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  1. I’m a TA and you can see all cruises booked within the agency only- nothing else.
  2. Can you book round trip La Harve? I did that in 2019 and it was so nice— only 300 people embarking!
  3. The con to traveling solo is paying double the price. And for some unknown reason, even the upgrades are paid double on celebrity (on princess the room is double and the upgraded perks are solo)
  4. I agree that vaccines should be mandatory for adults but you can’t make vaccines mandatory for kids when they have not even been studied.
  5. I’m perfectly fine figuring the conversion. I do understand that it’s winter. I think that’s why there aren’t a lot of options. Carnival is the only cruise option and I’ve gone from “independent” tour company for land Australia to completely booking and planning the whole thing myself. Not a huge fan of snow and ice but cooler temps are ok.
  6. I’ve never sailed carnival but I’m looking at july 2023 and wondering when itineraries might be released. They are showing until June 2023 now.
  7. You need some kind of proof to show eligibility. You can’t just walk up and say “give me a vaccine”
  8. I haven’t done VOV yet but midnight Sun is such an amazing itinerary!
  9. 2019– absolutely fantastic! And the weather was really glorious. Highly recommended
  10. First off, I’m honestly not trying to start something with you. I looked at the terms and truly do not see where this is stated. https://www.celebritycruises.com/cruise-with-confidence I have a celebrity and Royal for this summer that I’d like to ditch.
  11. I believe that was the cut-off for lift and shift, not cruise with confidence.
  12. Interesting thought. Yes, only QM2 twice. In addition to the food being less appealing, I’m not at all fond of set dining.
  13. Kind of a tricky situation because they JUST cancelled a bunch. It won’t happen before final payment but I think it is likely to happen after. If final is made and cruise cancels, full refund will be given. Otherwise FCC if friend cancels— if she does make payment, I’d wait until the very end to cancel because at that point it only needs to be done a few days in advance. I’m expecting to be in the same situation soon. Final payment is beginning of April and my cruise is in July out of Southampton. There’s no way I’m going to the UK this summer and won’t be going either way— but I’m hoping t
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