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  1. Oh dear I am so terribly sorry! Wishing you a speedy recovery and healing!
  2. We got our bid accepted 2 weeks before the cruise,
  3. Yeah but is it easy for hubby to pick us up at the port? The logistics of getting a car for 6 people is the hardest part of this whole trip.
  4. Would it be easy to Uber from port to the airport? We don’t mind paying a small Uber fee to get there quicker and we are a group of six and don’t want to take up six seats on the shuttle. But we also want to be together and ready to hit the road without circling back.
  5. trosanjohn that's a good question. Hubby said there is a minimum so I just assumed that's all you can do. We got our email today. Lowest minimum bid to OS was $800 pp, lowest to Deluxe Penthouse was $400 pp. This is actually a great deal for our cruise as the Deluxe Pent house is currently more than the OS for our dates. There is even an option for the Deluxe OS which is supposedly sold out for our cruise. We can call and upgrade to the OS for less than the bid if we just pay the difference from what we paid for our suite. We are not bidding as we want to stay on Deck 12 with the rest of our family. All the Deluxe Penthouses are on 13. We may call and try to upgrade outright to the OS on 12 but hubby doesn't really want to, he is happy with our suite. He called once and the lady was really rude to him so he didn't do it. Maybe he'll call back and get a nicer person.
  6. Holy cow, she is HUGE! So grown up! She used to be 3 years old, what happened?? 🙂 Looking forward to the rest!
  7. I am sure there are price drops all the time but I could not believe that ours was $1600. And that is x 3 for us. Maybe it happens all the time and we are just unaware because we never look after final payment. (The only reason I was looking at all was to see if there were any OS available that we might get a chance to bid on.) There was no way we could do this cruise last minute but if you can, then it's a great way to do it. We have talked about doing Alaska last minute next time as we have seen good deals before and we have been once already, it will be easy to do it next time.
  8. Yeah it's use it or lose it OBC but that's ok, at least it's something. It was worth a phone call for sure and only cost my husband an hour of his time. They didn't have to do anything but they did so it's all good. We plan to get a bottle of good champagne and drink it while we cruise the Na Pali coast! 🙂 And yeah, if anyone wants to go to Hawaii in November, now's the time to book!
  9. I have seen around 1-1:30 mostly. I’ve also seen as late as 2:30. On my one other NCL cruise, it was 1:30.
  10. Oh if you will be there, drive straight to Kapalua Bay, see that beautiful beach and walk the coastal trail. You can’t be that close and not see it. 🙂
  11. Yeah my in-laws (this is only their second cruise) were less than thrilled but we just told them, look it can go up or down, no way to know. And yeah it’s not like all six of us coming from different places want to book our flights and hotels 90 days out. We were happy with the price we paid at the time so no reason to be upset now. But we are a large group in 3 cabins so it’s a little harder to swallow. Anyway, we did get OBC for all 3 cabins so that’s something. It never hurts to ask I guess!
  12. Oh wow, that was one of my favorite things about our cruise on the Dawn--I had never seen anything like that before and thought it was such a fun ending. I would be interested to hear as well.
  13. I am on a couple of FB groups and have seen a few people get upgrades, but it's usually interior to OV or OV to balcony. There are SEVEN OS open so far for our cruise. Only 3 of our room category though. I had always thought POA sailed full every sailing so I was surprised. I guess it's still early though. Prices have gone way down too so they obviously want to sell them.
  14. That's $900 total. I told hubby to make sure that we don't lose any of our perks.
  15. I think we might do it. I told hubby it's our 10-year anniversary trip and probably the only opportunity we'll have to ever get one!
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