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  1. My sister says the Chilean wines never give her a headache, so everyone has their own opinions and tastes.
  2. I would say no on the cruise you are booking. I agree with Anita that the Vista suites are the best, save your money for one of those.
  3. Thank you for your review. Sorry to hear about the food. I don't know what the guy was talking about, I recently went on RC and didn't find their buffet to be good either. Actually it is the only time in my cruise history that I got sick to my stomach and it was after a lunch at the buffet.
  4. The comedy is one of the things I love about Carnival.
  5. Do they have blow dryers you can use in the fitness/spa area?
  6. FLL is about 25 miles from the cruise port but no matter what transportation you take you can expect the ride to be at least 45 minutes and sometimes longer depending on traffic. I have used SAS shuttle at $15 a person but Lyft sounds like a good option but I am sure the prices go up on Sat and Sunday going to the port.
  7. Thanks for sharing the picture!
  8. My PVP really wanted me to book to the Magic over the Horizon and for me FLL is much easier to get to than MIA. I have to fly to FLL and take some form of transportation to MIA. MIA from my area isn't affordable and not many fly there.
  9. I am pretty sure the basketball court is closed in the evenings because of the restaurant below it.
  10. I never thought about someone invading your cabana space, that is not good.
  11. I agree that buffets can be scary. Years ago they didn't even have the platic covering that makes it so hard to get to your food or the hand sanitizer displayed. I feel a little safer these days.
  12. Cheers sounds like a good deal for you and don't worry about port days, you are still on the ship at night and some days are sea days so you make up for the port days imho. Room service is not part of prepaid tips, so bring some $1s to tip them. I think you will be fine for elegant night, not sure about the cargos for your son. My husband always brings dockers for elegant. The outlet in the bathroom is not for your curling iron or blow dryer. You will have to use the one on the vanity. Shore excursions are different for everyone, you have to decide what you want to do. San Juan is a very walkable port and there are many things to see including forts and you can also use the hop on hop off bus. I can't really help you with your other questions.
  13. Exciting can't wait to hear some reviews and see some pictures
  14. Great start to your review, I am enjoying the pictures and videos.
  15. I found a private excursion in Grand Caymen that takes you to Sting Ray City. We only have 4 of us and it is $500 for the boat but I am hoping to have an awesome experience like you did in Cozumel. I also have had not desire to see the sting ray's but others do so I am going. My sister experienced a sting ray barb in the Keys. It was very rough that day and she was wading out into the water. She stepped on it and the barb got her in the ankle. It was very bad because it got infected and she spend 10 days in hospital on antibiotics. They say you should shuffle your feet when walking out into the water because they like to lay on bottom and cover themselves with sand. The Australian Steve was swimming and the barb got him in the chest. I chose the small excursion because I don't want to be with 50 of my closest friends in the water with them. 🙂
  16. JaniceB

    Puerto Seco Beach

    I'm looking for a beach too in Ochos, I hope someone answers your question.
  17. How is the beach? Do they have beach chairs to sit in?
  18. Thanks for the menu and the pictures.
  19. No the Horizon does not from what I have been told. This applied to Breeze, Dream and Magic I believe.
  20. I picked a cove on the new ships because the balconies look down on the deck 5 deck area so I wanted to be close to the water and not look down at people walking or in a hot tub.
  21. Anyone have copies of the menu?
  22. Thanks for doing a review, I think you did a great job!
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