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  1. Thanks - we are actually picking it up in Miami and returning it to Fort Lauderdale. Was trying to avoid the airport return if possible. The only one outside, I think is 901 East Sunrise Blvd for Hertz. As I am President's Circle with Hertz, it makes sense to use them. Although I am also top status with Avis, so maybe I will look there.
  2. hey - no worries! I can't find reports in the last year or so - and it doesn't show on the Hertz site as pickup/drop off options. It is there under a search, but that seems like old data.
  3. We have to wear masks in the UK and it isn't a local requirement. So they may introduce it.
  4. I do not think it is still operational, but thank you
  5. If you are in a suite, then you can check in at any time. If not, you are advised to stick with time allocated.
  6. We are hiring a car before cruising in a suite with Celebrity. There doesn't seem to be a shuttle from the hertz at the airport to the cruise terminal. Just wondering if anyone with knowledge locally be able to advise us as to where to drop the car off and then get a cab? There are various locations. We are in a top suite so I seem to recall that we get a card to be dropped off closer to the terminal - but am not sure. Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. Any suggestions for testing for non US residents? Not sailing until December, but would like to start thinking about our options.
  8. Bit too early - I would chase towards the end of the month.
  9. You will not be able to drop them off before breakfast.
  10. If you have assistance, you will be taken via the crew / special assistance lane and not the regular lanes. Not that Heathrow assistance is poor at the best of times - so whilst your husband might get help they will have little regard for you. Mind you they may have little regard for your husband as well! it really is not good - but then neither is some assistance in the USA.
  11. Shame the 4th is a poor itinerary - lots of floating around in the Irish sea - would have been nice to have had Liverpool in the mix etc.
  12. You ought to be able to check in online. However you might not be able to do bits like the photo so easily. The alternative is to borrow someone's phone and use that. You don't need to have the app on the ship if you don't want to.
  13. No issues with the information on your phone. Why waste paper and ink? Thousands of pages of paper per cruise.
  14. We take multiple US, European and USB ports plus a shaver plug. All part of our travel kit.
  15. The official position will always be posted on the Celebrity website rather than FB, CC or any other location. https://www.celebritycruises.com/gb/healthy-at-sea/greece-travel-requirements for the latest information. Even the experience of someone on board now, doesn't mean that the same rules will apply to your cruise. So check the above link now and just before your cruise. End of story..... 😂
  16. Enjoy your solo cabin!
  17. No testing after boarding except for children just before disembarkation.
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