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  1. Great pictures of the buffet, brings back such fond memories.
  2. Can't wait to hear about Grenada!
  3. Beautiful pictures.
  4. We thought the pizza was very good on the Oasis. I just wish they served a salad to go with it.
  5. JaniceB

    OAS 11/11 - 11/18 Star Class

    That sound like your mom was overwhelmed. Can't wait to read more. We arrived about the same time and our "regular" line moved pretty quick. I was impressed.
  6. JaniceB

    Pride Thanksgiving Week Cruise Review

    Hope you can work it out but make sure and use that FCC.
  7. JaniceB

    Havana Cabins

    Thanks for aksing this question. I have a cabana and was wondering if I should have booked an aft view.
  8. JaniceB

    Pride Thanksgiving Week Cruise Review

    Thank you for the review. I sailed the Pride in rough weather and know what you mean about the dining room. We asked to be moved towards the front and they put us in a room off to the side upfront. If many people left I wonder why they could not have done this for you. It was so much nicer to eat without all the vibration. Sounds like you will be able to cruise again with family with the 100% future cruise credit.
  9. JaniceB

    Horizon trip review

    Thank you for the review. I am sailing in a Havana Cabana in May and so excited to hear about cruising from Miami on the same 6 day itinerary. If you have any of the fun times please share. Also, what did you do in the ports?
  10. Thanks for doing a review of the Horizon and making it so easy to read.
  11. JaniceB

    Early Savers - Check Your Prices and OBC!

    You hit the jackpot, mine went way up.
  12. Enjoyed reading your well written review. Sorry you had to deal with such a hot cabin. I had a spa on deck 12 on the Breeze and didn't have any issues.
  13. Just found your review and always enjoy reading about your adventures, looking forward to more.
  14. JaniceB

    OAS 11/11 - 11/18 Star Class

    I was on this sailing with you. I can't wait to hear about your suite.