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  1. Welcome home! We’ll be waiting for the rest!
  2. Woo hoo, doing this same itinerary on the Vista in April, I will be hanging on every word! :)
  3. Beachiekeen

    Lahaina Luau, Maui

    From the website: March 1 st – May 31st: Meet at 5:45 pm. Luau ends at 8:45 pm. Would double check that of course.
  4. Beachiekeen

    Superbowl Cruise #3 on the Vista!

    What nice pictures, thanks for sharing! Looking forward to the Vista in April!
  5. Beachiekeen

    Hawaii question

    We have been to Maui several times. Day passes don’t really exist there although occasionally you’ll hear about someone asking and being given access if the hotel is slow. I have heard of people paying for cabana rentals at the Grand Wailea but the cheapest room for the night might be about the same. She could also look into a spa pass but that would not include access to the main hotel pools.
  6. Beachiekeen

    Hawaii in January

    Can't speak to the cruise but I was on a land vacation last January on Maui and had a wonderful time. The weather in Hawaii is generally consistent throughout the year. January is during whale season on Maui so that would be a plus! 🙂
  7. Beachiekeen

    6 things you can do close to port in Kauai

    Wow, for planning nothing, you ended up with a pretty darn good day! LOL at vending machine pie! Love your writing style, thanks for sharing this installment!
  8. Beachiekeen

    Hilo for 8 hrs on a Sunday

    I’ve read it’s about a 15-minute shuttle ride to the airport, just make sure you rent from a company that provides a shuttle. You’d have 6 hours or so to go where you want.
  9. Beachiekeen

    Hilo for 8 hrs on a Sunday

    https://www.nps.gov/havo/closed_areas.htm The website lists what is open and what is closed. Are you renting a car? You could see the park, maybe go to the botanical gardens (they will pick you up also). http://www.htbg.com/index.html Hilo Farmers Market http://hilofarmersmarket.com/ With a car you could also go to some of the waterfalls and black sand beach. There is also a hop on/off bus. http://www.hop-onhop-offhilobus.com/Trolley-Tour.html
  10. Oh wow. And to think all I’m doing in Cozumel on my April cruise is going to Nachi Cocom. You know how to do it right!
  11. Beachiekeen

    Things To Do Within Walking Distance Of Port

    Hee, I would never go to Margaritaville but some people love it! 🙂 But yes, Capt BJ's advice is much better. We plan to go to My Bar too but I didn't mention it since it's not in walking distance. I got that suggestion from Capt BJ and I can't wait to go.
  12. Beachiekeen

    Things To Do Within Walking Distance Of Port

    I haven't been yet but after our excursion, we might walk to Guy Harvey's for lunch, it's 6 min/.30 from the Georgetown piers (not sure where you will be). I think there is a Margaritaville too.
  13. I will never see the inside of Vibe unless I book the Haven, which I am never going to do, thus I will never see it. I will have to live vicariously through you! Have a great cruise!! (BTW, the food and drinks looked incredible but I'm sad you didn't get any beignets!)
  14. Beachiekeen

    Kailua Kona tour guide

    Yes Island Wide is way more expensive, that is why they aren't in my top 2. They are a last resort. I found Aina on a FB group, they have great reviews. Kamaaina I found here but they do have one bad review that scares me. I told my husband about your post and he was like, if we can't get a tour, we'll just drive. I will use the tour guides' info. to make our route. But I wanted to give my hubby a break from driving since he is driving on all the other islands, including Oahu. Thanks for the head's up, this lets me know we can't wait too long to book.
  15. Beachiekeen

    Kailua Kona tour guide

    Yikes sold out so soon?! Those are the two I want to use, here are a couple of others I have come across. Island Wide Family Tours (I think this is Mary Lou’s son) Big Island Aina Tours Kamaaina Custom Tours