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  1. We cancelled our May 19th cruise and shore excursions and Aug.16th shore excursions on Mar.8th. I received my FCC in 4 days. I received my 50% credit and all my shore excursions credits this morning.
  2. I've been waiting for my 50% refund for a cancelled cruise and refunds on cancelled excursions since Mar. 8th. Nothing so far, even though excursions were booked and cancelled online. I received the FCC in 4 days.
  3. We've always asked our waiter for a plate of butter and it was there every night. We never had to bring our own.
  4. We ask for and receive as many wrapped butter pats as we need, so we can put it on rolls and baked potatos. Thet put them on a plate and have it there when we arrive for dinner.
  5. Thank you everyone for your input. He came late last night. I asked him how many cabins he has and what were his hours. He has 15 cabins and works 8am to 2pm and 6pm to 9pm. I asked if he could do our cabin around 9am and around 6 to 7pm and he said he could. Today he was here about 9am and 6:30pm. That timing is perfect for us, so I hope we're good to go for the rest of the cruise. By the way, we saw SIX today and it was an enjoyable and very high energy show. We liked it (my wife loved it), but a lot of the lyrics were hard to understand. I've seen Siglo several times and they're a very good rock band.
  6. Thank you for all your suggestions. We're in the room now after dinner and we haven't seem him. I guess he does start later as several people have mentioned. We didn't need turndown service tonight as he keeps the cabin very clean. The next time I see him, I'll ask him what is a reasonable time to do the cabin.
  7. We asked for the night turndown while we are at dinner as it's always been done on other cruise lines. Is this something that can't be done? We'd rather he clean the cabin while we're out. He's here now cleaning while we're in the cabin.
  8. It's working fine and being ignored.
  9. We're on the Bliss now. Day 3 of our 14 day cruise. It's now 1:20 and our steward has yet to come in for the morning cleanup. On the first day my wife told him at around 9 PM when he came to clean that we eat early and could he clean the cabin in the evening at 6 Pm. The next day he came at 9. Is this normal? On other cruises, they cleaned the cabin around your schedule. How many cabins do they have? Why do they come so late? We don't want to complain to his bosses as we have to live with him for 2 weeks. What can we do?
  10. I know I go to the Social when I first board to make reservations. Can go-carts and Prohibition be reserved at the same place or are there different lines? If I have to cancel a reservation, do I have a time limit to cancel and not be charged? Also, does the Bliss have guest entertainers in the theater on nights that Jersey Boys and Six aren't shown?
  11. Also check Victor Bodden. I've used him and his tours at least 4 times. Always great private tours.
  12. MJSailors-I love the solarium on the M class ships. The thelassotherapy pool is great. It's also very peaceful. It also is out of the sun, which is why I asked my original question. I'll see in 2 weeks how well I'll like the Bliss. Our first cruise was on the Dawn and we haven't been back to NCL since as we prefer traditional to freestyle cruising. We like the same waiters and tablemates every night, but a cruise was cancelled and the Bliss cruise had perfect timing and the benefit of no flying so we decided to give NCL another try.
  13. Are there any shaded areas in the Bliss Spice H2O?
  14. Put your phone in airplane mode and you'll only use wifi.
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