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  1. I wonder if they’ll be extending our credit we got for the pauses earlier this year from having to sail by 05/01/2022 as there will be lots of people having to use it in such a short period of time ? Thoughts? Diane
  2. Princess for obvious reasons, Dano was my nickname growing up Diane
  3. we thought the same, do one closer to home but then Alaska got cancelled this year. We were going to do a b2b on the Grand out of Vancouver leaving this Saturday 😢 and now not happening, so we wait, like everyone else and relive our past cruises and pictures and be thankful we’ve seen some pretty places in the world. Diane
  4. Off topic but nice to see someone else from Kelowna on the boards! Diane
  5. My August 2020 cruise FCC was refunded back the end of June. perhaps you have to wait a bit until they get closer to dealing with November cruises? Or just call them and ask or better yet, use the chat online, I found it worked great. Diane
  6. I’ve had 3 such emails now, all the same. My last FCC was posted a month ago back to my Princess account. I’m now wondering as I don’t have it applied to a future cruise booking they’ll keep reminding me it’s there 🥴🥴 Diane
  7. So happy for you! I’ve been watching for you to post your good news! 👍 Diane
  8. Hey Tony, it’s hot here too, heat wave they say. 35-37 deg C this week ! Beats all the rain and wind we have had this year. lots of new cases in B.C. from two parties held by out of towners July 1 long weekend. 90 cases now just from one party after they announced our city was open for business and all the younguns came to party 🥴 Diane
  9. Nope, haven’t received any of the elite booking emails these last few weeks 🥴 Diane
  10. Panama Canal Cruise was cancelled Back in March with everyone else, sailing was for March 27. We chose option 1, FCC / goodwill added to account in April. A few phone calls and chats on their website were made. Prepaid gratuities and OBC refunded to credit card June 26, after another chat on their website was told airfare, port taxes and transfers were being looked at May 25. Finally came thru on credit card July 10. Got everything back and it’s all correct. Thanks Princess! Diane
  11. We’re using the same color coding when screening patients before coming into hospital for tests/procedures... just a tad different with regards to questions re symptoms and previous travel Diane
  12. Just wanted to update you on my conversation with a Princess rep today which turned out great. She was very helpful. She said that as they were processing so many different items that our air was put in a "dummy itinerary for Dec 2021/2022" which flagged her as such. Some of the agents must not know about this as the first guy I had spoke with didn't know what it was. Anyways she said as I had called, she checked with someone and they said that the airfare could be refunded back to the CC - and this is "in process". This is good news for us and we are happy with the result. Thanks to th
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