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  1. I would not do a day trip to Lanai on the cruise. There is so much to do and see on Maui, the ferry to Lanai is not the best use of your time.
  2. Sure! But a lot would depend if you wanted condo or hotel and your budget. On Kauai I would say the Grand Hyatt if budget allows. Kauai also has condos and cottages. On both islands, you need to make sure there is AC if you stay somewhere other than a hotel, but this is especially true on Kauai. Maui has luxury hotels like the Montage and Four Seasons, mid-range chains like the Hyatt right on Kaanapali beach, older Hawaiiana hotels like the Kaanapali Beach Hotel and the Royal Lahaina (which is in one of my favorite locations), large condo resorts like the Westin Nanea, and then smaller condo complexes, many of which are oceanfront or beachfront. Lots of great choices!
  3. I hope you make it and have a wonderful time! We will be on Maui that week also, hopefully. I could sure use some Hawaii right now! 🙂
  4. We visit Maui almost every November (fingers crossed we make it this year!). Our wedding anniversary is the first week in November and we love that time of year, it's a great time to go. But the winter months bring whales which is also wonderful. I've been in January once and had a great time. I don't cruise June - September and probably wouldn't go to Hawaii in February or March but that is due more to crowds than weather. It can rain anytime -- or not, just like anywhere else. There is never a bad time to visit Hawaii! 🙂
  5. Will always rank as one of the best vacations ever!
  6. Well if it's any consolation, I was looking forward to your cruise as much as you! 🙂 J/K of course, but I feel for you. Yes, the chance for disruption would be a big concern. But it's a wonderful cruise to a wonderful place so if you get the chance to rebook, I would.
  7. I cannot believe this was done with just one day's notice. For our POA cruise in November, we arrived to Oahu on Wednesday. I can only imagine the chaos this is going to cause. Wow. Cindy, my fingers are crossed for you!
  8. Yes 11:00 am Is the earliest time slot for the Arizona available online. We got there at 9:20 am and exchanged our tickets for the 9:45 am tour.
  9. Yes, it was the way I wanted to go anyway so it was fine but I was glad someone had mentioned it beforehand. We had seniors with us so knowing where we could stop for restrooms, lunch, etc. was helpful. I also wanted to make the driving as easy on my husband as possible so I had the whole route and itinerary printed out, info about parking, etc.
  10. Be aware that the Shaka app only works when driving the north shore counterclockwise from Waikiki. I chose Shaka because I liked that it shows you the route and stops of each tour in their website. I found that helpful for planning purposes. I think that people tend to like whichever one they choose.
  11. This happened to us last November on the POA. My family had 3 regular suites. The total price over the 3 cabins was $5k less than what we paid. An OS was less than what we paid for our suite originally. We had booked over a year in advance. We were a family of six coming from two different states. Booking last minute was not an option. We had 3 suites on Deck 12 right where we wanted them. We called and asked for an upgrade. The first agent was rude and seemed confused and my husband just gave up. I posted here and the posters advised calling again and asking for the 25% OBC. So we all ended up with around $450 in OBC. So that was something. My MIL and BIL got massages and my husband and I got a bottle of Dom Perignon for our 10-year wedding anniversary. We also got lobster and crab cakes at Cagney's, ate and drank whatever we wanted, etc. Cruises would never sell if everyone could just book and rebook until sailing. While we might not book so early again, sometimes you have no choice. We had 3 beautiful cabins on a great deck and had a wonderful time. Sure it sucks, but we paid the price we were happy with and got the cabins we wanted. Enjoy your cruise, your OBC, have a wonderful time and don't worry about it. Next time, maybe you can wait for a better deal or wait for a cruise you don't have to book so far in advance. So learn from the experience but don't let it spoil your vacation.
  12. We tried to do this on the POA in November and were told we couldn't. We didn't know what the rules were so we accepted it, but others onboard told us we should have been able to use it. We were out of cash so we had vouchers issued to our butler and steward like a PP posted. We had a ton of OBC thanks to a huge price drop after final payment. (And thanks to this board for telling me how to get it.) We ended up getting a bottle of Dom Perignon and drank it on our 10-year wedding anniversary.
  13. Agree. It was worth it at $50 but not now. Last cruise (on the Vista), we walked right on at noon (our boarding window), went to Guy's and ate had our first drink, then our rooms were ready. Easy peasy. We check all our bags though. Enjoying your review! You are making me miss the Havana, pool or no pool!
  14. Are they offering any compensation for the closure of the pool? I would be so upset if I couldn’t use the pool after paying for the Havana! I have GOT to do the Chef’s Table on my next cruise.
  15. Hilo there is. People on FB highly recommend it. Maui has one that is fairly new I think. If you are docking in Kahului, that is a long way from Lahaina. If you are tendering to Lahaina, you can easily walk around without a trolley. So either way, I don't really recommend it on Maui.
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