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  1. Just a quick update to close out the thread: The MDR was indeed open on the evening that the When & Where and the front desk said it would be closed. The next day I asked around and was informed that the MDR was scheduled to be closed and that the plans then changed, but our waiter was surprised to hear this. In short, the non-event will remain a mystery.
  2. I checked with the front desk staff on board before I posted here and it is not a mistake - the MDR is closed for dinner tomorrow.
  3. Not that I’ve noticed. The MDR was busy tonight, and I’m not looking forward to an embarkation lunch crowd overwhelming the lido for dinner tomorrow night. It’s not a big deal, and I know we won’t go hungry, but now I’m wondering if there will be more scaled back service surprises of this sort.
  4. Hi all - I boarded the Eurodam today for an 18 day cruise. I just got tomorrow’s When & Where and the main dining room is closed for dinner. I’ve never been on a ship that closes the MDR for dinner. Yes, it’s an 11pm departure tomorrow, but it’s an 11pm departure today too, and the MDR is open. Should I expect the MDR to be closed for dinner on all days with an 11pm departure?
  5. We have not sailed with Carnival before, but we are looking into sailing soon on either the Carnival Freedom or Carnival Breeze, and we want to choose a cabin with easy access to the dining room. We have a few questions about this: The midship dining room (Chic or Sapphire) appears on the deck plans to have doors both to the forward lobby and to the midship elevators. Can you enter the dining room from either end? Or is only one of the doors staffed for diners to arrive? As I understand, your dining room is assigned to you with your seating. Is it possible to ask the maitre d' to change it if you would prefer a different dining room? I have seen conflicting information as to which dining rooms host anytime dining. Where is anytime dining on these ships? Thanks!
  6. This is confusing as the liquids I want to bring are liquor and perfume, and I know the liquor isn't allowed. I'm just hoping that since it's an Xmas gift it will be returned if it's confiscated. The liquor gift has been a tradition for many years, and won't be consumed on board, but I doubt that matters. Sigh.
  7. Hi All - Meeting up with family on the Liberty Xmas sailing. I'm not flying, so I'm wondering if I can bring wrapped gifts. Also, among these gifts is a bottle of liquor I give my uncle each year, and perfume for my aunt that doesn't comply with TSA liquid limits. RCCL's fine print suggests both of these items aren't allowed. If confiscated will they definitely be returned at the end of the cruise? Not looking to use either item during the trip, but would want both of them back afterwards. - Thanks
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