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  1. Just an FYI, you can go to the steakhouse and get drinks even if you are not eating there.
  2. I had also heard he would be on the Norway cruise but don't see it listed.
  3. Thanks for sharing your cruise. I have never been on the Sunshine but would love to sail from Charleston.
  4. I sailed the Pride in November quite a few years ago. We were delayed boarding by 1 day. The ship was in a Nor Easter coming from Florida. The waves were so high that the boat actually was wet in the secret garden and it never opened for our sailing. It was rough when we hit the Atlantic and it was the first time I have ever taken Bonine, but I did it to be on the safe side. On the way back it was nice and warm near the NC coast and then it was night time and we didn't care. That being said, I think you will be fine on a 14 day cruise as long as a Nor Easter doesn't develop along the coast.
  5. Good info. I have received Casino rates never have taken them because of the rules but I just did one for Jan 2020 because the deposit was only $99 each. I can't wait to see if I get my shareholder credit because the rate was not very reduced.
  6. Great start to your review and a great start to your cruise, congratulations.
  7. Just speaking about this ship with a coworker. He was on the Magic and you were in dock together. This was my second Carnival ship cruise. I love your pictures and how you can see the ocean on this ship. Looking forward to more.
  8. I am so glad I found your review looking for port information. Thank you for taking the time to do the review and I really enjoyed it and your pictures.
  9. Very nice photos of Bergen. Did you follow a tour book or some other information when roaming the streets and churches?
  10. Thanks, I hope he is still there when I get on the ship. I love the piano bar.
  11. It may not be needed. I had a Havana Cabana cabin and we never used our patio area, we just went to the Havana area to meet or hang out.
  12. I found your review searching for Stavanger on the site. What fantastic review! Congratulations to your son and I am looking forward to more when you return.
  13. That's funny, I guess my mast burger was not hot and fresh off the grill on the Equinox.
  14. For me the specialty dining was a welcome relief from the large dining room. It really felt like we were not on a ship with 4,000 people.
  15. I can't wait to try HAL again since they have the jazz club and/or the Rolling Stone venue. I sailed on the Zaandam in 2005 and we loved it except late evenings were rather boring. We did love that the casino cleared out early but with the addition of these club I think we will enjoy it more.
  16. I forgot how much I disliked the burgers on Celebrity compared to Carnival's Guys Burger.
  17. I purchased at a specialty restaurant the first night. I was walking by and saw the sign and ask the hostess.
  18. That is a tough choice. I love HMC but I also did like the Horizon except the theater. You might ask what people think of the kids club on both ships if you kids will be using it.
  19. I have 1 Celebrity cruise and many Carnival. I guess it depends on what Celebrity ship. We were on the Equinox and had a very nice time. We were invited to the front of the ship to sail into San Juan. We just had a regular balcony room, no status. We kept ourselves entertained during the day. We even played games against the officers, bocce ball and volleyball. There was a lot of interaction with the officers. The shows were great and the martini bar was a show in itself. The passengers were not all old, my guess would be the majority were 30-60. I thought the food and service was very good. I rarely eat in dinner in the buffet but did on the this cruise and it was very good. There were even some kids. I didn't miss the slides since I don't use them.
  20. The Horizon had a specialty dining package when I was on-board the end of May. It was $60 for 3 restaurants to include 1 night at steak house.
  21. So much information on this thread, I would like to thank everyone who has contributed. I will be back with some questions once I figure out what is important to us on our first cruise/trip to Norway.
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