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  1. Hello! Everything is purely speculative at this point. No one knows what is going to happen in November and beyond and what restrictions if any will be in place. NO ONE! I am booked on the January 3, 2022 62 day sailing from New York to Sydney. I am hoping the final payment due date will be pushed back to November. One thing is for sure: If it is not clear what it will be like on the ship with respect to mask wearing and social distancing, and port excursion restrictions by time final payment is due I am going to cancel. There is no way I am sailing if masks are required inside (Unless eating or drinking), port restrictions are in place and social distancing is in place. I may as well vacation in a hospital or nursing home. No thank you. Deck Chair
  2. Yes, as others have stated the restaurant is open. Regular menu is provided. Deck Chair
  3. Hello When I was last on the ship in February 2020, I was told by a couple of MDs that both the Queens Grill and Princess Grill are going to be extended out so as to make them roomier. How far out they did not know. Of course, that would take deck space away from deck 7. Who knows!!! Deck Chair.
  4. Hello....I am on the 19 day 9/12 round trip from NY to Southampton connecting with the 5 day cruise then back to NY. If when final payment is due it is still unclear how it is going to be on the ship I am cancelling. No way I am going to wear masks or be forced into social distancing and being restricted to ship excursions. As far as the new ship is concerned I don't really care what she is named and It's extremely unlikely I will sail on her if there is no traditional promenade deck. Deck chair.
  5. Hello: I don't know about door magnets. On many voyages including TAs and world cruise segments I have seen some door decorations. I rather enjoy them and will often stop to take a look. It is hardly a big deal and does nothing to downgrade the Cunard experience. I can also report that door decorations are rare and not commonplace. If you want to decorate your door in that fashion I say go ahead and have fun! Deck Chair
  6. Hello! Through 2005 , I was a regular on HAL beginning with a 1981 New York November sailing on the Rotterdam. (What a beautiful ship!) I then sailed on the Statendam, Veendam, Ryndam, Noordam, Maasdam and the newer Rotterdam. I think they were all S class ships. I had a great time on all the ships. Really good food (not exceptional) great service, plenty to do during the day and night and really enjoyed the musicians scattered around each ship especially in the Ocean Bar. I was happy with HAL even though I was also sailing on the Cunard Line's Sagafjord and the QE2. Then in 2005 I decided to book the 35 day Voyage of the Vikings 35 day sailing round trip out of Boston on the MAASDAM It truly was a beautiful itinerary. I loved my many wonderful fellow passengers. I loved the teak 360 degree promenade deck on which I spent many days reading on my deck chair overlooking the ocean. And people watching. Sadly, there is no such usable promenade deck on the new ships. Stupid move. This is why I will never be back despite the fact that HAL has some really good long cruise routes which I would dearly love to take. You would think on the 35 day Voyage of the Vikings with many regulars on board that HAL would take pains to provide an exceptional experience for so many repeat passengers. I would guess at least 80% of the passengers were long time HAL loyalists such as myself. You would think wrong. The first thing I noted was the reduction in musicians and live music throughout the ship. Some of the musicians on this cruise played like amateurs. Now having musicians playing around the ship may not be important to you but it sure is to me. The second thing (And most important) I noticed was the drastic reduction of waiters in the MDR. The poor waiters had to scramble around with way too many tables to serve. Many were literally sweating. They had no time to chat with passengers. It was rush rush and rush some more. Because they had so many tables to serve the food from the kitchen came slowly and was often lukewarm. No doubt the food was hot when left out for the waiters to pick up but by time the waiters bought the food out whatever you ordered that was supposed to be hot had cooled. Those poor waiters. I am very sorry but having to witness these waiters rushing around does not make for an enjoyable experience for me. Cutting back on waiters was a great idea by HAL bean counting management!! The third thing I noticed was that because of cutbacks the poor room stewards had way too many cabins to service. No doubt many were exhausted. Again, I don't want to witness this. To help out my steward I often told him to skip my cabin as it really didn't need to be cleaned every day. Sad. Yes, there are many good qualities but not enough to make up for the decline in standards that I am always reading about on this site. No need to repeat them here. I am an optimist by nature so of course hope that HAL will improve the experience but I see no evidence that they are. Too bad because I sure would like to book their longer cruises. So now I sail almost exclusively on CUNARD LINE mostly on the magnificent Queen Mary 2. (Over 40 voyages on her alone.) On Cunard ships there are plenty of musicians. (About 32 on the QM2 alone.) Plenty of live music everywhere. Great entertainment. Great lecture programs. Plenty of activities night and day including ballroom dancing every night in the ballroom. . A real dress code. All the ships have real promenade decks you can actually use and enjoy. A lot of space and quiet places to just relax and not have to listen to piped in music. Unfortunately the negative is Cunard has only three ships they cannot offer the great routes HAL has. So that is my opinion. I will be watching this site closely in the hope HAL will be back. I do want to book those wonderful long cruises HAL has. Be well. Deck Chair.
  7. Hi! It has been my experience that tables for two are much more available on the second sitting as first sitting is much more in demand. Deck Chair.
  8. Hello one and all! I have sailed on the QM2 countless times since 2006 in addition to the Sagafjord, QE2, QV and QE. I have been Diamond for years. I t typically travel as a single and pay the 75% single supplement on most occasions. It has troubled me greatly that it appears that single travelers are rarely if ever granted upgrades to Britannia Club, Princess Grill or Queens Grill. I have heard of countless cases where COUPLES with few voyages on their record get the upgrades leaving solo travelers with superior records with Cunard out in the cold. This has inspired me to question my deep loyalty to Cunard as I hear more and more great things about SAGA. I am wondering if my fellow solo passengers have experienced this discrimination as well or can share their thoughts on this matter. Meanwhile I am booked on the September 12, 2021 19 day roundtrip sailing from New York on QM2 and a 62 day world voyage segment departing 1/3/22 on QM2 from New York to Sydney. Thank you. Deck Chair.
  9. Hello I too have been very curious about 2023. The main thing is I hope the the QM2 does an actual world cruise circumnavigating the globe. Recently Cunard QM2 world voyages have done a lot of back tracking such as will be the case of the 2022 route. I have no interest in doing one of those. Deck Chair.
  10. Hello! If this new ship doesn.t not have a proper promenade deck I will not be sailing on her. Simple. Deck chair.
  11. Hello one and all! I have sailed over 50 times with Cunard since 1993 and thinking of trying SAGA. Wondering if Americans blend in well. Wondering if there are deck chairs on the promenade deck such as you find on the Queen Mary 2. Wondering if piped in music is pervasive in public rooms. Is is difficult to find quiet spaces? Thank you so very much for your help. Deck Chair.
  12. Hi I note that until further notice Crystal is cancelling their dance host program when they resume sailing. I assume that means no dancing allowed with anyone not your travel partner. I am curious who is going to enforce this rule in the dance venues? I assume the members of the orchestra would have to distance as well. May be impractical. Leads me to think Crystal will rely on taped dance music. No thanks! This will also mean no captain's receptions and world club events. Also, as a solo traveler there is no way I'm paying thousands of dollars and then be isolated in the lounges and dining room. Limited social life for the solo traveler! Limited social life for all passengers with social distancing and capacity controls. That will be wonderful! Unless there are normal conditions on the ship I'm sadly out. Deck Chair
  13. Hi! No way will I sail with Cunard if measures similar to Crystal are implemented. I am now booked on four segments of the 2022 world Cruise on QM2 beginning January 3. (NY to Sydney.) I am hoping conditions will be back to normal by then. If not, I'm out and I doubt I will be alone. Thank you. Deck Chair.
  14. Hello....thank you everyone for your inputs. I have now decided to sail on QM2 from NY to Southampton on 1/3/2022 then board the QV on 1/10/2022. From there to Sydney. Four segments. 56 days. I hope I see everyone on these sailings!! Deck Chair.
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