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  1. I hope it was a fluke too. I really enjoy eating in the MDR and the service is usually fantastic.
  2. Our friends are doing the "great loop" on their trawler, the pictures they are posting are awesome. Cruising there would be awesome but it would have to be a pretty small ship I would think.
  3. I saw it in my cruise planner in November.
  4. The least restrictions should be past guest, not early saver.
  5. They only way to have a double shot with Cheers is to wait 5 minutes and order another.
  6. Thanks for doing a semi live review. I am excited to hear about your sailing.
  7. Nice start to your review, looking forward to the rest.
  8. Sorry to hear the deli wasn't very good, my husband does enjoy a lunch sandwich from the deli on most cruises.
  9. Happy to hear there was only slight damage to the ship and no one was injured. Docking any vessel requires skill and practice makes perfect, just like driving a car.
  10. It will be interesting to hear the differences in the 2 ships. I have never saild NCL. My last cruise was Celebrity and the waiter was very helpful with the menu and would help us order and even tell us what he thought was not good. I was hoping to get the same service on my Oasis cruise but I guess I may not.
  11. What a wonderful experience for your GC. My time dining sounds like the way to go when you are touring most of the day.
  12. That sounds very expensive if the bag is as small as a walmart bag but I understand it is the only option.
  13. Thanks for sharing your experience. I love the fact that the ship doesn't move much, I was afraid it would being so tall. Will you cruise Royal again and if so which ships are you considering?
  14. Your story has touched me and I am thankful that I came across this thread this morning.
  15. Do you think a double mattress pad will work to provide softness like an egg crate? My last cruise on celebrity they put a duvet on top of my mattress pad, better but not the same as an egg crate.
  16. Thanks for sharing your cruise and sorry to hear you had such bad dining room service.
  17. Sorry to hear about the cleanliness of the bathroom.
  18. Thanks for asking this question. It is confusing when booking shows.
  19. Enjoyed following along and your recap was great. Sent from my SM-G965U using Forums mobile app
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