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  1. My husband likes to sit on the cabin balcony in the sun. We are considering a Jewel of the Seas or Allure 8 day Caribbean. Several posts show balcony pics that look like the balcony is completely covered. Which would be the best cabin on one or both ships to get sun. 

  2. Having sale on Holland America and Carnival several times we are thinking about taking a cruise on Royal Caribbean.

    After reading several reviews and comments on these boards I’m not so sure it’s a good idea. Seems a lot of things that are standard on both Holland America and Carnival are not on Royal Caribbean. This would include having a ocean view balcony and not getting robes, ice buckets and ice, wine glasses for use in the cabin. I understand you may request them but they are standard on the other 2 lines. Also standard size balcony’s are smaller some having only 2 chairs (none at recline) and a table. The price for an ocean view balcony is also several hundred dollars more. We tend to spend quite a bit of time on the balcony and in the cabin.

    So, what are a few of the things besides the shows that make Royal special?

  3. I have had a regular balcony, extended on the port side and aft extended - I prefer the aft extended. That being said it was not the wrap around aft extended balcony. We are cruising on the Breeze in February and because we booked rather late are just getting a regular size balcony.

    The regular size will have 2 chairs and one end table; where the aft extended had a reclining lounge chair, a regular chair and 2 end tables.

  4. On the Spirit we booked a cabin with an on line agency (not carnival) - we had no idea it was a handicapped cabin - nothing in their site told us this. When we got our cruise documents our luggage tags read TBA - when I contacted the on line agency I was told they would check with Carnival and then told it was a handicapped cabin and if someone with a disability needed it, we would be moved.

    We both work with people with disabilities. We would have never booked the cabin had we known it was handicapped accessible. As it turned out no one with a disability booked the cabin so we ended up with it.

    I think all sites should state which cabins are accessible and then not allow anyone to book them unless they have a mobility issue. If no one books them, they could be used as an upgrade for a guarantee cabin.

  5. I'm curious -- what do you all do with your pins?

    I just keep mine in a little see through case on a shelf along with ship ornaments I buy from each cruise. Just a little inexpensive rememberance from the cruise.

  6. This is our first cruise, any info or opinions on cabin # 6232 on the Carnival Legend would be helpful.

    Is the balcony really as large as it looks on the ship layout map in the brochure?

    What is in the blank space next to this cabin?

    I've read that first time cruisers should stay low and mid ship, is this cabin too far in the rear ? Is there more movement in forward or rear cabins, or is there no difference?:confused:

    Thank You all so much!! Any info will be a big help to a first timer like me:D




    We had a similiar cabin on the Spirit on the Verandah deck - and it is handicapped accessible. Which means you do only have 2 closets instead of 3. When you open the door of the cabin instead of entering into a hallway with the bathroom on one side and the closets on the other, you enter right into the room. The bathroom is much larger than a regular balcony room and the shower does have a shower chair that can be flipped up against the wall. The balcony is over twice the length of a regular balcony and about 1 and a half times as wide. It had 2 chairs and 2 small end type tables on it. There was plenty of room for more chairs and lot of people. We didn't feel much movement in this cabin. At first I was worried about storage but it turned out okay.

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