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  1. Perhaps someone can answer this question about the drink package. I just upgraded to 4 perks (there is a sale and it was a pretty good deal!). In doing the research, it seems like maybe gratuities are now added to each drink on the ship. Before you answer, please see the pic that I’ve included. “A 20% service charge is added to each check”.
  2. I was just looking on celebrity’s website. Can you still get coffee and sodas on classic package? Last time you could, but now it says that is premium
  3. Such an excellent thread! I’m on HAL in July for 14 days. I have two ports that I’m having issues with: 1. We do not port in Geiranger— only Hellesylt. And because of timing (and my overwhelming desire to see Dalsnibba, I’ve booked a $330 HAL tour, which kills me! I tried to do the ferry and then book from Geiranger but the times don’t work. 2. Haugesund— I would like to do Langfoss but cannot find a tour (the one I found has ignored three emails so that isn’t happening). There doesn’t seem to be other options on TripAdvisor, viator, and (shockingly) Holland America. I’m going solo so don’t want to do private on my own and don’t want to rent a car. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. While this is technically true, I have had them help to get dining reservations when they were “sold out” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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