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  1. Can't you report the stuck safe to guest services via the app?
  2. Sid, fingers crossed your day goes smoothly.
  3. I think with all the walking you've done, you should be good.
  4. Sid this will work it's way out. Maybe not in your favor at this moment but it will, possibly onboard. That's when I would try and see what can be done if it can't be fixed to your satisfaction prior.
  5. In about 24 hours...checkin is tomorrow.😉
  6. I would imagine since it's a German on a German cruise line they had no issues with the language.
  7. If the process was followed correctly and the travel agency dropped the ball, whatever, they should have errors & omissions insurance to make op whole.
  8. @sunsetsoon here's the link for your new thread for the others....
  9. A little late to the party today. It could be that. If I was planning on sitting on one of those, I would probably take my shoes off. But that would only be if I had socks on.
  10. I haven't been wearing my contacts because I wouldn't get reading glasses. Finally put a new pair in last weekend and picked up some reading glasses.
  11. Looks like they're doing a great job!
  12. If you did a website you could have people buy from it and you'd get paid.
  13. What are the swinging napkins? Never been on Carnival.
  14. Haven't been on Carnival. Is that an automatic hand washer? I was thinking it was one of those dryer things and I've heard those spew po0p somehow. Definitely don't think you'd like that.
  15. It may have been ugly but how did it taste? You've eaten some really ugly (to me) looking things before and you liked how they taste.
  16. Seriously, grasshoppers? Is there nothing you won't eat? 🤮 Although I guess the tequila will kill anything they might carry.
  17. I cannot believe you don't travel with masks to protect yourself. I do and definitely use them during the flight. I also wipe down the tray table and the seat buckle with anti bac wipes.
  18. You could order tonight and Amazon would probably deliver to hotel by Saturday. Or wait until you're in a port and pick up a pair since you'll be wandering around.
  19. If only you'd gotten the fanny pack I wanted you to get! ETA: Although a 12 pack wouldn't have in there either.
  20. How could I forget about the bathroom pictures? He seriously should make a coffee table book with those. And he hasn't even mentioned them once.
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