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  1. You need to go through the whole booking to see what the actual discount is. That is the only way to truly know the difference because you are not including taxes, fees, discount on second person which is sometimes part of a solo cabin depending on how the discount works. Also, the studio balcony may be slightly bigger than a smaller/partially obstructed balcony.
  2. I know people who have and loved it. I haven’t because I don’t have the length of time needed and I like to explore lots of different areas. Though if a really good deal comes along I may jump or do a fall cruise up the coast to use my FCC. Was supposed to be On a European cruise this past May 😟
  3. Yup! On Ovation to Alaska it was great because you could still open the windows and get great photos/breeze but also stay warm/comfortable. By the hot tubs there were wings on which you could walk out to the sides if you wanted some fresh air. It’s in the front of the ship, made for a great opportunity to see the wildlife.
  4. Yes, it’s adults only with a few hot tubs, relaxing/sitting pools, a bar, and waiter service. The restaurant was nice for breakfast and lunch buffet, then dinner was a combined service. Buffet for apps and dessert and the waiter will bring your entree. There was no charge to use the solarium or eat in it. The only charge is if you decide to upgrade your entree.
  5. RCL was great for a solo experience and sq ft wise the solo cabins - interior and balcony are slightly larger than NCL. I wanted the opposite of NCL in which I didn't feel the need for the lounge and didn't want to have a lot of solo meet-ups and activities for solos. I just wanted to be on vacation and if I met people naturally (which I did, that would be great) but if I didn't I was perfectly content. I believe I did see meet-ups every morning and maybe for a happy hour each day on the itinerary but never want. My room steward was great, waiters were perfectly fine, I never felt I was treated any differently being a solo. Though I was not impressed with the main dining room experience as I thought that was a bit rushed and just awkward. It could have been because it was sail-away day but I didn't feel the need to go back. I did enjoy the Solarium restaurant, without ever feeling rushed.
  6. Oooh that is tempting with NCL. I think you are talking about the Solarium on RCL, the adults only section? If so, they still have it and it's fantastic! My favorite place to go on the ship and can just stay there all day. If you need a hotel, you could do the W in Hoboken for a night and then it's a really quick uber ride over. Doing that would cost you less than 1 night of hotel in the city. I do know many people who leave their car at the Bayonne port for the length of the cruise. Feel free to message me if you would like to talk about options/need more info. Happy to help.
  7. Have you checked RCL out of Bayonne? I know they have the Quantum ships with studios that leave from there. Not sure what is scheduled for this year but it is another option that is a short taxi ride away.
  8. I did on Ovation last year to Alaska and thought it was a great space. I liked the location, it had a lot of hidden storage space, and I never felt closed-in because of the virtual balcony. It was bigger than a porthole and gave me a great outside view. Now if you are tall that could be an issue. I am 5’ and the bed was fine. But if I were much taller it would be an issue. It’s a small room but they do make good use of the space. I was actually surprised as to how nice of a size the shower was. I would stay in one again. If you have any questions please ask. Happy to go into more detail.
  9. Ok I’m going to stop you right here with this comment. When I travel solo, cruise or otherwise, it is to travel, try new things and food and see what I otherwise would not. I meet people and chat but I am not socializing with other solos, doing group activities or anything, hanging out in the solo club, etc. That is not my purpose of a trip. I can travel without having to be with other people. Your purpose of going on a cruise solo is to socialize with a lot of other people. That is fine, but do not say that others should be in isolation if they don’t want to socialize how you think they should be solo traveling.
  10. You are expecting/wanting quite a bit from a cruise. The only type that would meet most of your criteria would be a specific singles cruise.
  11. This selfish reason is why we cannot travel, why no country will allow us in and why there are state quarantine lists. Because of your need to have a social experience that is more important than trying to get this virus under control and stop it. This could have been stopped ages ago but for selfish, self-important, righteous "I am smarter than doctors and don't care what anyone says or who I transmit the virus to as long as I am having fun" it continues. If everyone does their part we can travel and get back to a social world, if everyone does not do their part we are stuck like this.
  12. I actually disagree with your NCL vs RCL assessment of which is more solo friendly. It really depends on what you are wanting from your trip and what would make your trip more comfortable. When I cruise solo I am going for me to just be by myself. Yes, I meet people and make friends but I don’t need/want a studio lounge or someone to arrange dinners, shows for me. I much prefer RCL for the virtual balconies in the solo cabins which are mid-ship so I don’t feel claustrophobic and are slightly bigger than NCL.
  13. Something to keep in mind, at least with RCL, if you book using a TA or transfer to one, everything then goes through your TA. Getting a different price, different cabin, refunds, postponements, etc. would then need to go through them. I haven’t had much success with TA’s so I’d rather handle everything myself if I’m already doing all of the research.
  14. I’ve always found calling RCL directly to book a studio very helpful. They’ve found them when the website had none. I have also been able to get a non-studio interior w/virtual balcony for a cheaper price than a studio even with paying more. It’s really a matter of checking prices and seeing what it all comes out to. For the balcony studios I’ve seen the same thing - listed online but also have called and they’ve found one or the regular balcony room was the same price.
  15. I really liked my solo interior on RCL as it had a virtual balcony/window. Basically a tv turned on it’s side connected to a live camera feed on the ship. It was better than having a porthole. I do know they also have studio balconies, as I was about to book one right before COVID for next year. These studios are usually on the larger boats. I had a great time being solo on my Alaska trip. Met people when I wanted to, was by myself when I wanted to, chatted, etc. I was looking forward to my trip this year in Europe - I was to have a regular interior with virtual balcony/window.
  16. I think you are putting the cart way before the horse. Everything is changing every day/week. They think they can sail soon and are trying to figure through ideas but come 3 months, 6 months, etc none of us know what the regulations will be. We’ve adapted to life now, we’ll adapt to life again. The stress you are projecting for a cruise 1-2 years out is not going to bring you anywhere except circling in the unknown.
  17. I don’t mind for a few reasons. It’s so far away everything can change 10 times so no space right now to worry/think about it until it gets closer. Also, it’s going to be very difficult to have true social distancing on a cruise ship. It’s one of those things everyone will have to be ok with. Though I have heard the amount of people on a ship will be lower. I think people will still chat, excursions, etc. I’ve also traveled over 10 years on various solo land and cruise trips. So for me I’m more on the cruise for relaxation, places to go, ease, etc. I’ve made friends on different trips but it’s not my main goal.
  18. Agreed! For solo dining I enjoy being able to go to dinner at whatever time I want. For me it all depends on the day, the ports, etc. I find it a more relaxing way to travel.
  19. I really like the mega ships, feels more free to me. For dinner - I'll bring a book with me and my journal to write in, which also gives me a space to catalog the photos I took that day because I don't want to forget why I took them. Also, after a day of excursions I found going to the buffet (whatever that may be in the future), and Solarium Bistro on Royal, a great option. Met lots of random people that way.
  20. 1 - what do you recommend as a first time solo cruise? Caribbean? Mexico? I think it's all a matter of the ports and what you want to do in each. I like to see what's available in the ports to do, even if I'm not taking an excursion and go from there. Also, take into consideration length of nights, how many cruising vs. port days, and what you are looking to get out of it. These trips are definitely more party than say a trip to Alaska - something else to keep in mind. 2 - Big ship (Anthem, Oasis and the like)? or something smaller? I like the big ships as it gives me lots of places to go but also can find my own spot. I still see a lot of the same people so having that connection is nice when I want it. The bigger ships also have solo balcony cabins you can sometimes get a good price on. 3 - Do you book as a single? Or do you book as a double to take advantage of any discounts for second passenger? If the latter, I assume you would have to let them know that your "roommate" will be a no show when you check in? I book as a single. A lot of the time the second passenger discount is applied anyway. The best way to find pricing is to pretend to do a booking. Or I've had my best luck calling the cruise line sometimes.
  21. I finally got through to someone and they didn't realize it was pushed to 60 days, said they had never seen it before. But yes the answers are what we thought. Even if you did the original final payment it will work like always - able to get your money back (minus the non refundable deposit) and can still get a lower priced room if rates go down. They said right now it's all a go with the flow/see what happens/they are doing their best.
  22. Sorry for asking this but I'm still a bit confused. I'm also on the Anthem 5/29 out of Southampton. Does this mean even thought I did final payment if I decide to cancel in mid-March I get a full refund minus my non-refundable deposit? Am I also able to get a better price if that comes down again?
  23. Which ships have these?? Was on Ovation last year and nothing, heading on Anthem this year but next year would love to do a Caribbean one with this.
  24. Besides what others have mentioned (airplane, not suing automatic notifications and push in the background) also look at your carrier. I have Verizon and automatically have the international plan set to turn on should I use my phone in Canada and Mexico ($5 for 24 hours) or Europe and Caribbean ($10 for 24 hours) that will then utilize my regular data plan. A great way to not get socked with charges and since it's automatic I never have to think about it when traveling.
  25. Oooph what a pain. Thank you, I will definitely check out the public transport site but was wondering if you had any other ideas for how to get into Hamburg? Are taxis cheap and easily available or really is my figuring out the public transit the way to go?
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