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  1. 34 minutes ago, BandBWCsmom said:

    I live about 20 min south of port canaveral. Evacuation warnings won't start until at least tomorrow. We don't even get a decision from the public schools until later today (they would be the shelters). We are supposed to sail on the Breeze on Saturday. Shutters up, everything brought indoors and turning a vacation into an evacuation (assuming we still sail)

    Wow, my daughter lives in Palm Beach Gardens and is not sure where to go, at least you have a vacation planned.  Unless the hurricane gains speed, I assume the kids will have school tomorrow.  I think it was 2 years ago in September that they had to evacuate and miss a week of school.  

  2. 18 hours ago, sanmarcosman said:


    Those weren't balcony cabins. There was a catwalk there for the crew and a partition waist high to prevent guests from climbing onto the catwalk. Not sure if the OP knows that.

    I did know that sorry I added balcony to the post.  I just wanted to know if the door still opened for the sea breeze.

  3. 14 hours ago, alleghator said:

    Even after factoring in the 10% discount from using AARP cards, we were about $50-60 short. We’d be better off just putting the same amount of money into shipboard credit and then we’d get the unspent amount back. Our last cruise was before Cheers was an option, so we thought we’d try it. Now we know. No regrets. We had a great vacation!


    I know it’s an individual choice for each cruiser. Just sharing what we found. 

    Did you count any bottles of water, soda or coffee?  I am drink a lot of bottled water on a cruise and enjoy a good cup of coffee in the moring.

  4. I sailed the Pride in November quite a few years ago.  We were delayed boarding by 1 day.  The ship was in a Nor Easter coming from Florida.  The waves were so high that the boat actually was wet in the secret garden and it never opened for our sailing.  It was rough when we hit the Atlantic and it was the first time I have ever taken Bonine, but I did it to be on the safe side.  On the way back it was nice and warm near the NC coast and then it was night time and we didn't care.  

    That being said, I think you will be fine on a 14 day cruise as long as a Nor Easter doesn't develop along the coast.

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