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  1. Looks like everyone had a great time at the ruins, thanks for sharing the excursion with us.
  2. Good information on boarding after a repositioning. I will be boarding the Legend in London after a T/A, I wonder if the same will be true?
  3. I want the omelet as on option on the breakfast menu. I guess I could order it at 5:55 am and have it for breakfast.
  4. Biggest complaints tend to be the liquid lounge, elevators and not a grand foyer. I can't wait to see for myself next month, I'm off to see the Horizon.
  5. He was smiling when he found the face!
  6. Can't wait to see the different colors of the funnel, something new and different for me. Enjoying your picures.
  7. Hopefully this is to replace the ship on a stick for winning a contest and not a platinum gift.
  8. Thanks for the replies.
  9. Tumbler seems better than a lanyard to me, not even close to a $20 gift!
  10. Great pictures of the reef. Your daughters hair turned out very nice and her outfit was very cute. Did you see any jelly fish? Sorry to hear about your itchy bites. I always bring some benedryl and benedryl spray gel in case I get a rash or bites because it is expensive to buy stuff on the ship and sometimes they don't have anything for an itchy rash. I tend to get them in the sun and sand.
  11. I would like to know this too.
  12. Thanks for the review and keep the Legend nice for me, I get on after the Transatlantic.
  13. Very nice review. I have sailed on the Dream and a "mall" ship. My DH did not like the mall concept, he dislikes shopping, LOL! We loved the Dream but did miss some of the things that are on the Breeze.
  14. Thanks for the review. Sorry to hear about your friend and your husband.
  15. What if you buy the bottle from the fun shops and it is in your room?
  16. I wish they would have an option for comp drink or something else. Many people buy cheers, so doesn't really amount to much.
  17. Thanks for the new way to get luggage tags when leaving the ship. I probably would have been looking for them in my cabin too.
  18. Great pictures, years ago that sandy beach went right to the water. We stayed in the port our first cruise and the kids played right there. It was 1995, so not as many ships. We had $1 Coronas, those were the days, LOL.
  19. Wonderful pictures. Funny story about my trip to Hawaii withour children. We bought and underwater camera to get pictures. First time using it our daughter asked to take a picture of a turtle close to shore. She took the camera and tried to use it right where the waves were breaking on the beach. The sand was pretty coarse and messed up the camera on the first try. It was rendered useless and we had to resort to disposable ones for the trip. I was really disappointed in the camera, this was 2007 so hopefully they work better now.
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