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  1. Thanks for asking the question and the for the answer.
  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The problem with the restrooms would be very annoying.
  3. Trying Oasis for first time. We had the Horizon booked but got 2 cabins on the Oasis (kids sail free) for the price of 1 on Horizon in the family harbor. We are taking an 11 and 10 year old with us. I am going on the Horizon with friends (no kids) in May 2019 Havana room.
  4. Always had late seating until YTD came along and now when traveling with grandkids we are going to try early because of kids club. We don't even get home until 530 from work so never have dinner this early.
  5. Loving all your pictures. Do you remember the name of the excursion that is only 10 minutes away?
  6. That casino voucher is usually mine in the casino. Thanks for sharing the entertainment pictures.
  7. Following along and enjoying the pictures of your excursions.
  8. Enjoying your live review and the pictures. I am not sure if I would like Wonderland either but I don't have to worry since my next cruise is on Oasis.
  9. Loving your precruise topics. I have to tell you that the Golden Eagle Catamaran was our first experience on St. Maarten and we all (20+ of us) still talk about the fun we had. We have all also vacationed on St. Maarten and we have done this a few more times. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Also, San Juan our first trip the group had to walk to Hard Rock. It may be a different one than you are going to. Anyway, my husband was in the Navy and was so mad that we were passing up all these authentic restaurants to get to Hard Rock so someone could get a tee shirt. I can't wait to tell him about your husband and his visits to Hard Rock. Looking forward to the rest of your review.
  10. Can you give me anymore details about your tour? The cost, how long the tour was and anything else you can think of. The ships tours seem very expensive and thinking we might want a private tour.
  11. Thank you for the review. I have one question do you get any gifts with the all-access tour?
  12. I just saw it and was checking it out. It will have over 150 different shows to watch.
  13. Wonder why the poor pool person has to stand there with no one in the pool? A chair would be nice and not in the water. Beautiful pictures.
  14. Thanks for sharing your cruise. I really enjoyed reading about your trip and your pictures.
  15. Your pictures have help me make my decision to stay onboard in Jamaica when I visit.
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