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  1. The first Equinox cruise on July 25th hasn't opened up for OCI yet.
  2. I have no idea what the test showed, besides the fact that I was positive. I got a call from the Suffolk County board of health ordering me to isolate at home. So I had a very sad week. The only good thing about it is, I would be home now awaiting my Oasis cruise in Sept. I Just booked the first Equinox cruise on July 25th, so I have someting to look forward to.
  3. I see on the website that the lazy river is closed. Does anyone know when the lazy river will reopen? We plan to visit Atlantis during our cruise and like the lazy river. Will it reopen again or is it closed for good?
  4. I never had any symptoms at all. I'm now scheduled for the July 25 first Equinox cruise. When I booked it was cruise number 4. It's now the first scheduled Equinox cruise and I'm holding my breath that it happens.
  5. I thought about the false positive possibility after I cancelled and was well after a few days,but the local board of health sent me a court order to isolate at home.
  6. I was supposed to be on this cruise. I was vaccinated in February. I tested positive the Saturday before the cruise. I had to cancel and I was completely asymptomatic. Even after the jabs, I never went out without a mask, so it certainly can happen.
  7. Thank you. Good point. My flights won't go to LGB. I'll take an uber.
  8. We are doing a Canal cruise on the Island Princess next May. We will be turning in a rental car at the airport and I'm wondering how far it is to the ship.
  9. Sorry can't see video any more, but there are a number of picture on this page.
  10. I took the pcr test 120 hours before my scheduled flight. Got a positive result, months after 2 vaccine shots and constant mask wearing. Board of Health made me manditory isolate. I'm completely asymptomatic and I'll never know if it's a false positive. Obviously I had to cancel and I'm so jealous of those about to board today. Have a great cruise!
  11. I tested positive. I'm asymptomatic, cancelled the cruise, and I really feel a sense of relief.
  12. I did not have any reaction to either shot, Minor pain on one and less pain on two back in February.
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