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  1. I fell in love with Budapest and it’s rich history. I want to recommend a restaurant I ate at twice. https://www.google.es/search?q=macesz+bistro&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-es&client=safari#fid=0x4741dc69b6afdc4d:0x4660edc90c3ae78b&fpstate=luuv&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipM89LGNcUbpDLrLAmKqTxUXuAakess1NxldNAx_&viewerState=ga Its in the old Jewish quarter and has a mix of Hebrew and Hungarian Food. Portion sizes are Large. Food is made fresh. I love hurgarían wines. Very crispy Rose’s I took an optional tour of a few vineyards in the country side. If you like like antiques I ran across a gem Fordova Antikvitás behind the Opera House Budapest, Hajós u. 18, 1065, Hungary. Enjoy your time there. I did.
  2. I have only done one river cruise, and over a dozen Ocean Cruises. IMHO, comparing the two is like apples and oranges. Bang for a buck. To me it’s about the same. Mind you I don’t cruise the Caribbean. When I cruise it’s usually places I have never been. I don’t need a wild time, I usually travel on my own, food was fine. Entertainment was local and the service was great. I think I just like being catered too.
  3. In Deggendorf, they had a setup in a hotel near embarkation area. It was a short walk to the ship. I took my luggage to the ship, they took it but they were not ready for boarding so I went sightseeing til about 1:30. The cabins are not ready til later, they did offer a light buffet lunch. And then we waited for the bus loads of the pre cruise itinerary. Enjoy!!!
  4. The daily wine was it any good?
  5. Many have opted for a plan B. Reserve your hotels but insure they can be cancelled if all goes well. Also plan a route for yourselves. Most of Europe can be accessed through trains or if need be rent a car. If you have travel insurance it shouldn’t be too much of an issue, except a cancelled holiday. Best set of luck to you.
  6. I feel your pain, just did my first River cruise. Stressed for two months, and in the end sailed the whole way through. Tough choice! It’s nice not to have to pack and unpack.
  7. I wasn’t on Viking, but my last night in Budapest I ran into a couple that had been. They were ship swapped and bussed quite a bit and not Particularly pleased. No hotel room in Budapest, just transferred to another Viking ship. So no , you are not alone. Most cruisers on my cruise were not aware of the water levels. First hint was a few days before changing the embarkation port. Luckily that didn’t happen. Good luck.
  8. I was very fortunate too, did my whole cruise as planned. Being my first River cruise I didn’t know what to expect. I too hope everyone else has the same fortune for your cruises.
  9. Thank you, we arrive Bratislava in a couple hours. No rumors yet that we won’t make it. 🤞🤞🤞🤞. This the final cruise for the Panorama this season.
  10. We are on the Avalon Panorama between Vienna and Budapest. We leave for Budapest Tonight from Bratislava and all on cruise feel we are truly lucky and or blessed. Its a difference of a a few Days
  11. So do I, Avalon Panorama was notified in writing that we will also be going to Budapest via the Danube.
  12. Hey on the Danube down stream. They wouldn’t let me on board but she appears to be down stream from Linz, she rafted with us on the Panorama.
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