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  1. Yes I use them for cords/accessories and medicines too. I just bought some new ones that are flat, can't wait try them.
  2. I like a bar of soap so I always bring one with me so I don't have to use the shower gel. I love my packing cubes and they are very helpful when you have more than 2 in a cabin.
  3. Nice to have a face to go with your review!
  4. I agree and it makes the bag heavy too.
  5. Going to Pearl Harbor and the Arizona is a very emotional experience, thanks for the tip about where to sit during the movie. I will remember that if I ever go back.
  6. I didn't know about Eden Rock, thanks for doing a review.
  7. Thank you PhillyFan!
  8. If you need the assistance of an embassy there will not be one.
  9. The problem is we are still US citizens sailing to the port, I would be a little leary if the sanctions take place.
  10. I think your family pictures look very nice. Your son doesn't have a big smile but at least he isn't frowning. My son doesn't smile much either and has always been like that except when he was a baby.
  11. I am trying to limit my packing because I did self assist on last cruise and loved getting off ship early. I never thought I would say that but it beats sitting around waiting and then standing in lines.
  12. Great pictures of the early morning on the ship. The thing I love about cruising is everyone can do what they want, family time, your husband had adult time, kids on slides and a place to sit and read, what more could you want on a vacation.
  13. Is the Havana lounge open all day?
  14. I was wondering how deep it was when I saw your photo of the coral from the shore, that was kind of scary but all the fish made up for it I am sure.
  15. Thanks for doing a review of your cruise and the Havana area. I can't wait to try it. I hope the food in the speciality restaurants is good, my friends and I have all of them booked execpt for elegant nights in the MDR.
  16. Wow loving all your shore excursion photos. I still haven't been to a Mayan ruin so that was really interesting to me.
  17. Great review, love all the pictures of the food. Looking forward to more.
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