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  1. Well, got the official e-mail cancelling our Feb 21 out of Galveston on the Freedom. Bummer....
  2. Well, tried booking any of the cruises in February on the Carnival site. Getting an error saying no rooms available for my number of passengers (2). And no crusings available on my TA site. Goodbye Freedom cruise on Feb 21....:-(
  3. Could be. But Carnival said they were concentrating on the Horizon and Breeze in Miami for the start of cruises, and then Galveston, where the Freedom is ported. Just keeping my eye on them 🙂
  4. Hmmm. Marine Traffic website shows the Horizon heading to Miami right now, after sailing around the Bahamas for a few days. Almost like their earlier visit to Miami was to pick up "passengers" (maybe corporate members) and then making a "practice" cruise. The Breeze was in Miami earlier, and is now docked at Freeport. Maybe another practice cruise? And the Freedom (ported in Galveston) is anchored south of Freeport, maybe getting ready to hit Miami for a start of a practice cruise? Speculation, of course.....but interesting....
  5. Haven't had any luck finding a menu for the Bonsai Sushi Express. Going to the Carnival website will give you a blurb about it, but they have no menu to look at. Does anyone have a picture of the menu that they could share? Thanks!
  6. With on-line check-in, you get to select when you can enter the terminal to get processed. Usually try to get an early time.
  7. For our Feb 21 2021 Freedom cruise out of Galveston, our on-line check-in date was November 23rd. Just checked yesterday, and it has been moved to January 7. Anyone have an idea why this has changed? BTW - check-in date has changed, but not the final payment date 🤔
  8. If this was "all out there" in March, why would the CDC wait until late August and start asking for input on how cruising should be restarted? Confusing. .
  9. Could you please give me a web address where these requirements to resume cruising are published? I haven't seen anything about the CDC putting out guidelines or requirements yet....
  10. https://www.travelmarketreport.com/articles/CLIA-Submits-Plan-for-Gradual-Resumption-of-US-Cruises-to-CDC https://www.travelpulse.com/news/cruise/senators-introduce-bill-to-safely-bring-back-cruising-in-us.html And the bill doesn't exclude the CDC, it creates a panel with members from differnet government agencies, including the Department of Health and Human Services, which I believe the CDC comes under. Guess you could say they are trying to go over the CDC's head and go straight to their boss..
  11. With CLIA sending suggestions to the CDC and the 2 Florida Senators pressing them, I'm thinking (hoping?) that the CDC might publish the new guidelines by the end of this week. Anyone else have a guess?
  12. You need to realize that the ports themselves have a vote in who is allowed in their country. I'm sure they dont want alot of unsupervised foreigners spreading the virus around. Carnival has most likely coordinated this restriction with them....
  13. I usually do no/low carb. But, I'll eat whatever looks good while on a cruise. I can eat healthy the OTHER 51 weeks of the year 😉
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