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  1. Hello Aus Traveller. I was the person (from the March 8 Ruby cruise ) who reported that I was Covid positive and my husband could not be tested because he had no symptoms. Luckily I only had a mild case and he never got sick at all. Given that we are both 71 we consider ourselves very lucky to have gotten out of this so easily. As I said before, we had expected screening on disembarkation and at the airports. There was none, in Sydney, on arrival in San Francisco and in Boston. I felt that the Australian health authorities wanted to send us all on our way ASAP rather than be stuck
  2. Yes, thank you for posting the link to that article. We were with them on that last cruise and I also sent an email letting them know they are in our thoughts.
  3. Thank you Brandee and MMDOWN UNDER for your well wishes. Brandee I hope your husband is better soon. This is so frightening. I wish we'd listened to our daughter and not gone on the cruise, but when we left the US on March 3, the risk still seemed low, and on the cruise we felt insulated from what was going on. I think many more Americans o the cruise must have been infected than we're hearing.
  4. Seems like a lot of posts are being deleted. I had also posted some additional info from Princess ' website about being contacted, and that now I had some mild symptoms. I then got an email notification that someone posted that I should stop trying to hijack the OP's thread. I was going to apologize to the OP, but these posts seemed to have disappeared. BTW, I was tested on Monday, results came back positive today, but fortunately I've only had mild symptoms. Husband will not be tested unless he has symptoms. Despite what we hear from Washington, there aren't enough tests to
  5. Hi Brandee, the form we had to fill out a few days before disembarking was from the Australian government and asked for our home phone number and email addresses. The email came while we were en route between SF and Boston, then we got the call around 1 am Friday morning shortly after we got home. Caller ID said out of area and I wouldn't have picked up except she started leaving a message so I realized it was important. Now we have a lot of anxiety about becoming sick and wish we'd never gone on the cruise. I've had some mild symptoms off and on. Our doctor's office said call i
  6. No, I don't know how many were from outside Australia. For clarification, we were told on the ship that we should self-quarantine for 14 days. I was just surprised that there was no screening on disembarkation or on entry to the US. I did contact my doctor's office this morning as advised, and they were surprised by that also. I have mild symptoms; hopefully just a cold and nothing more. I also don't understand why Princess seems to be having the most cases. Maybe other cruise lines aren't reporting them? Our steward said he had to "sanitize" the surfaces in our room eve
  7. Disembarked from Ruby Thursday am, no health screening, bussed to Sydney Airport, put on packed plane (~350 people--probably mostly Ruby passengers ) to San Francisco, no health screening there, flown to Boston in almost empty plane, no screening there either. Shocking! Received email and phone call from NSW health authorities advising us that some passengers on Ruby confirmed to have Covid-19; advised to contact health authorities at home.
  8. Ruby did get in at 6 but disembarking was delayed, don't know why. They keep moving the time we can board. We were told 12:30 when we first got to the terminal, now it's 5.
  9. Also in Sydney waiting to board Ruby. We were allowed to check in but told to come back at 5 to board. We were told there was a "medical issue " onboard that was being dealt with, but not Corona. Since the previous passengers did disembark, that sounds right, but still wondering what's going on.
  10. MFR

    Upsell offer

    Yes, I'm sure it will. Perhaps Princess figures a certain percentage of those who upgrade, will in the future only book that level, so a win for them. Don't think that'll work with us, but who knows?
  11. MFR

    Upsell offer

    We are on Ruby, and definitely club class. Yee hah! No more waiting in line to be seated for dinner.
  12. MFR

    Upsell offer

    Ok, we just got an email from Princess; we have been upgraded to D327, which is club class! So didn't get a call with a choice of rooms after all, but location looks great and can't argue with club class. After this our usual balcony rooms will be a letdown!
  13. MFR

    Upsell offer

    Right, that's what we're doing. Waiting to hear back from Princess.
  14. MFR

    Upsell offer

    Still waiting to hear back from Princess on the upsell. Our TA said can take up to 24 hours to hear. Meanwhile, researching the deck plans, I see that minis on Emerald deck are above Club Fusion. So does anyone know how noisy these cabins are late at night? Another question: looking at the cabin reviews, there are reports that D109 and E725 had smoke drifting down from outside smoking areas. Anyone else have experience with this one way or another? Thanks.
  15. MFR

    Upsell offer

    I couldn't reach our TA, so I called Princess directly. Person I spoke to said they will respond, but she had no info about what is available, will wait and see....
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