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    Shopping In Cabo!

    Thanks to both of you for your replys and the info on shopping and other things. I've never heard of knockoffs being taken away but it is something to consider, I guess. I go to NY every year and bring back about 6 or more for friends as gifts and havent had a problem, but I suppose with customs they have to do a more thorough search. Thanks for the compliments on the screen name! I used to be just chocolatemaniac, but then I forgot my password and so had to re-register and so now I am chocolatemaniac2 - oh well! Leave for Cabo March 6-13 and am really looking forward to getting out of the Minnesota cold. The high today is -13, with a -25 windchill......... so dreaming of lying on the beach gets me through!
  2. chocolatemaniac2

    Shopping In Cabo!

    Hi eveyone! We will be in Cabo for the first time for a week in early March. Going with 4 other couples. The guys will golf and fish, and the girls want to SHOP! (And tan and drink foo-foo umbrella drinks by the pool!) Where do we shop? What is there unique to buy? We have been on cruises before to the Carribbean and know their wares. Are there FAKE purses to be had, and if so, where? Any info would be appreciated! Thanks!
  3. chocolatemaniac2

    BVI Islands - Need Info!

    Unfortunately due to vacation time restrictions, we are not able to spend any time on Tortola before or after our cruise. In fact, we have to spend the first night in St Thomas, as our flight lands late and we will have missed the last ferry. And we have to fly out the same day that we return the boat to Inner Marbour Marina in Road Town. We plan to snorkel every day and so thanks for the additional site recommendations. Although we live on a lake in Minnesota, it's not the same snorkeling to see walleye or northerns as it is the beautiful tropical fish, sea turtle and other sea life in the beautiful turquoise waters of the Caribbean! Our charter company recommended Ample Hamper for provisioning - they will have everything delivered to our boat by the time our captain's checkout is over. The food selection looks great and can be tailored to our personal tastes. We have a 39 foot Beneteau 393 reserved - looks like quite a vessel from the pics we were given. The hard part will be what to drink while on board! Our licquor order alone might take a few trips to deliver! HAHA We are even renting a blender for the week, as to make margaritas or pina coladas! It's snowing outside as I type this..........and the high tomorrow will be 9 above. Take me to Tortola NOW!!!!!!:)
  4. chocolatemaniac2

    BVI Islands - Need Info!

    WOW, what a wealth of information! Thanks so much for your time and trouble! It's great to get it "first hand" (so to speak) from someone who's experienced the places themselves......... guide books just arent the same! I cut and pasted and printed all of your comments and have tucked it away in my crusing guidebook. We will be sure and take your suggestions. I remember Cow Wreck beach from your photos - it really did look like paradise. Hopefully the conditions are right so that we can stop there. If my husband had his way, we'd be on the boat sailing all of the time! I'll keep readimg the boards until we leave,and upon returning, will try and post our comments on dos and donts. So, keep those comments coming, everyone! Ruth:)
  5. chocolatemaniac2

    BVI Islands - Need Info!

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words............and they are so right! Pyrate, I had time to read some of the other threads on this board, and saw were you had posted some of your favorite BVI websites, including your own Wedshots site. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at both of your 2004 BVI sailing albums!!! It was like I was in the islands myself! Thanks for all of the great pics, and for the great labeling so that I knew exactly where the pic was taken. Cant wait for our trip - March 3-10 2007. Ruth
  6. chocolatemaniac2

    A Few More??'s Re:The Baths

    Hi! We are chartering a sailboat and exploring the BVI's on our own. I have a question on the baths........ Those of you who are on cruise ships please answer........ what time are the ship's tours to the Baths? Are they usually in the am, pm, or does it vary? We can plan to arrive at any time and are hoping to plan our stop so that we can miss the crowds. Thanks for you info! Ruth
  7. chocolatemaniac2

    BVI Islands - Need Info!

    Thanks for your response, Pyrate 13! Do you live in the BVI's? Your posts are very thoughtout and knowledgeable. My dh is from a sailing family and so very experienced. This is our first venture to the islands, however. We leave from Tortola, just the 4 of us, and have a week to explore the islands. I am sure we will want to explore Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anageda, Norman Island and Jost Van Dyke for sure. We have a dinghy so will be able to get ashore at most places. Our book lists the anchorages, etc. There seem to be several by each island. I'd like to know, from someone who's familiar to the islands, things to definately try and see, sites for great snorkeling, restaurants not to miss as we plan to eat some of our meals onshore so we can soak up the local culture, things like that. Like I said, our book gives us tons of information, but a personal pespective is what I guess I am after. Thanks for helping! Ruth
  8. chocolatemaniac2

    BVI Islands - Need Info!

    This March my dh and I, and another couple are doing a different kind of "cruise" - we are chartering a sailboat and the 4 of us will be cruising the BVI's on our own! We have done many cruises in the past and even though I know I will miss the pampering of a large ship, we are excited about this adventure. So, ANY INFO on Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anageda, or the other BVI's would be appreciated! We have a cruising guide book on the islands, but there's nothing like first hand experience. We love to snorkel, dine, shop, etc. What sites should be not missed? What's overrated? Thanks in advance for any replys to my post! I have gotten lots of great information from fellow cruisers on past cruises so I am hopeful you guys wont let me down! Ruth
  9. chocolatemaniac2

    cruising families from Minnesota are you out there?

    Hi from Glenwood! We are taking our 17yr son and 15yr daughter on their first cruise this March 19-26 to the Southern Carribbean. Their first cruise, only our second - we did this EXACT ship and itinerary last March with 2 other couples and absolutely LOVED IT! Have a fun excursion planned on every island and everyone is getting excited to go! Less than 6 weeks to go!!!!!