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  1. Does anyone know if these hotels offer transportation to the Brooklyn cruise pier?
  2. If I understand correctly this would mean that if I booked a suite for my first 4 cruises ( a total of 8 credits), I would still have to book one more cruise before I would be platinum?
  3. We will be taking our 5th cruise to Hawaii in a suite, which is considered two cruise credits. Will we be eligible fo platinum status for this cruise ?
  4. We are driving from South Jersey, we are getting dropped off so we will not be parking a car. There are two of us. Budget is around $225.00
  5. We are driving to the port. We would arrive on the 25th of Sept. We are looking for lodging for one nite. Thanks
  6. Will be cruising out of Brooklyn next Sept. On the Sky Princess. I am looking for lodging that has a shuttle to the cruise port. Is there anything on the New Jersey side?
  7. We will be staying in a suite and traveling with my sister and brothers-in-law, who will be in a balcony cabin. Will they be able to check in and board with us ?
  8. We will be in a suite on an up coming cruise. Will we be able to bring the couple that will be traveling with us? They will not have suite status.
  9. I also had the same situation. I rebooked our cruise to 2021. When I called Princess with a question regarding my canceled cruise, I was told I still had a credit showing on the canceled booking. It turned out the credit was for the bonus gift cards I had applied to the canceled cruise. I had them move this credit over to the new booking.
  10. I was simply trying to get as much data from experienced members before I made my call to princess so I could ask all the right questions. Thank you everyone for your help.
  11. We have insurance so we would be covered. My concern is the timing of Sip & Sail promo for 2021. If I book for April 2021 I am afraid that I missed the eligibility period.
  12. We were due to cruise March 2020 to Hawaii but due to sudden cancer diagnosis will need to delay trip until 2021. Will Princess allow me to transfer my deposit and promo package to a new booking?
  13. Does anyone know if the sofa’s have been replaced during the March refurbishment ? We will be staying in E729 in March 2020.
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