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  1. Hello Just saw that Canada has banned cruiseships in thier waters until 10/31/20.....There go any QM2 Canada cruises. Deck Chair.
  2. Hello I am in USA. Cancelled three connecting sailings beginning 8/21/20 about a month ago through my TA. Just saw the $1000 credit on my AMEX card yesterday 5/16. FYI. I am still booked on the 49 days voyage from New York to Sydney departing January 3. Really hoping that goes off and that the traditional experience I am used to is in place. Deck Chair.
  3. Hi Everyone on the planet!! I have sailed QM2 countless times. I was booked on the 21 day round trip from New York to Norway set to sail August 21. Assuming Cunard resumes operations on August 1, my sailing would have been one of the early ones. I decided to cancel this voyage because of too much uncertainty on what the shipboard experience I am used to will be like early on. 1. Will capacity be reduced to reduce risk of infection spread? 2. Will some sort of social distancing be in place? 3. Will the British National Symphony Orchestra be cancelled for the return leg of the voyage departing September 4? (one of big reasons I booked this voyage.) 4. Will the number of musicians who play in the various venues be reduced? (One of the big reasons I sail with Cunard.) 5. Will larger tables be reduced to create more social distancing which will interfere with social interaction? 6. Will ballroom dancing be eliminated or restricted? (One of my most favorites activities on the ship,) 7. Will various lounges such as The Chart Room have restricted capacity?. 8. Various parties and receptions be eliminated? 9. Will the various ports in Norway be dropped? I have been to Norway many times so no big deal to me but being stuck on the ship is a different matter. 10. Will there be widespread paranoia among the passengers and crew? I have remained booked on the 49 day voyage segment from New York to Sydney departing January 3, 2021. If the same level of uncertainty remains and no clear POSITIVE picture emerges of what is will be like I will cancel that sailing as well. I am not going to spend all that money for a voyage filled with fear. Curious what others think. Thank you! Deck Chair.
  4. Hi! May I please refer readers to the Chris Elliott site. He is one of the world's best consumer advocates. www.elliott.org. The site can answer many questions especially regarding charge backs. Deck Chair
  5. HI I am curious what the dispute was about where you received your money back 24 hours after filing it. I am not an expert on credit card disputes. I am only encouraging consumers to read up on the law before going down that path. Deck Chair
  6. Hi BEFORE you file a dispute in America please be sure to read up on what qualifies for a chargeback. Easily researched on internet. Plenty of resources. You do not want to dispute casually. Also, check out the Fair Credit Billing Act for more information. I have a feeling having to wait for a refund cannot be disputed. Deck Chair
  7. Hello! I have done quite a number of world cruise segments most recently on this past world cruise from New York to Hong Kong on the QM2. As everyone knows the Asian ports were all cancelled and I ended disembarking in Fremantle. I can assure you with great confidence that you will be very comfortable with ALL your fellow passengers, No one is going to judge you for doing a segment or segments. In fact, I met several full world cruise passengers who told me they wished they had only done some segments as they were finding the full world cruise to much. Just have fun! Deck Chair
  8. Hi I understand the ship recieved the test kit from South Africa. Not sure. Deck Chair
  9. Thanks Bluemarble! Good to hear. I'm glad I got off in Freemantle after 46 days! (The first port call.) Deck Chair
  10. Hi Don't know if this has been posted. One passenger on the ship has tested positive for COVID19. All passengers have been restricted to cabins. Food will be delivered to cabins. How unsettling this must be for the passengers and weeks to go until Southampton. Deck Chair
  11. I wonder what life is like for the remaining passengers on board. Deck Chair
  12. Hi As one who regularly and often uses the promenade decks on the various Cunard ships I will NEVER sail on the new ship if she does not have a usable promenade deck. Deck Chair
  13. Hello! I just returned from the QM2 for 46 days out of New York. Three segments of the world cruise. I winessed at least two times where someone failed to wash their hands before leaving the restrooms. Nor did these two men use the paper towels to open the doors with.. It is so disgusting. I wanted to confront them but do not see that a my responsibility. You never know how someone will react because there are unstable nut cases on every ship. Perhaps larger more strongly worded signs posted prominently could help. Meanwhile I think Cunard Line is doing everything it can do including stationing staff outside the Kings Court with sanitizers and they are pretty good at their jobs. The passengers have responsibility as well. Deck Chair.
  14. To me, the biggest issue with this class ship is the lack of a real promenade deck. I will give it a pass. Deck Chair
  15. Hello As one who has been diamond for years, you can count on being called off the QM2 at about 8:15-8:30 from the Verandah. This assuming no issues with offloading luggage. Good luck.. DECK CHAIR
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