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  1. Just spoke to my PVP is a glitch that keeps happening. They are sending these out in error months too early. She said to check when website is back up to see if this form is even available yet
  2. I never bring anything but a passport unless I’m planning on renting something to drive. Only passport
  3. Are you meaning your “embarkation” Check-in time? I was on The Breeze in July and the Carnival shuttle was about 1hr 1/2 late, we all missed our check-in times…. Walked right on board
  4. According to the rules your wife and son will not be able to sail, unfortunately. Move to a later date and most likely get some OBC
  5. I am booked on the Panorama in January. They sell a spa pass that describes the facilities including saunas and steam rooms, usually when the have an actual “thermal spa” for a fee, nothing in that area is free, but I haven’t been there yet
  6. I’m on that same Panarama sailing 1/29.. fully expect to be testing
  7. I’m just the opposite, Recently sailed solo on the Breeze YTD.. I requested a solo table and always got one, but I could have requested to be seated with others. Never a wait … the app is wonderful
  8. I was a dealer in the casino on the Tropicale when she was brand new, 1983-1985. You are so right.. same, women only in Casino, gift shop, spa and entertainers. Americans only allowed in same. Could sit in Disco but not dance. A tradition on your last night if resigning could dance…. Lol. Officers were encouraged to mingle with female passengers.. and they did. Guests could come onboard in home port (Long Beach for me), I’m from there so my friends and family came all the time to visit. Big difference in way were “tracked”… we were not at all. No one new where we were on port days. We used to get off ship in Puerto Vallarta (day off Casino was completely closed) and fly to Mazatlan for $30, get a hotel and go to their discos all night long and meet the ship there the next afternoon.. no one knew nor cared. We never even considered what would happen if the ship missed the port.. lol. Could never do that now for sure. Best time of my life.. left for a guy.. lol. Wished I would have stayed
  9. I got that too the day before my Breeze Cruise last month
  10. Oops.. not booking anything now... that was quite tacky
  11. Just FYI... if your on the Breeze, last week the WiFi was horrible! Didn’t work 2 of the days at all. I went to the “fun hub” and asked the girls there (crew), they said it was barely working and they are not even buying it right now (I guess crew can buy it daily).. so there’s that
  12. I was on the same sailing as you. I pretty much agree with everything you said. The ship looks pretty rough... rust everywhere, peeling paint, loose tiles, etc. Buffet: the food was not as good as usual, very little variety.. cold. The buffet floor is extremely slippery at all times. pretty much everything else the same as usual. I will never go out of Galveston again. A very hard and expensive port to get to. Yes we did sit on Carnival shuttle for an extra hour just in front of the ships (Vista was boarding as well), not Carnivals fault but very poor traffic planning. The best thing .. the crew. Outstanding, bent over backwards in every way. Really trying hard. Love Carnival, will be back in a few months... but not Galveston. And yes masks were not enforced in ANY way... they will be sorry when those kids start spreading Covid around and the media gets ahold of this.. this could be their demise if they Don’t stop this.
  13. Does anyone know... I think the Breeze was supposed to leave today 3:30 pm Central time. It’s almost 6 now and according to the port cam it hasn’t left yet?
  14. Thankyou for your positive thoughts!! I’ll be on board on Saturday!! 7/24.. and it’s my birthday that day.., what could be better!!
  15. Sail on 24th... got email. Haven’t been able to get into site for a couple hours. They are working on it
  16. I am also bringing (they didn’t as for it) a printout from our local LasVegas health department. It lists all vaccines I’ve received as an adult. That and the paper card I received from CVS with the vaccine
  17. I’m on the Breeze 7/24 out of Galveston. Cozumel is still one of our ports, as well as all the other routes out of Galveston July/August.. not cancelled
  18. In the early 80s I was a crew member onboard the Carnival Tropicale. I was local to the San Pedro area (San Pedro back then), every Sunday my friends and family would come onboard to visit me, until the all ashore call.. I have lived in Vegas for 30 years, nearly every large casino/hotel has facial recognition.. Most until recently were scanning casino floor for elevated temperatures..
  19. Mine for 7/24 (Breeze) has only two other people 30 days out. Very hard to let myself get excited after 7 cancelled. Also, there are no slot pulls, tournaments and most likely no meet and greets allowed. Not much reason to have a roll call really. Hard to plan private excursions or anything really. Just going to be ecstatic if it actually sails and go from there!
  20. Always ... on any line. Eat when I want to. I travel solo and I don’t want to share a table with strangers. I have never had to wait for a table more than 2 minutes. If you care about having the same wait staff, it doesn’t work. I couldn’t care less. Works for me
  21. This really sucks... I’ll be holding my breath until on board and sailed away. Breeze 7/24
  22. This is what Carnival said late today about the Texas situation
  23. Beautiful ship.. beautiful memories aboard. Sailed on her several times. Including taking my Girl Scout troop on a 3 day out of San Pedro on 1999. 25 girls between 8 and 12. An awesome time they all now as adults will always remember. Rest well beautiful lady
  24. This makes me sooo sad. I was a crew member, casino dealer, onboard for two years when she was brand new. Best years of my life. RIP beautiful lady
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