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  1. I'm not sure if that method of marketing will work 🤣
  2. I believe its meant to be on Friday. Someone posted that they had spoken to Celebrity and were told Friday. Lets hope it is as we board Friday 😁 I've just checked the app and it says ' We are putting the finishing touches on your cruise. Check back for updated information'
  3. Another thanks for the OP's suggestion. Very prudent.
  4. Thanks for posting 👍
  5. I keep checking the internet to see if I can find up to date info about how the refurb is going. I really hope it goes to plan as we leave the UK on the 12th Feb. Not so easy for us to re-schedule if it gets cancelled. Have you signed up for the meet and mingle?
  6. Who is Glenn Miller? haha x
  7. Thanks for posting. We're on the first cruise post refurbishment, lets hope it all goes to plan.
  8. We have sailed on most of the RCL ships but not Anthem or Oasis simply because there has not been an itinerary that we have wanted to do. We are celebrating our 36th wedding anniversary on the 14th July, which was the main reason for the choice. This suited our dates and the itinerary is one we have wanted to do, we couldn't arrange this through RCL. From the research we have done there will be little of interest for us to do on board as it seems to aimed towards the more mature demographic. But I have my kindle , Ipod and a proper balcony to sit on on sea days.
  9. I can understand you liking real balconies, but having previously only being an RCL cruiser I wouldn't even consider the Edge. I can't understand what would make you it designed for that market (Disney/RCL) ???
  10. Hi, can I ask which web site you are looking at to get this info? Thanks.
  11. Thank you for posting this, we are on the first sailing after the refurbishment on the 14th Feb. Hopefully all the works are completed on time.
  12. My grandmother always claimed that the larger the Coca Cola bottle the greater difference in taste from the original small 6 and a half oz bottle. She refused to drink Coca Cola from a 12 oz or larger bottle. Actually, tea along with some other products are made to suit the local market they are being sold in. So a tea bag made in the UK will not have the same blend of teas as one made in/for the USA market. We have tried many teas in the USA and they are very different to UK teas.
  13. We are taking our own tea bags, Twinnings. Never found decent tea in the USA in the last 30 odd years, even if its branded as Twinnings. Its just not the same.
  14. If advertised as part of the service when booking ...YES.
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