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  1. What type of cabin did you have and was it updated?
  2. Thanks for the review. I think an Eastern cruise should be your next with a stop at half moon cay.
  3. I would think this rule needs an exception on a 14 day cruise.
  4. Great start, looking forward to this review. I have sailed both the Oasis and the Breeze.
  5. I'll let you know when I get off my cruise on June 1. I do have a Havana cabin so hoping I don't have pool issues. We have reservations at 4 specialty restaurants and dining twice in the main dining room so hopefully I can answer some questions.
  6. I think you still have to be 12 years old even if you are in a suite.
  7. I forgot to mention this, in Cozumel you probably lost your Uncle to the tequila tasting. I lost my DH, we were lined up for our excursion and he was no where to be found and then he strolls back and informs me of the tasting.
  8. I was able to see the new pictures and they are fantastic.
  9. I would chose an aft so you can get the scenery from both sides.
  10. Thanks SnowWhite, guess I will just see what is going on at night before deciding to see one.
  11. Thanks for the fantastic review that had me smiling and laughing everyday. Congratulations on your new fur baby.
  12. Nice review and pictures and belated Happy Birthday!
  13. Sorry about the mess at the port, lessons learned for all of us reading.
  14. Can't wait to try to the sky ride! Thanks for sharing.
  15. I totally agree, I love her books and laugh out loud like I just did reading this review. I am curious to hear about your journey home.
  16. Thanks for sharing your cruise experience on the Paradise.
  17. My coworkers did not like Princess in Alaska, they said it was a constant sales pitch. Others have the same opinion?
  18. Thanks for the review. Which of the playlist productions would you say was the best? I am taking a first time cruiser on the ship and would like for her to see at least 1 show on the ship.
  19. Hopefully someone from the cruises with the mandatory meeting will let us know what it was about.
  20. I wish they had gotten a few sailings to glacier bay, it used to be the beginning of the season and the end. I also won't sail Alaska without it including the inside passage.
  21. Thanks for the memories, what about the free champagne for the captains party and the past guest party included everyone who had sailed before. Yes it got crowded but funship drinks were everywhere.
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