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  1. We chose YTD for this cruise because of the late ports and viewing the scenery. I think if I had to pick between early and late, I would chose late for this cruise. I have only eaten dinner at the buffet a few times in all my cruises. It was much quicker and it might be an option on this cruise if we don't want to miss the scenery.
  2. I have final payment due in 3 weeks. I will continue to follow the spread of this virus and make a decision at final payment.
  3. I didn't realize you couldn't use it for gratuties either.
  4. Does anyone know if you get a bottle of wine with dinner at the Steakhouse in Europe on the first or second night?
  5. No more canvas for me and only 1 choice Capture special memories on your cruise with 5 ProPortaits package! Our Professional photographers will capture the fun throughout your cruise, and provide personalized photo opportunities and backdrops to create picture perfect memories that will last a lifetime. Take as many photos as you like, then choose up to 5 of your favorite photos for professional printing on-board. You will also receive a free Carnival signature print from published National Geographic photographer Radu Ursu.
  6. Hoping to sail the Conquest in December, hope we have a great Piano Bar entertainer. Great photos.
  7. Got the luggage tag on the Sunrise, disembarked on Jan 6th.
  8. Thank you for doing a review of your Legend cruise. Did you notice what bars had a daily happy hour?
  9. Thanks, just making sure things hadn't changed.
  10. Enjoyed reading your review. I booked a last minute cruise on the Sunrise and found your review. Do you remember where the omelet stations were located? Also, do they have an continental breakfast somewhere close to the coffee shop. I know on the Horizon they had one in the Ocean Plaza where they used to have the "tastings" before dinner.
  11. Is there a charge to pull money from you s&s account if you have a credit card to pay with?
  12. Getting ready to sail the Sunrise on Thursday. I have sailed the Triumph before, was not one of my favorites because of the layout. I'll let you know what I think when I return.
  13. A river day would be nice, get to see the sites along the Mississippi ,
  14. Did you end up doing this excursion? Would love to hear if you did.
  15. I have 4230 on the Legend in June. Did you like the location? Thanks for doing a review.
  16. I just saw this on my confirmation. I called and she said " we have to feed you". I was told I had Your time but I am waitlisted for everything, very strange.
  17. This is an older version only has 15% grat instead of 18% and prices may have changed but gives you an idea.
  18. I hope they have this on the Sunrise next month. I would love for my granddaughters to experience this.
  19. Thanks for sharing your cruise. Is there a charge for Lucky Bowl?
  20. Thank you for adding the scan of activities. I enjoyed reading your review
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