't wait after 2 cancelled this year.
  9. Thank you everyone for sharing in my excitement! I'm an eternal optimist. Helpful in life I've found. A week aboard any ship is better than doing my own cooking and cleaning. I'll take it LOL. I have reservations about the lack of bar space. A pre and post dinner libation is a must for me. But if it's truly terrible to snag a space, my liver will be thankful at least. I too am going early April. The 4th to be exact. I will need to bring actual slacks. So accustomed to the anything goes attitude of NCL.
  10. After many cruises on NCL, I decided to jump ship and try Celebrity. I'd like to think it's because I'm eminently more sophisticated, worldly, cultured, and debonair than I was but nah! I'm the same old me and NCL prices are off the wall lately. So much so, my FCC's are patiently waiting a future price drop from NCL. To the Edge I come! Well, hopefully and fingers crossed. Stay safe everyone and wishing you many journeys in the months and year ahead. Solocruiser MA aka Philippe
  11. I'll share my most vivid cruising memory with the forum in hopes of stirring all of you to bring to mind your most vivid cruising memories too. I took a 10 day Southern Caribbeam cruise on the NCL Gem in March 2019. Our very first port was San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was a late visit. 3pm to 10pm. Finally not being solo, a miracle of miracles, I decided to check off an item on my list and do a "tandem kayak and bioluminescent bay tour". A bit of background. I'm of average fitness, barely clinging onto my 30s, and kayak often in lakes. I booked through NCL, which I
  12. I have 2 cruises booked on the Gem, my favorite ship. A 6/26 to Bermuda, I give that 0% chance of happening. Also an 11 day Southern Caribbean leaving 1/3. That's 50/50 in my eyes at this point. I love NCL and am standing with them in this crisis. Though hoping my January cruise happens! It was a killer deal in October.
  13. My hubby and I are in the Twilight of our 30s. Last March, we went on an excursion marked challenging. It was night kayaking bioluminesent bay in Puerto Rico. It was quite a workout! We kayak quite a lot and are average in fitness. We started on a beach, had to kayak across a very windy and exposed ocean bay. Through moored boats. It was about 30 minutes of paddling. Then into the narrow, dark, buggy, smelly mangrove swamp channel. Against the current and navigating away from other boats and kayaks. Paddled across the sheltered bay then back through the swamp. All in all about 4 h
  14. Don't worry about being treated like steerage. My partner and I are platinum and only ever book the cheapest non sailaway interior. (Usually deck 4). Never once have I ever felt discriminated against. The way I figure, NCL needs us plebes who book inside cabins to fill the ship and make money. Relax and enjoy!!! Phil and Ed
  15. My husband and I have had successes at these events far more often than misses. They seem to be 7:00 ish on most ships. A good time for a convivial post or pre dinner libation, if that's your thing. Have a wonderful time! Phil and Edward
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