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  1. Beautiful ship.. beautiful memories aboard. Sailed on her several times. Including taking my Girl Scout troop on a 3 day out of San Pedro on 1999. 25 girls between 8 and 12. An awesome time they all now as adults will always remember. Rest well beautiful lady
  2. This makes me sooo sad. I was a crew member, casino dealer, onboard for two years when she was brand new. Best years of my life. RIP beautiful lady
  3. Noooo. I was afraid of that... I was an original crew member in the casino ... I spent two years there .... very very sad
  4. I was booked on the Inspiration for 10/2/20, obviously cancelled. Ironically I received my full refund today....the day she was beached. Sad. But only took 16 days for my refund 😢😢
  5. Really hoping for the Tropicale. It was Carnival’s first new build. First one with the whale tail. I was an original crew member, Casino dealer in the 80s. Love that old girl
  6. I live in Vegas.... rates are dirt cheap!! Come on down. Very quiet And great deals.. by the way , a very few cases are being traced back to Casinos. Mostly family gatherings, retail, etc
  7. I just received an email from Carnival... thanking me for my “online selection” concerning my cancellation. I did not cancel and I’ve paid in full. So my PVP must have handled it for me . She was going with me (long time friend). So take it for what it’s worth, but my 10/2 booking was cancelled by Carnival today. After 4 cancellations, I just took a refund . The email states information “concerning my cancelled cruise due to their recent announcement”...
  8. This is a rebook (3rd time), this is exactly what happened the last two times. Also, I booked the Queen Mary Hotel for the night before(I was a tour guide there in the 80s, I am also a past Carnival Crew Member). I received an email from Queen Mary Hotel Cancelling my reservation, as they do not anticipate being open in October. The Queen Mary is permanently berthed literally a few yards from Carnivals dock, they share a parking lot. So I don’t know, but this is the current events as of right now
  9. Just an FYI... my Inspiration booking for 10/2 completely disappeared yesterday. It’s still missing, doesn’t exist. (However it still shows you can book this sailing on line???). My PVP, who is a close friend and was going with me, said hers is gone too.. They have not received any official info from Carnival, but she can’t book Inspiration from her end as of yesterday. She said info coming soon
  10. Booked on Inspiration 10/2. They want my final payment by tomorrow. Lol. Unfortunately I’ve well over paid as this was already a rebook, and they demanded $100 new deposit when I’d already paid in full $300 more on the cancelled booking. So now they want another $100 for a ship in a million pieces. Smdh
  11. I have a booking on Inspiration Oct 2, 2020... probably not😢
  12. Spoke to my friend a few minutes ago. The word they got is an announcement on Monday, but she is not very positive.
  13. Speaking to my friend at Carnival ... today’s information is “most all of the ships set for August and September are at or near our self imposed capacity “, and that they “are accessing the situation “. She is not very positive today . She will never speak negatively about Carnival, very loyal after 35 years, but is pretty frustrated today. So that’s the info I have so far. I’ll post if I get any more.
  14. If I hear anything new I will post on this thread.
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