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  1. May I ask why your would never again sail the Disney Fantasy?
  2. After sailing in the Havana area of the Horizon, I am not looking for other cruise lines to sail. I loved the Havana area. I previously sailed 1 Celebrity and 2 RCL before this 13th Carnival. I think Celebrity will also be in our future. The service was fantastic. I missed the dining room experience this time on Carnival. We were not seated at table and a handed menu, napkin not placed in lap and no drink waiter. We couldn't even get a cup of coffee or a glass of ice without asking numerous times. I haven't sailed HAL since 2005 but might try it again also.
  3. Aren't they already changing the area on the Mardi Gras?
  4. I hope they change the gift by the time I sail the Legend in 2020.
  5. Looking forward to your thoughts on the ship.
  6. Loved the Havana, hoping to do a quick review if I can get caught up at work.
  7. This past Saturday I could have made that flight leaving the Horizon. I am platinum and did self debark and we waited for the SAS shuttle then we even went to another ship to pick up a family. I could have been at the airport much sooner if I had taken a taxi or an uber. My flight was 11:50 and we got to the airport at 8:20 ish. The baggage guy even asked us what time our flight was, I don't think they take your bags before a certain time. One thing about SAS is they have people monitoring the traffic. There was road construction and we almost turned off at an exit but he knew it was clearing ahead because someone monitoring the traffic cameras told him. In your case, I think I would use uber or a taxi just be to safe. I had TSA precheck and was at the "new" airport Margaritaville by 8:50.
  8. On the Horizon they have coffee and pastries too.
  9. I got a nightlight on the Horizon last week. I was hoping for the tumbler since the week before cruisers got that so I didn't bring a drink cup. The nightlight is nice, I put it in my bathroom not too bright.
  10. I just got off the Horizon on Saturday and I am platinum. We met in the dining room at 6:30 and we lined up our luggage and the diamonds were the first to exit and so on. They also had to different lines when leaving the dining room, one for people with passports, one for people with an orange sticker (don't know what that was since I couldn't get our TV to work to hear the debarkation talk) and a line for people with birth certificates. We also experienced a new customs experience. They did it before the normal customs area by facial recognition. Mine worked, my friends did not so she had to get in another line and show her passport. Hopefully someone will know what the orange sticker meant.
  11. We do have Mike Pack, looking forward to it Danca4eva. Thank you Phillyfan for the input.
  12. Thank you so much! I have never been on a ship with the Alchemy bar, can't wait to experience it.
  13. Does anyone have any recent fun times for the 6 day itinerary? Also, what are the must do's? Deck parties, shows, games, food and liquor tastings ect? Leaving on Sunday and don't want to miss anything good!
  14. Enjoying your review, your little guy looks like he had a great time!
  15. Great start to your review. I love the Breeze. I have sailed her twice and the Disney ship once. I will say on Disney there are plenty of adult areas with no kids and not crowded at all since most parents are with their kids. I would sail Disney without kids for sure but Carnival is my go to cruise line.
  16. Deck 5 aft wrap and the room itself is not as big as the other aft wrap balconies or cabins.
  17. I hope they get added, this is my only Spirit class ship I need to sail on after my Legend cruise in June 2020.
  18. Great ship tour photos and what were you doing when Patty was taking all the pictures? I bet I can guess, just not sure which one!
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