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  1. We don't have much interest in lectures or classes. Like some music or a show at night and maybe some trivia during the day. Otherwise, relax with a cold drink and watch the world go by. Find just watching the sea so relaxing. Thanks again for all the great info. Very much appreciated.
  2. Thank you , sorry my mistake. Getting mixed up with the names ! Yes it's a transatlantic cruise on the Silver Dawn.
  3. Observer, thanks very much for all the info. Really helpful. Thank you
  4. Hi everyone, I'm hoping that you might be able to help me please ? We have only previously cruised in the Yacht Club with MSC but are keen to try a smaller, luxury line. Trying to decide between the Crystal Symphony or the Silver Wind. Have read lots of great things about both but the new ship and better cabin have the Silver Dawn as clear favourite. Just have a couple of possible concerns which I hoped to clarify before booking. Do the restaurant menus change during the cruise ? The cruise I'm looking at is 14 nights so would likely end up a bit bored should the
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