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  1. I have never stayed in on either so we shall see if I miss the natural light. I would rather spend my money on the specialty restaurants and drink package this time.
  2. 232 days seems like a long time but about half way there since I booked it.
  3. Wonderful review and your pictures are fantastic. I have never seen such vivid shots of a show on a ship not to mention the outdoor rain variety. I am looking forward to the London part of your trip. Michigan looks awesome in the fall. I have never been to that part of our country other than an unplanned overnight at O'hare airport. One more thing, I believe my love of cruise ships originated at the age of 4 when my parents took us from Honolulu to LA on the SS Lurline. My DH, who really does not share my love of cruising since he is retired Navy and has seen many of the ports I would like to visit, is not happy about my obsession with cruising. He has agreed to Norway, the Panama Canal and another Alaskan cruise with an extensive land portion since these are not places he has cruised to or through.
  4. Great review. I cruised in a Havana on this ship in May. It is a very different cruising experience. I mainly stayed on deck 5 and below, rarely visited the Lido. It was a more intimate cruise experience. I have decided to try a Havana inside on my next Horizon cruise. We rarely used the cabana area because we could always find a seat in the pool area. I absolutely loved it.
  5. I have this cabin for the Legend Norway cruise. I am hoping for some awesome views.
  6. Did you enjoy the aft balcony view on the ship? I had an aft wrap on our Alaska cruise and love it so I booked just an aft balcony for Norway. Where did you do the currency exchange?
  7. I am so glad that I found your review. Your pictures and writing style are amazing. I am planing my first trip to London and Norway next June. The waiting is the hardest part and I am trying to find as much information that I can to pass the time. Thank you for doing the review and adding so many pictures. Janice
  8. Thanks Surrelaistic, do you happen to have the cabin number?
  9. Does anyone know which cabins have the best view cabin between the lifeboats?
  10. I have recently sailed Celebrity and we enjoyed the experience. We also sailed sailed HAL but that was in 2005 and we really like it. I think your parents would like either.
  11. I finally got caught up with your review. You covered a lot of ground miles. I wish I was young again so I could keep up your pace. Can't wait to hear the rest.
  12. Make sure you keep your cards after you use them. I had an issue and they wanted the gift card numbers, thankfully I hadn't thrown them away.
  13. Wow, my daughter lives in Palm Beach Gardens and is not sure where to go, at least you have a vacation planned. Unless the hurricane gains speed, I assume the kids will have school tomorrow. I think it was 2 years ago in September that they had to evacuate and miss a week of school.
  14. Nice start to your review. I do like the cheers package because I can always get a bottle of water without having to pay a ridiculous price for 1. I like your idea about water on HMC, at least have water stations.
  15. I wouldn't want to be the forecaster trying to decide what is best for 10,000's of people on cruise ships this weekend. The governor of Florida has already declared a state of emergency but no evacuation orders yet, I guess it is too far out at this point.
  16. Hopefully they will be posting some of the excursions soon since we are 10 months out. I think the passengers will be more experienced cruisers.
  17. Is it now a window instead of a door?
  18. Thank you, that is what I thought but couldn't find anything when I did a search on CC.
  19. I did know that sorry I added balcony to the post. I just wanted to know if the door still opened for the sea breeze.
  20. What type of cabin did you have? Any suggestions for a good cabin on the Pride.
  21. Did you count any bottles of water, soda or coffee? I am drink a lot of bottled water on a cruise and enjoy a good cup of coffee in the moring.
  22. Does the Pride still have the French door balcony cabins?
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