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  1. Hi Jenn- I'll be going on the Edge TA this Sunday April 28th and flying down to Florida on Thursday. Is there any chance you'll post the meet and greet info and video before then as I and I'm sure others would like to get that info. Rich
  2. Bo thank you. Looking forward to doing the TA starting next Sunday. Hoping to get as much info as Jenn can provide.
  3. Did I miss it. Did you post the video and info of the Q&A at the meet and greet?
  4. What are the new cast shows after the refurbishment?
  5. To slightly change the subject, can someone who's been on the refurbished Summit, tell me what are the new cast shows?
  6. Can anyone tell me what the cast shows on the refurbished Summit are?
  7. Thank you Xport. I didn't realize that was a bar.
  8. Yes, but I don't want to wait until someone comes around. I would prefer to have my drink when I sit down to eat. Is rhere a place that I can get my drink and bring it into the Oceanview?
  9. Looking at the deck plan for the Oceanview, I don't see any place to get soda or water during lunch like the bar at the entrance to the S class buffet. How and where do I get something to drink besides ice tea or fruit punch? Rich
  10. We've cruised to Bermuda at least 6 times over the last 12 years (mainly June through September) and never had rough seas, but of course there is no guarantee.
  11. The guest speaker narrates during the passage, outside and on channel 6 in the cabin. But if you're in your cabin, you may miss some scenic views on the other side of the ship. Many people stayed outside for a while and then went inside for a few minutes to warm up, though it was a beautiful day when we were there in January and it was warmer than many parts of the US.
  12. We will be in Lisbon on May 8th at 2PM. We are considering taking a taxi to the zoo or aquarium. If anyone has visited one or both can they tell me their opinions of them? Also, how far is each one from the cruise port?
  13. We're actually staying overnight at the airport Hilton. One redeye flight a trip is enough. We're flying back to NY during the day on Feb. 4th. This way we can also see the Super Bowl in the comfort of a hotel, instead of on a flight.
  14. Abby, which cruisetour, drop at the airport are you doing? We're doing one also-The Tigre and Delta River. We flew in overnight and are just settling in at our hotel. See you at the Cruisecritic meeting. Rich
  15. I used the site where agents bidded for our business. After a few bookings I found an agent that I clicked with and she also gave extra OBC. She answered my questions and if she wasn't available there are other agents that take care of my requests.
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